Howluinb Player Report 0-2

In-game report: 002



Your Discord: Sierth#9461

Offender’s CKEY: Howluinb

Offender’s In-Game Name: Explodes-Herself-Alot


Date (01-06-2022):

Round Number: 33226

Rules Broken: 13

Incident Description: I’m Benaiah Chrysanthemum (Debtor), just waiting for shuttle to arrive not doing anything. I fall asleep because of debtor’s aversion to law enforcement being too close. Explodes herself alot an obsessed strips my backpack looks through it then proceeds to drag me to chapel where she first tries to incinerate me in the chapels incinerator (has no access) then tries instead to launch me into space via the chapels launch platform (no access still) then finally she drags me all the way to a smoke vending machine buys a lighter lights one of the chapel bonfires and burns me alive. I’m not able to do a single thing up to this point because of debtor hat knocking me out. Finally my hat burns off and im kept alive only by the nanites and regen coma and finally knock her away and escape.

Additional Information: Admin on scene wasn’t able to assist due to being overloaded with admin reports.

I should specify I was not her target whatsoever

you were my target lol, i just got cured by the paramed from obsessed with neurine, then proceeded roll it again seconds later (on dillion this time)

I had to get your pack of cards (family heirloom) hence the stripping, was pacified so i just put you over the bonfire and waited for you to burn


I am pretty sure directly harming people as a pacifist in any way or form is considered exploit abuse? not 100% certain on the rules of that

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That’s the first i hear of it, but even then, I was obsessed which is another form of mental trauma, which i got after being pacified. Wouldn’t it take over?

EDIT: looking at the wiki for rules, there is 0 info regarding this. At least, visible info.

EDIT2: discord discussion, turns out blue is referring to a 1 year old post by ruko

which is now marked as “obsolete”, along with having many problems surrounding it

(discord link to the convo)


Antag takes over, plus you can ask admins ti remove pacifist if you roll antag

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Alright. I will be pulling the needed information to start looking over this report. I will review it sometime over the weekend most likely.

As far as pacification goes, I will be seeking staff input about its current state and how it factors in to this specific case.


Good Idea. We’ve been needing a new ruling for that going on a while.

I am closing this report due to a lack of available information.

As far as pacification goes, this is something that is going to be examined internally. That being said, if you become pacified during a round, you should not seek to break pacification’s function as intended.