How to use the gulag without looking like an idiot - WITH PICTURES!

So you want to know how to use the gulag eh?
Well I’ll tell you.
This guide will be split into 2 sections:

  1. How do i gulag people as seccie?
  2. Help, i was gulag and can not out??? How get out?

Alot of the time i see security trying to use the gulag and do it by just striping the prisoner and putting them on the shuttle. This wrong. Dont do it this way, it is haram.
For sec, it is very easy to use.
For the reciving end, its /slightly/ more complicated since you dont get the luxury of an ore redemption machine.

    • How do i gulag people as seccie?

First, find your operating station. Lets identify the things here :
1 - Innocent Assistant about to be Abused
2 - Shitsec captain about to powertrip
3 - Teleporter Recepticle
4 - Teleporter Console
5 - Desk with ID box and a note that tries to explain all this
6,7 - Observation and Shuttle console
The layout will obviously be diffrent on other maps but the important things will all be there still
( seen here : metastation)

Take your victim and get them inside the teleport recepticle.

Hurry now, lets open the teleporter console! It’ll look like this :

If you’ve got a lively one, you’ll want to press the “Lock” button at the top right first thing, so they cant just walk off.

Next you’ll want to take any prisoner id from the prisoner id box, and insert it into the Console. You do this by taking it out of the box and hitting the console itself with it on help intent.
Then, enter the desired amount of reqiured mining points. It is important you follow space law here - check how many points you should set on here : Space Law - BeeStation Wiki

When you’ve done that, just hit “process” and they’ll be teleported of to lavaland. it’ll look like this just before you hit the send button :

AND… thats it. You’re done. You might want to use the observation console to check on them evry now and then, but thats optional.

    • Help, i was gulag and can not out??? How get out?

Now. You’ve been a little bit of a naughty man and ended up on lavaland - how do you leave?
Thats this section.

Once you arrive, to your left will be at shuttle console. You can use it to call the shuttle down. You wont need it for a while, but its convenient for use to have it.

First, head to the cubby in the top right and git yer mining gear.
Dont forget any of the gear! Mesons, pickaxe, internals and mask, mining satchel and mining scanner.
Here’s the layout.
1 - internals equipment and a canister if you need to top of your tank
2 - the rest of the spicy miner equipment
3 - Your door to the outside.

If you’ve put on all yer shit, its time to head out!

In slightly older and, perhaps, future versions of the mining outpost the winodws to the sec outpost were made of R-Glass - you could just break them and smash your way to freedom.
In the current version, it has been replaced with plasmaglass tough, so you’ll have quite a time trying to do that.
SO - get your mine on. I shall assume you know the verry basics of mining, so lets skip to when you’ve collected your ores.
Before heading back inside, grab an orebox and dump your ores into it.

NOW - how the fuck do i get my points?
Well you dont get an ORM so you’ll have to smelt them. Manualy.
Heres how you do that.

Place your ore box where i have. They’ll be sucked into the magic smelting machine.
Now go down to the green rectangle on the wall. Pull the lever and click the green rectangle.
The belt will turn on and the smelting UI will open.

As you can see i’ve mined some ores and they got sucked into the magic smelting box.
Its verry manual. You have to select the ore you want to smelt, then click the button at the bottom which says “off”
This will turn on the smelter and the metal will pop out. Do note you have to turn the smelter on again for evry ore.

Pick up the fruits of your labor and go call the shuttle if you hadn’t earlier.
Head into the shuttle and drop your metals where i am standing. They’ll be sucked into the stacking machine above where i am standing.

The Stacking machine also has its own green wall rectangle. This one will open the point claim console. Click the claim button before some other shitter steal your points. If you’ve filled the required amount of points, the “move shuttle” button will unlock. Click it to go up to the station.

Okay, we’ve made it back.
Well its in another magic wall rectangle. This one is blue.

Navigate the UI and retrive your items. Make sure noone runs in and steal yer shit, it just gets dropped onto the floor!


Okay, thats all for this guide. Drop questions and feedback below. Thank you for the attention.


just cross the lava and use a glass of water to extinguis yourself, works 43% of the time everytime

Where are you going to get a glass of water in gulag?

prison pocket, you’ll be amazed at what fits

wait, gulag on bee doesnt have a water dispenser???

I just looked at the gulag making this guide - unless im having a SERIOUS brain fart - no.
There is a sustenance vendor but it only has cups of ice, not water

melt the ice whit a makersift torch. easy

Literally surrounded by lava and you are making a torch.

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Love the gulag, not enough Hos/wardens use it.

you cant mechanically use lava sadly

You cant make a torch im pretty sure too

yes, 1 grab a pickaxer. 2 break a orebox, 3th create a “firething” idk ho it is called. then use it on the cup

Can’t you literally just mine your way to the abandoned sci area and break a window? Or is the gulag area entirely surrounded by lava?

Also yeah, if you can get enough wood from breaking the ore box you can make a firebrand.

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Instruction unclear. Prisoner got sent to a 1v1 deathmatch and is getting airdropped over some random battlefield

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It is, infact, entirely surounded by lava.

i also tried the firebrand thing. HEating ice does not infact melt it, it would seem.

It’s in a ‘paper’ cup. That kinda makes sense.

Your exploit was patched years ago.


“You hold a torch to a paper cup, of course the ice doesnt melt!”

actually, the cold of the ice and moistness of the water keeps the papercup from burning and boils the ice Boiling Water in Paper Cup - YouTube

gibbonite can be used to break out pretty easily, the glass should be replaced with rwalls imo