How Do I, How Do I Setup The... Bunch a random questions

I have some questions about some of the finer aspects of this game I was helping someone could help me with.

  1. Joints: I know they provide 1 tick of the drugs contained inside, but what is the basic maths behind it? Like, does each drug give one tick based on their total or the joints total chems? I’ve been working on a “heal and stun immune” joint but it never works when you smoke it. (and works too well if you eat)

  2. Vapes, how do you use one? I’ve experimented before but never had luck.

  3. Can you craft showers/sinks? I just can’t work out if you can, not on wiki, can’t find in crafting menus, but another website told me you can, maybe.

  4. Double Frying. Is this possible? If so, any hints of what I may need to do to learn it?

  5. Is BZ farming an exploit? For Cargo this seems the best money maker, easily able to make millions in a long round. It really craps on other money making means making me worry it’s an exploit. I know there was an exploit with the portable air extractor not having a pressure limit (making it stupidly easy to farm BZ) but that was fixed.

Technically, no. Unless there is some menu i am not aware of.

What do you mean by this?

It depends upon your definition of exploit. Its not exactly a bug or abusing a broken system. Since that is just how Lavaland is. You wont get in trouble for doing it. Some people (Ruko.) just dont like that its that easy.

I cant answer your other questions since i dont know either. Someone who usually takes the smoker trait likely could.

  1. Joints ingest a small portion of the reagents inside into your body over time, so joints are bad for stun imunity but good for (passive) healing. Syndie cigarettes have ominzine in them that heals you very slowly over time, for example.

  2. I think you have to inject reagents into it/use a beaker. If you emag it, it creates the reagent in smoke form(like a very weak smoke grenade).

  3. Not possible, sadly. You can’t unwrench them either.

  4. Its definitely possible, but someone else will have to comment the answer for that.

  5. BZ farming is not an exploit as long as you don’t use glitches and bugs to make it stupidly good like the scrubber exploit you mentioned, or else an admin might blow it up for breaking physics.

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no idea

screwdriver to open, insert beaker then screwdriver again. Can hold 10 units, again no idea with emga


maybe with some space ruins

if it exists it isnt exploit, also farming gas from a planet is pretty much same, it is not like there is a close end unless you are somewhat planet eater

also wrenching a shower makes it dispense hot water instead of cold

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Some people (Ruko.) might disagree with you. XD

go to smoke vendor and buy a Rollin paper pack,dry the wanted plant produce, then take out a rolling paper from the pack and use them on the dried plant

have fun being a stoner

How to kill yourself and everyone around you.

Step 1: Make Omega Weed.
Step 2: Get banned.

Thats about all i know about joints. Please dont do that.

how do i play a good security officer?

Dont, drop the red, get the grey,

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