HolyCat Permanently Banned by Aeder1

CKEY: HolyCat

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 5/6/2021

Round ID: 30271

Ban Reason: Tried to inject people with a deadly virus as non antag viro, when robusted (easily) lead to a station wide outbreak of it.

Appeal Reason: I don’t really know why i did that because it was a long time ago and that was a pretty asshole move to do, to ruin whole station’s round. I’m ready to play on beestation once more and play it properly without self antaging.

Additional Information: none

You’re currently permabanned from four of the Centcom servers for self-antagging, though three of those were placed around the same time last year. Do you have a vouch and an explanation for your much more recent permanent ban on tgstation which cites “a long history of self-antagging since the start of (2022)?”

Do you have a vouch from a server willing to say you’re an upstanding and high quality player?

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Pretty much what was already said. You’ll need a vouch from a reputable server to even have your appeal considered.

No replies in a week. Will give it another few days for any kind of response from op before it goes in the bin to avoid mould.

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