How to be a gimmick!

This is a handy guide on how 2 gimmick, as well as some other tips if you are on the receiving end of a gimmick

    Gimmicks are really 1-time use, So get brainstorming! A few ideas include:
    Selling pirated movies, get arrested by security for piracy.
    Sell various items, be a shop keeper, Get robbed by the clown
    Go to the chef and demand human sacrifice (Meat and organs)

  2. Be actually funny.
    Think of clown, but less annoying, and more funny, Like stealing all the head’s cloaks, And burning it in a bonfire.

    Shitters like to ruin your fun, Show them their place!

What 2 do if on the reciveing end

1 thing and 1 thing only PLAY ALONG:

While not seeming like a feasible option, Playing along will ensure enjoyment to both you and the gimmick,There are so may bans people could have avoided if they just played along


Can you talk more about each gimmick roles?

The gimmick roles are self-explanatory, there is even a section in the rules that tells you what they are.

I think he meant a gimmicky character, not the Gimmick Roles.