Hivemind is out of rotation Discussion Thread

As of writing this thread… Hivemind is no longer on the rotation, so let’s take a moment to talk about em… How was your experience as or against Hivemind? What could be improved on them? Should they be removed forever? What does it need to be added/fixed/removed from them?

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Confusing. A tutorial. No. Bring it up to standard with references and details about in the Wiki.

My first time I was kidnapped by a Mime and a HoP into maints and strangled to death. As a Seccie I’ve seen Hivemind stuff happen and done nothing as… I don’t know know what to do. Space Law says nothing about it. Usually just… watch. Didn’t want to arrest 'em or whatnot and have Cent Comm (admins) on my ass.

It needs a SOP and wiki that’s for sure.
And I think ascending should buff the “minions” in some way, as they’re kinda like revs but don’t have the numbers to overrun sec like revs would.
Another thing: Hiveminds should be put as EOTCs on the spacelaw page


I think there was always alot of confusion during hivemind rounds. From people being unable to tell deconverted from other purples and alot of rounds devolving into essentially rev level TDM between hive and command/Sec.

Also i hate the one mind announcement as it blows my eardrums


Yeah aside from the large amount of confusion on what each department should do around hiveminds the sound is so bad I have to mute my game as soon as it starts. (Why is it s global sound!!)


Frustration mainly. First time I was a host I died to a mishandled blob. The second time, it was all going nice and fun until the overstretched security force failed to save me from a quartermaster with a real fucking shotgun ™.

Yet another conversion antag that isn‘t nearly as much of an improvement over revs as people think it is.

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I’ve had rounds with hivemind that have been pretty chill, especially if they don’t have violent goals. I’ve had rounds that have also been Revs-tier hectic (which I sorta enjoyed tbh). I feel like clarification about what they are, and how to react would be nice. I recall being a warden on hivemind once and really not knowing what to do. I think we injected the helpers and killed the leaders in the end, but it was confusing, and some people were herded into perma for a while while we figured out what to do with them.

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i found thats hiveminds are a way to stealthy

THE ONE MIND RISES is cool and all
until you hear it 4 times in a single round


While probably unhealthy for my ears I did find it very interesting as it was a very unique way of announcing and would literally affect you in real life to take off your headphones for the moment. Quite immersive.

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I like Hivemind, shame its out.
But I understand the confusion on how to handle them, and the even bigger confusion when suddenly all of command is glowing pink.


why was hivemind removed? I really enjoyed it

Slightly buggy and lacking an entry in space law, escalation policy and just a general wiki page.

There any intentions to be readd it once the issues are resolved?

well my first round i did the thing and destroyed a secs mindshield but he still had the implant in him (no blue outline on hud tho) so i could not turn him to my side with the skill that does that… it had to be surgically removed.

Sec is protected from mindshield crush I beleive

Yeah Bacon said they’ll be re-added once the issues are resolved.


they still lost the blue outline that that shows them having a mindshield and were a target to awaken

From my experience being a vessel many times, I did enjoy hivemind.

However, I think it needs polishing for a couple reasons.

Usually, Hiveminds fall into the same 2 tactics (from what I’ve seen):

1 - Do you want to be pink/join my gang?
2 - Conga Line.

At the moment Hivemind seems more like a suggestion to stick together rather than a real antagonist.

Lack of tools and especially how there’s general confusion about how to deal with them are definitely a problem!