How to Valid hunt AKA How Not To Break Rule 2


(Failing) Valid hunter here

Here to talk about how to properly valid hunt without getting swept by the jannies.

First of all, if you valid hunt, you in turn, are valid. So don’t ahelp if you are valid hunting in anyway such as spam shoving for reactions or stealing all the high risk items which gets literally everyone after you. You DESERVE what comes to you.

Subsection 1

Once a player is valid, they can be killed or punished using ingame means

Pretty simple, if someone has been a bad boi. Then they get to be spanked by all players.
Usually means the valid player is an antag or just breaking shit around the station and can be punished to a certain degree to their crime. DOES NOT mean you can straight up kill them for simply committing small crimes under capital.
As per council ruling, you are allowed to crit people who continuously break into areas they are not allowed. Sometimes even allowing for gulagging for breaking into Sec, Bridge, Head Office without permission.

Most times, you are only allowed to kill them if they are CONFIRMED enemies of the corporation (antag). If they aren’t, take their body to medbay because you have no idea of the situation and could likely be Noted/Banned for being an idiot who kills for no reason.

Subsection 2

Antagonists are valid, once proven. Suspicions, hearsay over comms, and meta knowledge are not sufficient enough to deem someone valid, but allow for further investigation.

Antags can be proven in a few ways.

  • Antagonist actions (Murdering, Stealing high risk items, and ERP)

Does not mean you can crit/kill people for doing anything under capital crimes, but you can crit depending on circumstances like not having the equipment for a non lethal arrest. (Sec always have non lethal means, so ahelp if they lethal you in anyway even harm batons.)

  • Having Antagonist items (Syndi/Cult/Gang Equipment)

You are allowed to execute them if they have these items, even non antags (If they dont alert the station they have these items and how they got them)

DO NOT attack people who are said to be antag over comms or look sus, that is a dumb thing to do and breaks rule 7 ontop of this.

Subsection 3

Players intentionally cooperating with antagonists are also valid. Self-antags are also valid (act like an antag, be treated like an antag.)

Don’t be the dick who helps an antag when you aren’t supposed too, pretty fucking simple ruling. This could also get you potentially banned because admins could infer that you are using metacommunications to help a friend do their objs.

Subsection 4

Admins can deem a player valid

As it says, nothing really to explain. Admins have deemed you valid and once that happens don’t be argutive and say there was no way you were valid despite the evidence admins can provide.

Subsection 5

Mimes breaking their vow of silence are valid

If you see the mime talking, feel free to beat his ass. They are contractually obligated to not speak and if they do so, break their fucking neck so they don’t speak again.

Subsection 6

ERP and Spamming radio/communications makes you valid.

DONT ERP, NEVER ERP. Spamming Copypasta is a fast way to get your ass beat. Also spamming shit like ram ranch or CBT also makes you valid.

Subsection 7

Validhunting (seeking/baiting players to kill in validity) in turn, makes you valid.

Admins have banned multiple people for doing this so don’t think you are the exception because you think hunting the bad guy means you are in the right. You can bait people by spam shoving among other things, and if it backfires that results in your death, you cannot complain if the fight started with you doing some shoving beforehand.

Subsection 8

Heads of Command/Security cannot make players valid, only warrant their arrest.

If a Head of Staff tries to get you or someone to kill someone and says it over the radio, they are technically validhunting and are subject to being hunted themselves. Do not kill someone without any evidence because you may end someone’s game because of hearsay