I am dum dum and i haven't read the announcement

Really what the hell? This is just a polite way of telling us “fuck off we are full”. I do really love the community and this server. But also I am busy man and only play for few hours or just mostly observe for the fun of it.

but oh no no no no. This is no more I come home tired think I would chill a bit in playing or watching SS13 beestation. But then I greeted with a message that it wont let me in. I say it again and again this “new and improved” host/machines are not doing us good. bring us back to the “old and horrible” ones at least it let us play without knowing some hosting service has their servers turning into grilling stations.

If this keeps going like this. I will be forced to keep making memes on this issue. And I already made one already.

post your meme here now


Oh, Okay


You really misunderstood the announcement if this is your take on it. The issue is caused by a heat problem at the servers hosting facility and is completely outside of beestations control. The lowered population cap is only an emergency measure so that we can have a server to play on at all.

EDIT: wait is this a troll?


Was it a tasty bait?

ye… yes unironically

It’s very nice to see this happen to someone else for a change.


My life is like a circus and I am the clown in it. Why do you think I make these posts and post memes in 6hrs messages?

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