How do you solo pandora as exploration crew?

I have a knife, laser pistol and 400ping to my name, I tried kiting it but it ain’t gonna happen with its spam teleport attack. Best attempt I’ve made was rushing it and stabbing it down to 60%hp before i went crit.
I heard another expo guy who manage to solo it before, and told me to rush and stab it.
Is there any strats that can be useful even with my ping?

I’m only asking because more and more mission objectives (blackbox and artifact recovery) are starting to spawn in that area it spawns.
I usually play safely, so the only time I ever die usually is whenever I need to go near it cause I can’t out run it due to my ping.

So what should I do whenever this happen?

get a kpa, space the entire area around it, laugh in its dumb face


I know it works for spiders but, does that seriously work on pandora?!?
Also thank you for the tips!

Pandora is a lavaland elite, designed to be destroyed by a KPA.

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A little late-game, but get permission to make a combat mech for your missions.
The Exploration Crew can also find the Omnilathe randomly and can print their own mech weapons.
Just be careful that you’re not powergaming too hard (hard for Explorers, I know).


is it really powergaming if it’s part of your job though?

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It could be considered powergaming to print the weapons yourself without getting Command’s permission first.
The mech weapons are only available at the Security fabricator for a reason.

Ah, no not that, I should have been more precise with my post, my bad

Just be careful that you’re not powergaming too hard (hard for Explorers, I know).

I mean with the general loot the explorer ruins have, like old laser guns and other stuff I do not remember well. Is it considered powergaming snatching those items for the sole purpose of improving your expeditions and not any crew issues in the station?

Anyways, to get in the original topic, I believe it’s a good idea to build an arena in space and lure the elite fauna to said place, dual kPA’s do the job well at killing lavaland enemies, since the explorer gun has very few shots and deals burn damage, which all lavaland enemies are notably resistant to.

You cannot outpowergame an explorer


Nanites. More specially “Dermal Refractive Surface” for protection from it’s laser attacks. And healing.

if you have good ping you can kite it and kill it with the knife, ofc it will take time, otherwise yeah kpa, i usually don’t even bother since it doesn’t really… give anything, i just run, grab disk/artifact and retreat, also scanning pandora too

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