How to fart directly into the microphone over comms or talk exclusively via burping

Emoting into general comms and using custom saymods got here somewhat recently, but it doesn’t look like most people know how to do it.

Any action or sound you want to make, end it with the | character. For example, if you want to puke, write


into the chat and it will be picked up by anyone with ears and any hotmicing microphones in the area.

If you want to fart into the mic over common, simply put

;farts directly into the mic|

into chat! If you want to replace your saymod with burping, the following will work:

;burps|Guys, I don’t feel so good…

and it will come out on comms as

[Common] John Bacon burps, “Guys, I don’t feel so good…”

Good uses for this tech include:

Convincing the AI you’re human
“;makes a wet gurgling noise as he chokes on his own blood|” as mime so you can let people know you’re dying in maint without actually talking
Scoffing at people who are not as cool as you
Pretend you’ve been hurt badly or drugged or stunned to frame people for crimes
Farting instead of talking (funny)
Impersonate other species/people as antag
Better roleplay, cough under your breath or gag at a smell or laugh while talking, it’s kind of up to you tbh

The sad part is, you can’t use a megaphone with this. No farting extra loud into comms.


Note that some stations do that reverse.

  • ;Guys, I don’t feel so good…|burps ← other stations
  • ;burps|Guys, I don’t feel so good… ← bee

So, if you are used to being there, you should do… reverse.


Dunno how someone would know it’s blood over comms, maybe describing the sound as something else other than choking and on blood would be better.

“;makes a wet gurgling noise mixed in with gagging” or something like that. Otherwise good ideas :]



Dear god…