I learned the hard way that Lings can headcrab-gib other Lings. Why doe

Why is this? Is it an oversight? Because it seems like an oversight. No way (afaik) to stop it. Is this the new Ling v Ling meta? Get him into crit and then headcrab and bite him? Because that seems unintended.

I mean, you’d have to strip naked or else you would lose all your clothes and gear.

You don’t even get the point bonus of absorbing another ling.

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Can’t you headcrab yourself while in crit?

yeah but I didn’t want to

Actually the only way to stop it. Other headcrab will be gibbed.


yeah this makes it seem like a huge oversight

Sometimes people are assholes…

Why shouldn’t you be able to headcrab other lings? It may be unintended but its a last fuck you, because the other ling now either has to headcrab and loose all their stuff or you become them. That exact thing happened between me and Chamoral and I found it funny.
tl;dr unintended but funny