How to get lavaland sci base up as anyone

Simple guide for simple purposes.

Anyone, literally anyone, can bring the lavaland sci base up and running. Here is how.

We will assume you are a random dude from lavaland. No tools. No gear of any kind. No ID. This means no access, no insuls, and no multitool. Skip the appropriate parts if your job lets you go past them.

  1. Enter through the first mining door. It doesn’t need an ID.

  2. Break one of the windows using whatever. A pickaxe is always found a bit east of mining base if you have literally nothing.

  3. Grab the toolbox.

This guide assumes you aren’t also trying to grief miners, so…

  1. Break another window to get into the base foyer.

  2. Use the doors from the smeltery to test out hacking. Screwdriver a door open and start cutting wires. You are looking for the bolts wire and the test wire. If the test light goes off, a door becomes crowbar-able. If the bolts click, the door stays closed/open. You have no way to reverse this without a multitool. You may get shocked doing this, so remember not to touch the wire that shocks you. You’ll also bolt a door shut.This is why you use the doors no one cares about.

  3. Once you have both wires, screwdriver the doors leading to sci base, the miner equipment room, as well as the room with the SMES and generators. Test wire off, crowbar to open the door, then bolt it down to never deal with it again.

  4. Crowbar some stuff in the sci base open. Use its materials to assemble a spear. You will find iron, cable and a shard without much difficulty from the environment.

  5. Throw the spear at a miner equipment locker 15 times and get an accelerator from it.

  6. Crowbar open the sci command room. Aggro the giant spider. Lure it outside and kill it with a few shots of the accelerator you got earlier.

  7. Screwdriver, then wrench the soda machine in the command room. Pull it outside of the sci base and into the mining base so it powers on. Wrench it back and screwdriver it again.

  8. Crowbar floors leading from the sci base apc to the SMES room (or hallway, really, the wires go there anyway)

  9. Vend a grey bull from the now-powered-on soda machine and drink it all.

  10. Use cables from the sci base to connect the wires together on the floor, so that the sci base wires lead into the main grid. Do this while the grey bull effect lasts. You only get one shot, but it lasts a long time, so no worries.

  11. The sci base and sci shuttle will now start powering on. If SMES power runs low, go mine some plasma, refine it in the smeltery (may need to hack a door or weld a wall, whatever) and use the generator for extra power.

BONUS: To get rid of the oil stains behind the doors, head to the southwest room of the sci base and use the cleaning supplies. The room itself is dirty and slippery which is a bit ironic. Don’t forget that sinks have infinite water as long as you have a container, and the break room for miners has both a sink and a beaker. Another easy container is the ramen cup you can vend. I remember using it for something once so I’m just throwing the info in here. No bucket? Just use the ramen cap or beaker or whatever to transfer water to the janitor cart, then use the mop on that to wet it.

DOUBLE BONUS: You can find EVA suits in a corner of the sci base. Great if you want to go space exploring (who doesn’t). You may need to crowbar the suit storage units open if there is no power (ie, if you just came for the shuttle)

Nice guide, you can also use a light welder or lighter/matches to burn away oil or a beaker to collect it.


Turning off power output on the SMES unit allows you to wire it up without needing to worry about getting shocked too. I have to do it all the time for the Box mining shuttle (that needs power for some reason) and it’s a lot easier than frying yourself to get it done.

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When i tried to fix lavaland sci base as an engineer i built several turbines outside. They didn’t need any burn mix, they just acted like wind turbines an generated a little bit of power. Later i built another turbine and wanted to use it the right way, made O2 and a plasma gas synthesisers, but the plasma gas chamber started burning for some reason. It burned through plating and through sand and created lava. Lava created lavaland atmosphere around it, providing infinite oxygen supply to the plasma torch. The fun part is that the window that was supposed to keep plasma from the turbine control room broke, and the window to separate the control room and the turbine itself was not built yet, so the heat and pressure from this plasmafire went into the turbine and powered the base… kinda…
The cable between turbine and the main power grid burned pretty fast

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