How to Blood Cult (The Mortals' Guide to Loving Nar'sie)

Alright I’ve seen too many inexperienced cultists lately, let’s break it down to what you should do:

Preparation Work

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Before heading out to do the mainstay cult activities of conversion and basebuilding, these things can also help give the cult a running start:

  • Wear something as a mask and/or eyewear - eventually your eyes will go red (once cult population reaches 20% of the total pop) which will instantly out you as a cultist if you don’t hide them. I prefer gas masks because they can be found anywhere, they hide your Zealot’s Blindfold if you wear one (you probably should) and I usually wear them.

  • Change your job or get extended access (optional) - being able to easily access more locations means being able to easily capture more victims.

  • Obtain metal and plasteel especially if you can - it’s used to make construct shells and runed metal respectively, which are both very important to being successful.

Equip Your Spells

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Normally you can only hold 1 spell at a time, but if you create an Empower rune then by standing next to it you’ll be able to hold up to 4 spells at a time. You need to hold 4 spells in order to capture victims effectively.

My suggested loadout for beginners kidnapping potential converts is:

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  1. Stun - stand in melee range, then activate it (which will make one hand start glowing) and immediately tap it on your target to stun them for ~6 seconds. This gives you enough time to use Shadow Shackles. WARNING: This does not work on people with ear protection! Most commonly this is Security, the Captain (both due to their bowman’s headset) and people wearing hardsuits.

  2. Shadow Shackles - this works like any pair of hancuffs except that it also mutes the victim for some more seconds (6?). This gives enough time to remove their radio headset and any obscuring facial equipment like a gas mask preventing you from doing so.

  3. Electromagnetic Pulse - if Security come after you with energy guns or disablers, or a borg is, EMP their ass. Also be used to disable a victims headset if for whatever reason you can’t get their headset off in reasonable time, or for helping you to lock down borgs long enough to convert them into constructs with Twisted Construction.

  4. Teleport - mainly used to teleport to cult bases to help convert people or as a last-ditch escape tactic.

If you’re more experienced feel free to switch it up - I prefer a second Stun over Shadow Shackles because I’m quick with cuffing + removing headsets before they’re able to talk again, or I can either use EMP/crit them/Stun again if they’ve got a mask on that delays removing the headset.

But where do you place an Empower Rune? There’s a few ways you can do this:

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  • Create an Empower Rune in a small and infrequently visited area e.g. between two airlocks. Stand ontop of it with the airlocks closed and add your four spells, then use your ritual dagger on the Empower Rune again to delete it. Job done and very little evidence of cult activity.

  • Create a small conversion base - these rooms are smaller than 4x4 in size, which is about enough space for the runes and maybe a structure or two. Ideally you have more than one of these so that if a base gets outed then you have somewhere to fall back. These types of bases are used for when you’re picking off targets in a particular area or department to convert, so you can easily just walk them back to here and convert them all in one go. Otherwise you’d have to create a Teleport rune, hold both you and your victim on top of it, then activate the rune to teleport to a base to convert.

  • Create a large main base - these rooms are usually bigger than 4x4, so you’ll be able to have lots of structures and space for your constructs and other cultists to move around in. This is the place where you arm up with useful items and is especially important if you’re nearing the halo stage (when you’ve converted 40% of the crew)

Generally I’ll find somewhere secluded so I can start to use the Communion ability to talk with other cultists (because if crew members hear you using Communion you’ll out the cult!) and discuss where we might put the main base, and I’ll usually setup a small conversion base if someone else has a better location or access to setup a main base.

This also means that before you prep your main four “conversion” spell loadout, you may also want to use spells for:

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  • Twisted Construction + Conceal Presence if you’re making a concealed Runed Door

  • Twisted Construction if you’ve got metal or plasteel to turn into construct shells and runed metal respectively

  • Summon Equipment, but only to get the bola (DON’T WEAR THIS OBVIOUS CULT CLOTHING UNTIL YOU’RE GOING LOUD, which is ideally when you’re forced to e.g. you’ve now all got the red halos because 40% of people are now cult)

Base Building

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Small Base Building

Small bases can be quickly setup by one person and are ideal for the starting cult members or as a backup location to teleport to. They contain only the bare essential structures and their size is optimised for keeping the room hidden from other crewmembers rather than preparing for high-volume conversion.

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Essentials (it’s hardly a base without these):

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  • Either a concealed Runed Door or a Hidden Door entrance - this is so only cultists know how to access the base.

    • To create a concealed Runed Door you need to use Twisted Construction on harm intent on an airlock. This is loud and obvious, so don’t do it when anyone is nearby and do it whilst standing in the middle of the open airlock, so you can see people coming and stop if necessary. You then immediately use Conceal Presence to make the airlock look normal, but in fact it’ll be a door that only cultists can enter. Non-cultists will get the “insufficient access” deny noise and light.

    • To create a Hidden Door entrance simply weld a wall, then unwrench the girder, then place the metal that dropped back on the girder. Now you have a wall that can be clicked and will slide open.

  • Offer Rune - you need this to sacrifice/convert crew members

  • Empower rune - you’ll have used at least one spell when capturing a crew member, you need this rune so you can replace that used spell

  • Teleport rune - so other cultists can come incase you need another to help you convert (you need two cultists near an Offer Rune in order to convert a live person, or use the Spirit Realm Rune)

  • Spirit Realm rune (place it next to Offer Rune) - you’ll not always have a cultist nearby who can reach you in a timely manner to reach the two required cultists needed to Offer live victims, so step onto this and activate it to Summon a Ghost and it will then allow you to use the Offer Rune successfully. It does eat up your health fast though, so as soon as you’re done offering use your ritual dagger on the Spirit Realm Rune to delete it and end the summoning.

Recommended (if you have the space and it’s apppropriate):

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  • Pylon structure (placed next to Spirit Realm Rune) - all your spells require blood and you might get into brief fights, so this is very helpful for healing up. It also allows you to use the second ability of the Spirit Realm Rune - ascend as a dark spirit. It’ll allow you to become a ghost, so you can then easily Orbit to find your sacrifice target and scout out the situation on the station.

  • Barrier rune (behind the entrance on the first tile in your base area) - if someone manages to come across your base, activating this creates a defensive barrier against movement and projectiles, which will save you from someone shotgunning you all to death, gives you time to gather yourselves to teleport out of there or to quickly deactivate and take them down.

  • Altar structure - all the items are useful, though you’ll probably only want to make Construct Shells at your main base and just use it to make the other items for any new cultists.

  • Archives structure - mainly used for creating the Zealot’s Blindfold so you become more effective in maintenance or other low-light areas.

Let your fellow cultists know as soon as you’ve made even a small base because they might have been busy with other errands and need somewhere with an Empower Rune to use, or just so they know where they can drag victims to or where they can retreat to.

Other tips in setting up and using a small base:

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  • KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. So many times people leave it open, and not only can passersby see the runes but also it leads to the area outside being converted to runed floor. Be aware you can remove runed floor using a RCD however.

  • Structures emit light - Forge most of all, next Pylon, then Archives and Altar so the brightest structures should be generally saved for your main base, or placed further back from the entrance where passersby wouldn’t notice the light source that shouldn’t be there over walls.

  • Use the Blood Rites spell to suck up nearby blood - being a blood cultist is very messy, but fortunately you have the perfect cleaning spell. Just put Blood Rites in your hand and click on blood on the floor to absorb it all. Also the blood you absorb can be used for three different spells within Blood Rites.

  • Location is extremely important and I’ve seen some interesting places work that you might not have thought e.g. the CE’s office with the shutters down and cameras diabled. But generally speaking you’ll likely choose somewhere in maint.

Large Base Building

These are the bases which could hold 10 members with ease, and ideally can scale up to more people. These types of bases are not required, especially if you’re aiming to work as stealthily as possible. However if you’re in the situation where you know you can build a large base without too much suspicion, or the cult is large enough you need more structures for item production then here’s how to make one.

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All of the prior structures and runes, plus:

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  • Forge structure - this is where you make the heavy duty cult items for when you go loud. Ideally you won’t have to wear this obvious stuff out until the actual Nar’sie ritual, but you may have to if Security or the crew is putting up heavy resistance.

  • Revive rune - put a cultist body on top of it to resurrect them. It depends on charges which are gained through using the Offer rune, but you also have a free one from the start.

  • Summon Cultist rune - teleport a cultist to the rune. Useful if they’re stuck in a jam and need to get the hell out.

  • Boil Blood rune - 3 invokers stand around it and it deals heavy damage to non-cultists who see it. Haven’t had much opportunity to use this myself due to people lacking experience on other cult stuff but I hope to use it more in the future.

  • Lots of structures - this is your main area for healing and arming up, so ideally you have multiple of all the structures so there’s enough equipment for every existing and new cult member.

Other tips for a main base:

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  • Isolated places like the mining station or aux base on lavaland are popular because it’s plenty of space and access to it can be difficult, though because they’re so popular it can easily out the cult.

  • You can’t build a base in the middle of space because “the veil is too strong here”. Though using the CE’s blueprints on the room might enable it for use, haven’t tried though. Bluespace emergency pods in space do work, but they’re only big enough for a small base.

  • Make two Shuttle Curses from the Archives structure - you can only use two per round, and they’ll delay shuttle call by a few minutes each. On Blue alert, shuttles take 10 minutes to arrive and can’t be recalled when there’s less than 5 minutes left, so ideally you spend the first 5 minutes to try and recall and if that fails only then use a shuttle curse.

Growth Strategy

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So you’ve got your four spells, there’s a small conversion base and someone is working on a main base. What next?

  • DON’T HANG AROUND - unless you’re waiting for essential equipment, don’t mill around the base. Go out and get converts, and go after the sacrifice target.

  • Easy Capture 101: stand next to crew member, Stun, Shadow Shackles, take off their headset, drag to Offer rune. Done.

  • Use the Spirit Realm rune to spy on the crew and orbit to locate the cult sacrifice target. Use Blood Mark on them so everyone gets a HUD pinpointer with their location, then Communion to tell everyone in your big voice where the target is, is he in a busy place, are there sec nearby, etc. Get them ASAP. Also remember you need their body intact in order to sacrifice it - if you behead them they’ll need to be cloned.

  • Get a Wraith construct ASAP to kill the AI because they can easily report on your activities as well as call the shuttle. You can make a Construct Shell to make one by using Twisted Construction on 50 metal, or simply get one from an Altar. You can get a filled Soulstone Shard with which to power the Shell by placing a dead crew member on an Offer rune.

  • For your main base an Artificer construct is very handy for pooping out additional Construct Shells and Soulstone Shards. Use Soulstone Shards on people who are in crit and you won’t even have to drag them to an Offer rune, though you do lose out on gaining extra charges for the Revive rune. You need Artificers in order to make a murderbone strategy viable (crit or kill them > soulstone shard their body > put in construct shell) but I much prefer converting rather than making them a construct because constructs are so much more limited and it takes time/resources to make constructs.

  • Convert dead or alive cyborgs - Twisted Construction on harm intent will turn them into Constructs.

  • Pay attention to when you see the alert that now all cultists eyes are red, or that your cult is “ascendant” (about to gain red halos). Wear eye covering before the former happens, and when the latter happens you can go all out on wearing cult equipment and spell usage.

  • If someone gets captured then you can have two cultists use a Summon Cultist rune to teleport them to you. Be aware it doesn’t work if they’re buckled to something, and I’m fairly sure it doesn’t work if they’re cuffed either. Alternatively, use the Veil Walker from the Veil Shifter set you can create from Archives, which can teleport you and anybody you drag a medium distance forward, with some randomness.

  • Choosing a Cult Master - 99% of the time it’s best to just wait until you’re sacrificed the target and gathered enough members to summon Nar’sie, because they might die or get captured before that time and waste the valuable mass summon spell. However if you have a confident, competent cult member who can make good calls using the loud voice in communion or you want to try a “going loud” strategy by using the cult master’s spells then you should vote in a master early.

  • Using the cult leader mass summon spell - you can either use this before the ritual starts to get everyone or do it once the Nar’sie rune is already inscribed on the ground. I’ve seen the best success with the latter so you can immediately click the rune to activate it after, and simply making teleport/summon runes to get people to come to the summon area before the ritual starts.

  • Summoning Nar’sie - ideally fortify the area with Runed Doors, Barrier runes and Juggernaut constructs before you begin. Only one person is needed to start the first part of the ritual, but activating the rune requires nine cultists. You can make up this number using spirits from Soulstone Shards and constructs also, just make sure you click Rest so you can all fit on without nudging eachother off of the rune.

Going Loud

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Note: I’ve put this at the end because is NOT the ideal strategy in my opinion and people fuck up the most by doing this too early. I prefer stealth cult until you’re forced to, because just like nuclear operatives declaring war, once the crew is aware of you you’ll be facing much heavier resistance. Even if the crew is already aware there is a cult, by not being seen wearing cult items or doing cult things makes it easier to isolate and capture new members.

That being said oftentimes you might get outed early, or security might be competent, or progress was slow amassing members, etc which all could force you to do this stuff before the Nar’sie ritual or before reaching the red halo stage when you’ve converted 40% of the station population.

Here’s what you should do when going loud:

  • Eliminate Heads and steal their IDs - the crew is going to want to call shuttle to get the hell out of there once they start seeing blood everywhere and people in robes kidnapping crew members in the hallways, so you’re going to want to prevent that. Good thing you already had a Wraith kill the AI earlier too.

  • Summon Equipment spell and get Forge structure items - the Eldritch Longsword fits into the suit storage slot of any cult armour, so keep that there. Get either the Shielded or Flagellant’s Robe (more defence vs speedy but you take 145% damage), whichever is your playstyle preference. Then a Mirror Shield to block attacks and create illusions, or use as a thrown stun weapon that returns to you like a boomerang if you do a successful hit.

  • Flask of Unholy Water from the Altar - mainly drunk to heal and reduce stun time, it also can be thrown to poison non-cultists.

  • Eldritch Whetstone from the Altar - same as the Chef’s whetstone, it adds +4 damage to your Eldritch Longsword.

  • Blood Rites spell - replace Shadow Shackles with Blood Rites because now you’re dragging people only a short distance to the nearest Offer rune out in the hallway and the Stun should be sufficient time to do so, but if not then you can always crit them to make sure. Instead use Blood Rites because you’ll be leaving bloody hallways with this strategy which fuels the spell, and because you won’t have time to stand around Pylons in order to heal. It can be used both on yourself or other cultists to heal.

  • Crit if you have to but don’t kill non-mindshielded crew - you’re not going to have time or resources to put many shards into construct shells, so you need as much of your victims as possible to survive the capture process. If you go too far and kill them, they’ll be sharded and you likely won’t be able to put them into a shell. Make Offer and Empower runes in the hallways, drag new captures to them. For mindshielded crew they can only be sharded, so just kill them then Offer rune them, because if they’re alive you need to have three acolytes to Offer them but if they’re dead you only need one.

  • Make the terrain yours - use Twisted Construction on Harm intent to make runed doors and make rows of Barrier runes to limit their movement. Have Artificers build walls to herd and bottleneck movement.

  • EMP is your AA - if you need to break into anywhere, just use the EMP spell then crowbar the door open.

And that’s it from the guide! I hope you guys found it useful, please add your comments below with anything you’d like to add or if you found this helpful. Hope to see all you cultists in the game soon!

  • 16/10/19 - Added section on “Going Loud”. Added notes on varying the four spell default loadout.
  • 19/10/19 - Added notes about Veil Walker.
  • 24/12/21 - Improve formatting and minor edits to account for the cult changes that have happened since.

Thank you Victor, very cool!

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You mean shadow shackles? But yeah, you rarely ever need shadow shackles.

For newbies to Cult the additional mute time + simultaneous cuff is handy, especially as you likely haven’t ingrained the reflex of Stun + strip headset yet. But yeah after a bit of experience swap it for something else like a second Stun, as I already mentioned.

Has any one ever used the blood rite powers past the blood spear? Because I’ve honestly never seen blood bolts or blood beam outside my test server.

A good beginner or low cult member tip for repopulating the cult alone:

What you’ll need -
Powers: Stun, Shackles, Conceal Presence, Blood Rites
Runes: Spirit Realm, Offer, Teleport, Empower
Constructions: Altar (optionally, replace shadow shackles for twisted construction and a stack of metal for a shell)

Create your base location- Small unseen area with your altar, 4 runes (Preferably in a small area with spirit rune right beside Offer)
Utilize Conceal presence and watch as all your stuff disappears! Teleport runes may still travel to the location, however all other objects and runes become unusable. Re-cast to use them.

Way 1 - The Construct Army:
Grab yourself a corpse! - Either grab one from medical, or make one. Doesn’t matter. Most corpses don’t need more than one person to convert.

Convert the Corpse! - When you convert the corpse, most of the time it will make an unfilled soul gem, though sometimes you’ll get lucky with pre-filled gems. Filled, skip the next task.

Use the stone on… ANOTHER CORPSE!- You’ll need to find another corpse now, this one HAS to be humanoid, no animals (yes, you can sac animals for soul gems, they do not count towards revives). Use the soul gem on the corpse and wait for either A: the soul of the person to be forcefully captured, or B: a dead pc to become the new shade.

Create the shell! - Now you’ll need to head to your Altar, or pile of materials. From the altar, select ‘construct shell’, from the pile of metals use ‘Twisted Construction’. Almost done.

Create the first of your army - Now a lot of people think instantly ‘lol, jugg’ for the first shell. The first shell you ALWAYS want to make is an artificer, as it makes your army creation much faster. They can spawn you shards and shells both. 1 artificer is necessary, 2 is for when there’s bodies everywhere. 3 is just too many. After that you’ll want a jugg and a wraith both.

End notes- Once you have your first construct you do not HAVE to utilize the construct army method, as the construct does count as 1 cultist in conversions. You will need 3 for mindshielded and narsei targets. So be prepared.

Way 2 - Help from beyond the grave.

Grab your victim! - For this method, you will more than likely need stun AND shackles for the extended silence. Try not to get caught, this is a more difficult route as it requires a live person.

Play with the Ouija! - Take the victim to the offer rune while YOU stand on the spirit world rune. Hold them tight so they don’t get away. Use the spirit rune and choose ‘Summon spirits’, that will put a little thing out for ghosts to become cult spirits. Someone will likely help you, and if they don’t, just keep trying while broadcasting over cult comms that you need a spirit’s help. Someone ex cult will likely help you, knowing that the more the cult grows, the more likely they can get back to playing and green texting.

Convert the non believer! - With the new dark spirit(s) with you, you will have enough cultists to convert the person into your team. If you play your cards right, you won’t have to do this more than once.

This is exhausting! - When they are converted, be sure to get them up and INFORM THEM TO MOVE YOU. Using the spirit rune will slowly kill you if you do not get removed from it after it’s use. Be sure to have either the converted or a spirit to move you. If you have a medical borg or couple of medbots healing you, you can maintain them longer, but they are only good for when 1: you need more cult and have low count, or 2: when the base is being raided and you need protectors.

Keep the cult going and growing. Show them the truth of Nar’sei.

replace shadow shackles with another stun.
Being constantly on the move is infinitely better than not being on the move.
Even if you removed their radio, there’s a lot of ways shit can go wrong if they yell. Ranging from some retard that will hear you but can’t see you because you’re in the dark, to the very rare antenna genetics.

Too weak for it’s blood cost imo, you can get a lot of heals out of the amount you’d waste.

Already mentioned, see this response and the OP.

Step 1: take xenobio
Step 2: get metal slimes
Step 3: wall off xenobio with R walls
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit.

Adamantine slimes and Metal slimes for the plasteel golem army.

Why would you make plasteel golem army as cult when you can make runic metal golems that are well, best golem species in game?
Runic golem is relatively fast and starts off with 3 spells, 2 useful though:

  1. Jaunt which is basically the same shit wraith have.
  2. The gaze which freezes a bit and blinds enemies.

Which is op as it is but it also have passive golem armour and most importantly, you can create them in bulk, to reintroduce people or a massive revive army in case the cult sucks.

And yes, golems can use all cult spells too.

All golems/ sentient potion spawns automatically starts as cult and can use the cult chat.

To counter cult, silver and cloth golems are magic immune. Of course if they are summoning it’s better to send Allah missionaries: Plasma Golems. Just give them welders so they can easier crit themselves.

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Please for the love of nar’sie
Read this and the the wiki guide
I had cult members that got stun power and stuned some one and didnt know how to convert
We got figured out fast that round

Okey, tested out the blood rites properly this time; In a short story, it’s really under-used but quite strong stuff, assuming you go loud and/or do some really basic preparation.

How to charge the blood:

  1. You can take the blood from the floors, helps in cleaning shit. Not very efficient.Gives amount based on how much is spilled.
  2. Be within few meters of living human, about 3.No cooldown, no channeling but a massive line of blood comes into your direction. Clean line of sight, nothing in the way. Gives 50 per person used. You can use it few times on the same person but not in a row, as their blood need to regenerate to certain amount first. Good when rushing and good right before you convert someone, since on conversion there is small healing happening.
    3.The same as above but with humanized monkeys. Shot outs to stealth cult xenobio/genetists/virology and maybe botany/cargo if they are robust. Instead of looking for genes just get a mutadone pill. It’s usually in 50u but you can split it, by first putting some water in a beaker and let it dissolve. Now all you gotta do is to feed it to the monkey itself. Poof, you have a human. Don’t kill it after first suck, as they can be succed again, after a period of time.

Now, you got the stuff done, now you wanna use it. How do I actually use muh blood rites?

  1. Healing. Basically, you touch any cultist/construct and it heals them. Works on yourself too, but the efficiency is at 50%, meaning more blood will be used!
  2. Blood Spear, 150u of blood. Basically you got yourself a spear made from the blood, similar to the one the Clock cult got. You can use it in melee, you can throw it. Although it shatters on hit, you can still recall it, meaning nobody can beat you up with your own spear.
    2.Blood bolts, 250u of blood. So the shitsec have got their hands on shotguns and you can’t really emp that and you can’t really stun them from range anyway. You can use this spell to get yourself on a blood finger gun, 25 rounds total. It works, somewhat.
  3. Blood Barrage, 400u of blood. Epic memes, by itself the spell is, well, weird. After a channeling with the portal storm.ogg sounds it shots giant laser beams in somewhat the direction you are facing. Good damage+converts everything on a way to the cult shit, instantly. Sadly, you can’t really control it, but hey, Unlimited Power!
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Instead of blueprints, you can press the create area button bottom right to make rooms

Does that still count, though?

You have to use station areas, any non station area doesn’t count

Alright, thanks!

Updated the guide for 2021/2022 with more readable formatting and some minor edits to account for balance changes to have happened since.


Kudos, this is a preety damm good guide; Also, the spirit realm rune is incredibly powerfull. You become a ghost, which entails full deadchat OOC knowedlge, observe command, allowing you to check for antag moodlets; You can also see antag popups before they spawn, and events before they happen, allowing you to inform the cult. You also dont need a pylon to use that function, as it doesnt passively drain health. Only cult ghosts do, which can be outhealed with 2-4 pylons. Narsie plushies, from the hacked chaplain vendor, can also be used to convert/summon/whatever that requires mutiple cultists, and are incredibly usefull for mass converting, so you can work as a pair. Stun 3-4 people, draw rune, drop plushie, mass convert. You can also create more narsie plushies by using a plushie on any other plushie

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