How to Clock Cult (Understanding Ratvar for Fanatics and Heretics)

Unlike Blood Cult I don’t claim to be an expert of Clock Cult, but I do know enough to write some basic tips to get you started and hopefully others will add their own tips to this discussion.

Assorted tips:

  • Cults always work best when they either go completely stealth or blitz the station. If you declare war you better know exactly what you’re doing.
  • You have a chameleon jumpsuit if you’re a roundstart cultist, so use it. Disguise yourself quickly and consider each getting jobs in different departments to be able to abduct people faster. Or just use your toolbelt and break into everywhere.
  • Use your clockwork slab to make a pile of slabs in Reebe for any new converts to pick up.
  • Keep a spare clockwork slab on you in addition to your primary incase you lose it.
  • Keep a few integration cogs on you at all times so you can quickly cog several APCs in a row.
  • How to cog: Create cog with slab -> use cog on APC once to open it -> use cog on APC a second time to stick it in the APC.
  • Place mindshielded people over a Vitality Matrix. It’ll deal toxin damage and soon dust them, which adds to the power of the Matrix so that it heals any Servant of Ratvar who stands on it.
  • Materials and research are needed for most departments late-game tech, which can be sabotaged in many ways (converting the staff, destroying the core ore silo or RnD servers, destroying mining shuttle consoles or RnD consoles etc).
  • Weapons can be found at and gotten at various departments including Security, Cargo, Robotics, Toxins, Genetics etc so steal or hinder them.
  • You need power so make sure the Supermatter stays running well also.
  • When the defence phase starts, use the Clockwork Armaments spell to outfit yourself with armour and a spear. Armour is good and has no slowdown, and the spear stuns if you hit someone with it when thrown. Use them to robust the invaders.

I don’t know much about traps, structures and sigils especially so it would be good from others about using them also, and I’ll update this guide with more info over time.

Never knew how to get power as cult. Good think I’ve never been roundstart cock :expressionless:

good tips for people that don’t know clock cult, here’s a few of my own

Reebe comes with several piles of spare clockwork slabs, if you get converted and they don’t hand you one look in the northwestern room

you can see your entire spell list by activating your slab in hand, don’t rely just on abscond, kindle, and manacles. You can also quickbind any five spells of your choosing, though quickbinds 1-3 are automatically set to kindle, abscond, and hateful manacles

Vanguard is useless because it only absorbs hardstuns, don’t bother with it until it gets updated for stamina damage

Cog floors heal toxin damage in cultists over time, which makes the downside of sentinel’s compromise (half of the damage healed gets turned into toxin) a lot easier on everyone

Multiple sigils can be stacked on top of each other as well as being able to stack on traps, so you could combo a sigil of transgression (stun) or a brass skewer (small stun + big damage) with a vitality matrix or a conversion sigil

You can place sigils on the station, not just reebe. bait officer mcharmbaton after you in maint and laugh as he dies to a transgression/vitality matrix landmine

kindle can be prepared while using the camera consoles on reebe, and it has a range of two tiles compared to blood cult’s range of one. However the stun wears off faster if you damage whoever you stunned

you can convert borgs, just steal a flash and hold them over a conversion rune like you would a crew member

Being able to teleport anywhere along with having a safe place makes converting anyone with a mindshield a lot easier, just build a surgical table and steal the tools from medbay or robotics. Implant removal surgery will remove the mindshield

Replica fabricators will convert normal walls, floors, and airlocks into their clockwork variant when used on them. Cog airlocks will only open to cultists, walls are like RWalls, and floors will heal toxin damage slowly if a cultist stands on it

the spear from summon armaments is not a one time creation, you can teleport your spear to your hand at any time. Additionally, you can throw the spear at someone for high damage and a short stun, though it will destroy the spear and prevent you from summoning a new one for around 30 seconds or so. Very viable against the chaplain as a pointy brass stick is not magical and thus the null rod will not protect them

The spear generates global vitality for the clock cult on hit