His Grace Incident

His Grace Incident
Title: Cokito uwu banned by Bigamer34

Cokito uwu

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?

Ban Length: perma
Ban Date

Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Picked up his grace and killed crewmates and then disconected from Ahelp
Appeal Reason:
It was my first time as grace, and I disconnected from the Ahelp because i had to eat, and it was between common sense that someone will eat others in order to not get eated, this will be different if the item was not about killing or dying, and i dind´t picked the His grace in purpose, i thought the name was weird so i picked up from a death body that was being beaten by everyone.
Additional Information:
Im not the indicated one to talk about this, but from someone that explained that it was his first time interacting with something that he dind´t know about until know, a permanent ban is a little bit excesive, and i have 100+ hours playing on bee.

the code says murderbone. admins say NO
why do we even have this item avalable for normal tots
its literally designed to make anyone who picks it up murderbone or DIE
and we dont let tots* murderbone

if you did know what his grace did tho. you REALLY shoudnt have picked it up
and you basically accepted to murderboning by activating it


Really sorry, i thought it was a normal toolbox, and in that moment i needed a multitool, but then the weird text appeared…
I dind´t know that it is a murderbone item until i picked up, and i thought if you picked up you should keep going with it (thought it was some weird kind of adminbus)

admins rarely IF EVER do murderbone… anything
when it comes to murderbone. when in doubt DONT

in my opinion the codebase did you dirty… but you did go along with it
you really should have stopped and tried to get it off

and that damned box should be given a warning message or something

I think the item is made just for making the ship a horror and murderbone scenario, it costs 20 (just chap) tc for something, is made for someone to fall and start a murderbone chain.

It is only due to disconnecting mid-ticket, to force you through the discussion you disconnected in the middle of. It’s policy here to permanently ban someone that disconnects before a bwoink is done. It’ll be lifted after the banning admin has had their say.

thx a lot, i just want to let people know that there was no bad intentions in mind, (like some people that has joined a server 30 minutes ago and maxcaps hos office) and from the couple months i played ss13 bee station has surely taken 80% of time.


I rarely if ever use TC personally when traitor, so I never would have known either if I hadn’t scoured the wiki when I first joined.

If you saw the object at least once you will easily know because of " His grace" name, but when i saw it “just the name” i was thinking about some weird space religion name that clown somehow attached to the box.

Aight, it’s all good man, should be lifted pretty soon

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Aight, bans lifted, now I gotta press buttons until I figure out how to close a topic