How 2 powergame sunglasses

This guide will describe the various ways to obtain sunglasses, and say fuck you to seccies as they cant go flash go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Metastation corp showroom
    Sunglasses quantity: 1
    How 2 obtain: hack a door, use a screwdriver, welder, to remove the metal covering, hack door open, and the sunglasses should be next to the executive suit

  2. Lawye’rs office
    Sunglasses quantity: 1 or 2

Hack door into lawyer’s office, beware doing it on box or delta, since it is right outside security

  1. Maintenace

sunglasses quantity: Variable

Run around searching maintenace for sunglasses until you find it

  1. Autodrobe (Unknown method, and my go-to of getting flash resistance)

Sunglasses quantity: 2 but you need 50 credits to get it, per autodrobe

hack an autodrobe, scroll down to the bottom, and you will see “Black gar glasses” These act like normal sunglasses but have a medium amount of force, and can be combined with huds to make hud sunglasses

  1. Security

Sunglasses quantity: 4

Break into the gear room, and hack sectech for 2 sunglasses, they cost 100 credits if you dont have a security ID, next to the gear room is the warden’s office, which is plasteel secured and requires more work to break into, but there are 2 more sunglasses laying about there, You can also buy a deputy gear duffelbag, which contains a deputy sec hud sunglasses, costs 450 credits, sec id or not

Note: The above method is not reccomended whatsoever, as you will get jailed if you break into security

You can also ask the AI to open the doors for you.

that’s 1 way to get access

A true powergamer will just take it by force from assistants in maints.

No one can hear them scream in maints

yesterday stupid fucking warden took my roundstart adv sundglasses, saying i dont have right for that oh come on, i started round with these

what role were you?

20 characters moment

a lawyer, thats the funny

what is “You dont have a right to sunglasses” I need permission to get eye protection?

daily security stuff


95% of AIs 0,1 ms after you ask them: “:s valid detected in location X” and then they bolt you in.


You can also hack the bartender backroom open and steal beer goggles and an armor vest from their vending machine.


I won’t admit that I validhunt but as AI I always validhunt people who take insuls from primary tool storage or people that go to lawyer’s office.

Those don’t have flash protection, they’re reskinned security HUDs.

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Validhunting silicon :face_vomiting:

ah yes, the famous Schrödinger’s AI

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Killing nonhuman shitters reduces human harm. AI 101.

Good thing i play human then. But when ill see you online as Glados ill switch to my felind Afro Cat to see who breaks first, should be fun.

that depends: does server ping allow me to change armory airlock settings to crush in time or not?

Jokes aside, my personal credo is to kill non-human greytiders that break into armory because they are either getting banned soon anyway or they are antags. I don’t mind insul stealers, but sechuds and weaponry tend to worry me as ai due to them making it nearly impossible to solve conflicts as a borg without using force.

me felind rushing the amory evading securit, command, ai, borgs and god himself image

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actually you just gave me a new idea: i will screenshot it when i crush felinids in the future and at one point release a best of collection on the forum.