How do you feel about bluespace body bags?

How do you feel about bluespace body bags?
  • I think they’re terrible for the game
  • I think they’re great for the game
  • I have no strong opinion one way or the other

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I know this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find a particularly recent discussion or a poll that I swore existed so here we go. Naturally the poll isn’t binding, but now I’m curious if it’s still perceived to be as much of a problem as it used to be and want to draw some more attention and voices to the conversations that have sprang back up around them somewhat recently.


I think Bluespace bodybags in their current form need to go entirely:

The intended functionality to allow someone to collect multiple bodies and quickly transport them back to medbay for care is fine, but in my experience the majority of the time the bag sees use is by antags doing their best to be as stealthy and unengaging for the round as possible, and the bag simply makes it far too convenient to transport, destroy or otherwise hide victims given that it’s available relatively early in rounds especially.

Various PRs related to Bluespace Bodybags open right now

Soft removes bluespace body bag by Rukofamicom · Pull Request #8973 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub

Adds "deployable" items by Rukofamicom · Pull Request #8981 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub

[DRAFT]Medbay DRAGnet/Fulton beacon researchable alternative - BAGnet by CydiaLamiales · Pull Request #9001 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub

Bluespace Bodybag now teleports bodies to the morgue + Fixes bodybag code by mystery3525 · Pull Request #9009 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub


The votes seem 1 or 0, but my opinion is kinda 0.8.

Also agree, I don’t hate them, but I think they need adjusting. and the PR all address those changes, so what ever one gets picked i’m happy!

I think they are great for medical personnel. But they might be changed to printing/finding them hard (only CMO locker would have one), or make it like a bag of holding. Maybe it can be made like normal body bags where you can’t fold it if any item is inside. So it can still hold multiple bodies and items, but you would have to pull it.

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From my experience bluespace bodybags see far more unintentional use in the form of transporting large quantities of bulky items and being used by antags to round remove people with no trace.

Well I’m currently working on an alternative for transporting bodies, the BAGnet that Ruko posted above

They’re too good I think. One time I was actively trying to solve a murder and I couldn’t because the body was forever hidden inside one of those.

I love how some people use it, like Soo, which uses it to transport a medibot often and the bat itself is quite handy. So I wouldn’t like to see it go entirely…

Rukos deployable PR adds the ability to pick up bots!



This did really ruin the only reason I could come up with for them to stay.

Guess I should mention I like to be in peoples pocket from time to time :flushed:

That PR is great, the bag can BYE BYE


I hate them with a passion. I’ve seen both antags and validhunters use them to try and kidnap people with it, because for some godforsaken reason you can zip people in even if they are standing right up, and then quickly stuff them in your backpack. Literally no redeeming quality, just use rollerbeds.


If we get rid of bluespace body bags, we are getting rid of the ability to fry them while theres people inside and bake people into cakes/pizzas/pies/etc. Think about that. That’s fucked up.


It’s because as far as code is concerned a body bag is a locker. Opening and closing behaves exactly like a locker, just with a different sprite, sound effect and the ability to walk over them when closed.


Here’s an emergency locker’s code for comparison:

Except you’re able to pick body bags up and set them down where you want one.
Bluespace took that to the next level by letting you put them in your pocket even when full.

I haven’t gotten to exploit the bluespace body bags that much (especially because they behave differently from normal body bags in that if kept on self, the bag suffocates people inside)
but they’re one of the bounties cargo can give and I feel like science is responsible for researching it and delivering one to cargo
would a PR introduce a replacement in this sense?

Yes, the PR I made already does this.

	name = "Bluespace Storage Capsule"
	description = "Nanotrasen would make good use of compact, high-capacity storage devices. If you have any, please ship them."
	reward = 10000
	wanted_types = list(/obj/item/deployable/capsule)
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Or limit the bag to only be printed at medbay and actually prevent every Clown and their cousin from entering and printing chem boards and whatnot…

They are too strong. You can place maxcaps in them then fold it up into your pockets. You can detonate it without having to unfold the bag so it makes delivery very easy.

If you have a Blue space bodybag, then put a body in it, then fold it, it should become at least as big as a uniform or two to put pack in your backpack.

it’s a body bag, if you REALLY wanted to round remove someone then just do it on the fuckin spot, get some welder fuel in a jar and burn all the shit, then take off the head.

would like to mention I also have a different approach PR’ed in the form of the bodybags force-teleporting living mobs (alive or dead) to any morgue on the station (actual morgue and robotics are the guaranteed round-starts). If there are none on your current z-level, you literally can’t fold the bodybag.

This doesn’t nerf the bodybag in any way besides removing the undesirable “untraceable round removal”.

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Simply make it a science disk, same effect of removing it :smirk:


rip bags of holding