Hive Reclamation and Ruskies

Hello there.

I am planning two relatively medium-sized PRs: Hive Reclamation and Ruskies.

Hive Reclamation

[Common] Worker 514 says, “Fuck these new naming standards!”

Literally finishing apids. Making better filler, balancing them more, making them more like bees. Perhaps add a bee-related gamemode.


Comrades, remember what we are here for- the putingulo.

Russian nukies, in short terms. They have shittier equipment that costs less, will automatically be announced, and must complete a different, harder goal. They have to assemble the putingulo generator, and claim the station in the name of the Fourth Soviet Union!

Special equpment includes:

  • Bearaxe Conversion Toxin (would be more of reskinned and buffed gorillas)

  • A literal T-34 tank that you can only purchase with the combined telecrystals of 3 people, and is rather… complicated to operate.

  • 1 telecrystal Mosin Nagants.

  • Shitty spacesuits that slow you down like skinsuits but can probably protect against an artillery shell.

  • Ammo that costs more than your gun.

  • Armor that allows you to move less like a fucking sloth that isn’t spaceproof.

  • A whole bunch of other Russian weaponry, equipment, and did I mention they get their own special species that is healed by eating potatoes?

Of course, ideas are welcome to improve both of these… not-so-fine ideas. I’ll also have to assemble a fine schedule, because I like being busy with SS13 crap. So, release date is when the Germans make it to Moscow.


add a fucking prove cartridge to delta first

Comrade Tennesee…

Does the Bearaxe Conversion Toxin, mean that… We’ll get some…MEATY, BASED, RUSSIAN COMBAT BEARS?!!


The Motherland approves of this!!

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Ruskies sound pretty based

Security gasmask-like racial ability that (on a short cooldown) lets them scream out a proganda slogan.


is the t-34 like a CM tank :flushed:

I think russians should have shitty surplus equipment that is cheap that they can just hand over to people to try to distabalise the station.


NSV tugs already have turrets available. I’d just need to make it so that the driver can only see forward at a three tile view, the gunner can only see forward at a one tile view, and one guy who doesn’t do anything but sees everything.

Also known as pain, suffering, and teamwork.

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двадцать двадцать

Aspects of Hive Reclamation include:

  1. Changing of the apid naming standards to something more exotic than fucking Bob Sunflower. Keep in mind that these primarily apply to Sage. If you’re going to complain that it takes some amount of creativity away, it’s a race of bees based around a hive. It’s hard to describe them, so I’ll give some examples:
  • Male - “Drone 5129”
  • Female - “Worker 1590”
  • Antagonist - “Queen 23” or “Praetorian 101”
  1. Smoke will now temporarily pacify them.

  2. Stingers… hopefully.

  3. Better looking wings, maybe better animation. The ability to burn them!

The tank must run on Vodka, and Ruskies should heal from drinking it.

On a Ruskie win, the soda machines are replaced with Вода machines, the snack venders are replaced with sustenance dispensers, and the SS13 floor plaque is replaced with the Kocмичecкaя Cтaнция 13 version from the Derelict.

The racial ability should give a small, stacking bonus to speed/health/damage resist to fellow Ruskies.

In place of borgs Ruskies should be able to buy the Communist golems already in the code, that deplete nutrition with punches and turn anyone starving into a new commie golem. Their punches should also heal Ruskies and comrad golems.

Ruskies could also buy additional “soldiers” with armor, but no weapons, who follow their purchaser in an conga line. When you die, you immediately take control of the next soldier in line.