How to dunk on sec part 1: disablers

Shitcurity after you? Well here is some tips to not get batonged!

avoiding disablers.

Disablers are a signature tool of security, you should expect these to come flying at you at any moment.
One way to avoid disablers is to have a weapon or shield that can deflect or block projectiles, such as an esword, you can also craft a shield with wood that can also block disablers.
Riot shields cannot block disablers however. A great item that can block disablers or reflect them right back at seccies is the reflective vest, it is most often found in the armory, but it can be ordered from cargo and opened by using lava.

You can also drag a closed locker behind you and it’ll block disablers.
You can also take drugs such as meth to reduce stuns.
But personally the best way to reduce the effects of disablers is with nanites.
The adrenaline nanite program increases your speed and pretty much makes you immune to stuns.

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This could be completely mitigated by giving sec their hybrid tasers back.

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The thing is they wont get em back :wink:

I do find it funny how strong disablers are. I’ve had more success as a traitor fighting people with actual guns than with disablers.

You can also drag a pet behind you. Nothing funnier than sec not being able to lethal you let alone use disablers because if they kill Ian they get valided by crew.

This would only apply to LRP, but valid sec makes for big funny

lava breaks contents now. get an emitter use lava and rebuild the emitter to open crates instead.

Doesn’t spear throwing work too, or is that just lockers ?