How do I get access to post images and links?

I can’t use like half the features of the forum, and I want to show off cool stuff but I can’t. Anyone know how??

use exterior hosting sites

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Just keep posting and coming back every day.

expert level wilchen bait

I’m confused because I have “Basic” access, and it says I should have “multiple image and link” permissions, but I don’t.

You basically just need to be active on here for a couple of weeks then you get a badge letting you know you’ve unlocked features.

I believe it’s the “Member” badge that let’s you post links and images.


I feel like it should be loosened, I’ve been active for about a week and still can’t so much as post an image. I get like spam protection, but I feel like it’s a bit too strict.

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It took me being active for 3+ weeks to get image/vid perms. You’ll get there eventually

I’m willing to lower it down to “basic user.” The requirement was pushed to “member” because we had the misfortune of having our forums flooded with disturbing imagery after a user was banned. Hoping this will be a decent middle ground.



Like this

this is a Tad bit off topic but it should be noted that one can post slightly more in the way of images to a fresh thread than in a reply.

Or atleast that’s the case in my observations.

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