How I learned not to be a "gamer" and learned to enjoy RP

This guide is a work in process, as personally I have my own “gamer” tendencies that I still reaches out and ruins moments

Define a “Gamer”

What I mean by a “gamer” or “gaming” (and the definition I’ll be using throughout the guide) is that: a gamer is someone who players the game like it’s a single player game, going straight for the power-game/min maxing/green texting without considering RP or other players. Think of miners who don’t mine ores before going straight for the megafuana grind, the time I was a pirate and just killed people who were trying to negotiate/give budget cards, sec officers who wordlessly beat and arrest people, and really the majority of the annoying tropes that jobs can have. This also extends over to non-sec crew valid hunting.

How to improve your own tendencies

The best way to improve gamer tendencies, and the simplest personally, is to remember that all the other “characters” in the game have players behind them. Think of this before you round remove or kill someone that isn’t your target. Being better at RPing also helps with this, as the majority of people shouldn’t really be willing to run after someone who just shot your coworker in attempt to get payback. Yeah with mutations and nanites you could kill a antag easily, it isn’t your job or really a good incentive to try to intervene and kill them. Though non-sec valid hunting could be squashed if sec would arrest people for that behavior, charging them for assault and such.

Another way to curb tendencies is to learn/deviate what you do in your job. I really enjoy meteor mining, partly because some rarer ores are found at a higher frequency (I think) and the tendrils have more exotic animals that could be useful on the station. Botanists could develop more useful plants than 4 hit nettles and set up a public fridge.

it is a crime. Vigilantism. But most security ignore its existence in favour of praising the guy who just killed the antag for them.


Ironically, not to be a gamer, you should be a gamer for once at least, then you can realise yourself for which fun you should aim to get.

This is probably the aspect that’s the most difficult to grasp by many trying to get into RP.
In order to succesfully pull off rp, you need to be in the mindset of roleplaying for others, and thinking about yourself second.

In most games, you care only about yourself and your enjoyment, that’s what games offer generally.
This mindset clashes with RP because roleplay is a group effort, you need players to offer opportunities for you, and for that to happen, you need to offer them first.

From my experience adminning here, this is what players struggle the most with. Everytime someone mentions “my fun” “me” “what I want to do”, you often find comments or behaviour that do not facilitate RP.

For a hostage situation to happen, someone needs to be the hostage.
A martyr traitor has to die.
There can’t be medical doctors if there are no victims.
There can’t be command staff if there are no subordinates.

RP cannot happen unless you are willing to suck it up from time to time.


Just remember, Seccies and heads of staff with backbone make for bad hostages, there are such things. Also consider incentivising the need to keep them alive by comiting sabotage said persons are needed to fix, this means engineers and virologists to name obvious types.

Remember that Centcom prefers any and all syndicate agents alive, but if they’re a pile of gibs then don’t prioritize healing them, especially if resources and time are strained, let them stay dead. It is still bad RP to up and Execute a captured traitor under most circumstances barring confirmed enemies of the corp.

Go and see your local Medical staff today about getting those wounds treated, NT provides medical care per your contract so you can remain efficient, being beat up by your job can be normal, staying beat up shouldn’t

Kalavi Lumen, Captain of police state stations says: “Access and Permissions exist due to NT’s ultimately imperfect screening and exterior threats, it is your duty as a member of NT’s Officer core to handle your expanded access with care and to monitor situations for when you are needed. because of this however you’ve been entrusted by NT to keep your subordinates from breaking from SOP and productive, Authority is like a bureaucratic muscle, you need to Exercise it for it and do so with good reason for it to be effective.”