How 2 build saw deathtraps part 1

BEFORE READING: remember, security are fun hating dick licking brain dead, validhunting scumbags. because of this, be sure to maxcap all of security, steal from armory, tell ai what the re-education chamber is, just so security runs out of ways to detsin you, now, back to the various deathtraps and how to create it

  1. remote signaling
    you will need: 2 or more remote signaling devices, a bomb, plasteel secured, with a remote signaling device attached to the bolt wire airlock

the plot:your victim is in a room with the remote signaling devices, 1 of the signaled will un bolt the airlock, leading to freedom, but the other will detonate a bomb, killing the victim

.2 forgive and forget

you will need:health sensor configured to death with a remote signaling device assembly, and a bomb implanted in your victim, with a remote signaling device attached to the bomb on the same frequency as the health sensor remote signaling device assembly

the plot:at the end ask your victim if they have forgiven you, for helping them understand the gratefulness of life, if they try kill you, the death sensor will trigger the bomb Inside them, killing them, if they forgive, let then go

end of it, goodbye


bruh what the fuck you only listed two

3: going down with the ship:

tie up the captain and a couple other people. put all the non-captain people on a conveyor belt, and put a supermatter crystal in front of em. tell the captain that he can walk free, but if he does so all the other people will die via supermatter crystal dusting. however, if he instead walks into the sm himself, you set everyone free. untie him and make sure he doesn’t do anything sussy

4: romeo and juliet:

tie down both members of a 2 person felinid metagang. tell one of them either they or their friend can walk away alive, but not both. untie.

5: prisoners dilemma:

tie up 2 people. they can either accuse or deny. if both deny, you surgically remove their legs and let em “walk” free. if one accuses and the other denies, the accuser walks free and the denier dies. if both accuse, get a circuit printer, put their brains in a mmi, and put em in some kind of assembly.

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  1. Family heirloom

Find somebody with a family heirloom and a friend
Tie them both up, place the family heirloom and friend on conveyor belts, if a lever is pulled, either the friend or heirloom will fall into lava/Chasm, Get cremated

The person owning the family heirloom must choose who they want to save

This isn’t how to build saw death traps, this is suggestions for what you can do.

Teach people how to come up with their own ideas, how to cover their bases, how to kidnap people, how to cover their bases.

Ok, Fine, This is reply will teach people how to kidnap people,hide their bases, and how to do general stuff on how to not die

  1. Kidnapping people
    When you stun them and cablecuff them, they will ususally scream “HELLLP!!” So use a radio jammer, or Emp to slience their headsets, then say “I want to play a game” Before dragging them off, flashes are insta hardstuns, dont forget to wear different clothing, and hide your ID when doing a kidnapping!

  2. Where to build your base

Acquire mesons and maint access

and wander around maintenace, scouting around, Looking for a secluded, easily defenable, area, With several controlled exits incase shitcurity discovers your hideout, Be CAREFUUL!! because shitcurity will bola, batong, and strip search you for anything, then take your stripped body to brig and bucklecuff you for 2 minutes
Bombs and conveyor belts are used a lot in traps, so are stuff from the vendomat, tool storage and chemistry or toxins access can be useful

  1. The weapons, Pros and cons

Pros: Easy to craft, reliable,
Cons: Bulky, not very easy to store and very suspicious

Pros: Easy to craft
Cons: Loud, Can miss, Requires to be paired with another weapon to be useful

Stun baton:
Pros:Stunprod, but can fit in backpack
Cons: Not very easy to obtain

Pros: Insta hardstun,
Cons: Blocked by sunglasses

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It’s a good start, I’ll post some stuff tomorrow to help you out with this.

when making a base, it’s better just to weld the doors shut and make a secret door. that way, you don’t get random assistants looking for gamer gear walking into your deathtrap (you’ll still get engineers with mesons wondering why the wall only shows when it’s in their direct vision

  1. Reverse beartrap
    Apply reverse beartrap to head, nuff said

  2. Prison cube
    Prison cube somebody, And get the victim to solve the puzzle within an allotted time period

there is also the chem method requiring chems from chemistry, duh.
Well what I mean by that is injecting by any method other than rigged in food will be:

  • effective
  • long sleep
  • gives time to scream
  • loud
  • guaranteed sleep in 20 secs

Doesn’t work when the lever has an “off” option:

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How to work efficiently:
Remember, all tools can be printed at autolathes.
No materials in it? Grab a chair, shove it in, print a wrench, screwdriver and crowbar, disassemble some nearby windows for glass and table for iron - you now have both.

Autolathes can print signalers, conveyor belts, conveyor belt switches AND sensors, people won’t really question you too much about this unless you see somebody who reads this and bawls his eyes out someone is putting effort into something

Signalers allow for instant detonation grenades as well, remember you can also cavity implant people so if you want a fail-safe, shove a grenade in them.

Borgs are your best friend, if you see a borg, emag it and get it to be an engie borg or medi borg
Medi-borgs get mute toxin which make kidnapping people easier, engie borgs do get their stun but they can still squeal when captured - they’re better for helping you build your death trap.

Remember, you do not need to be honest with your victim(s), that signaler that blows up their friend or the captain may blow them up instead, be devious.

Chances are, you won’t manage to succeed, and probably even less likely when you’re still practicing, however I commend you and encourage you to never be give up and make things very interesting.

You can attach igniters, timers, signalers and sensors to each other via screw driver, activating them in hand wil open up the interfaces for this.

Timer-signaler, Sensor-Signaler will be the most common you will use.

You can use igniter-signaler to remotely ignite plasma.

Borgs have a built in remote signaler and can remotely bolt, shock, shut down and open doors without even this.

You can insert signalers into doors by opening their maintenance hatch and attach it to the bolt wire if you want to force them to activate it for one reason or another.

Chem grenades need only a sensor or signaler, while constructing it (pre screw-driver), activate it in hand to open it’s interface. It will have only one wire, simply click the “Attach” button with what you have in hand.

Surgery requires more than two tools, and if the person you’re torturing must do surgery to escape - conveyor belts are a good troll…

Spectators are not necessarily bad, just hope they ain’t part of their meta-gang or something.

Add in emitters for fun! Have your borg turn them on as time passes if it’s a death maze!

If you want to make it time based easily, timer + signaler, and a signaler attached to in-accessible bombs.

Maxcaps can have signalers attached to them too :flushed:

Hacking autolathes is very easy and will almost never require insuls; you can just crowbar them if they get shocked. Use screw driver + wire cutters, not multi tool, as the wire must be cut to be hacked, not pulsed.

Starting as an engineer gives you a head start, you might want this.

RCDs will be your best friend for doors.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be too complicated.

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another 1

body sifting : a dead body as a key hidden inside, they must use surgical tools to find the key inside the bodies or else bomb go boom

Just give them the prisoner’s dillemma at that point. Best case you kill both.

Limited to clown tot. But Ig this is the point of the thread.

you can always TC trade

Lock a person in a room with 100 monkey cubes. There are two buttons. One button water vapor floods the room and renders the other button useless. The other button will let you out.
one choice: the server will crash, you will be trapped forever in monke, probably dying, but funny monke moment.
The other: you walk free, the server runs fine, but no monke

A similar monke thing, A monkified injector with a reinforcement chromosome is placed in the room, the room will slowly fill with toxic gases, the victim must inject themselves to become monke, so they can ventcrawl to freedom

yet another one, HALL OF REGRET!!

Make the victim traverse a hall of beartraps and mousetraps barefoot for freedom, oh, and a plasmafire is right behind them if they start stalling

If someone pulls that off it would be pretty funny

Emitter run:

The victim must run through a long hallway of emitters, trying not to get it, emitter behind them if they start stalling, and maybe add conveyor belts for extra challenge