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In-game misconduct:

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Reported Unknown CKeys: Rihanna Gettemy, Corey Williams and they refused to help instead claiming me, missing a headset, ID, and all my equipment was supposed to solve it. Ruining my round.

I admit I lost my temper later on and with nothing else to do attacked one of the idiots who took my stuff. That’s on me and it’s different.

For context.

The rest of this post doesn’t warrant a response.


At least one of these is required for anything to be actionable.


Impartiality and transparency

  • While you have the discretion to make decisions outside of the rules, you may not simply bypass rules you disagree with. Use your discretion wisely during unusual circumtances.

I would suggest while they think it’s okay for people to break the rules outlined in Unknown CKeys: Rihanna Gettemy, Corey Williams where they stole from me with very little RP they didn’t think it was okay to do this


You must RP, don’t be a dick. Was robbed by fugitives while in medbay, and decided to report them over and over again despite being told to stop and keep things IC, since this conflict led to a funny chain of event. Once ahelp muted, decided to follow the fugitive player and berate them in looc, before attacking them unprompted. The ticket revealed that we aren’t even close to being in a mindset that allows for fun RP. Was so out of character that people didn’t notice. This behaviour is not welcome on this server.

Antagonists stole things from a corpse without roleplaying with said corpse?
Is that really the issue you were having with this?


I walked in alive and they knew they had taken stuff that would end my round they then ran away with all my stuff and left me to hunt them down with no ID and no headset.

7 Be Excellent to Each Other

“Do not try and intentionally ruin other people’s fun.”

Was it even going to be fun for me to search for these people then ask for my stuff back? Then when finally catching up in sec only getting less than half of it back because who knows where they stashed it? I think I should’ve been allowed to have fun too if this was the case.

A headset can be printed at any autolathe, two of which are public on most maps, and your department’s head of staff has replacement encryption keys.
A new ID can be gotten from the HoP.


Antagonists exist to antagonist. Their ‘job’ is to cause problems in the round for other people, creating a narrative. So you lost your id, head set and tools. They probably took them because they are useful to them and their goals, so what should you do? You could go to the hop line and get a new id, ask to team up with sec as a dep to exact your revenge, or simply report the crime.

The point is, loosing your id does not ruin your round, it kick starts the actual interesting story of that round.


You think the HoP line is fun? Asking Security for something is fun? Or reporting crime in a over-populated round is fun?

And let’s be fair here. We aren’t a security favorable server. Someone’s got to do something pretty big to get wanted by security and not have it turn into a admin issue even when they break laws to the letter of our space law. So reporting that the explorer got robbed in surgery is rarely going to do anything.

Yes, talking with people is fun


This is a roleplaying server where you’re supposed to be reacting at least semi-realistically to situations that arise. If talking to people with more access than you to get replacements for stuff you’ve lost is too much to ask, then you’ll probably have more fun on a different server.


Yeah I was having fun RPing with my fellow explorers who can follow the “7 Be Excellent to Each Other” rule. I had no interest in RPing with the people who broke that rule.

me when the antagonist antagonizes me by stealing something (my round was totaly ruined)

memery aside
compared to what could hapen to someone across a regular round of ss13, getting your shit stolen is a mild inconenience. So so much worse can happen (and that legitimately).

rule seven means “dont be an asshole to people for no reason” not “evryone has to be nice to each other constanly and we all sing kumbayah together”. Fugitives have plenty reason to want IDs tools ect.

If you cant find enjoyment in something minorly bad happening to you, that sucks for you man. But bad things happening to people is essential for this game to be interesting. A round without confilct is boring.

im not going to be fully closing this report right now, we’ll get that done later.
But unless im missing a huge part of the puzzle here, it realy just sounds like you’re mad things didnt go how you wanted them to.

We can all get like that sometimes, trust me i get it. But i suggest you go make a cup of chamomile tea or something, and take your mind off off this for a while. Come back with a refreshed mind.


I’ve got a 14 day ban for essentially just cutting someone a bit for stealing from me. I mean where’s my “sucks for you man. But bad things happening to people is essential for this game to be interesting.” that I can apply to the other half of this?

y’know, im actualy pretty glad you point to that in particular, because that was infact a rule 7 violation, aswell as a violation of rule 0.2 .

If an admin tells you “nah thats not an issue, its fine”
then dont open more tickets about it.

More importantly:
Chasing people down to harras them in LOOC is not justifiable by things that happend ic since its ooc chat, not ic chat.
Did you mayhapps have a reason to be mad at the fugitives ic? Sure. I doubt hal would have raised to much of a stink if you just started shit with them in an IC way. Its possible to have hostile relations with people in a roleplay-y way.

good example :
“hey asshole, you took my shit!”
‘no i didnt’
“Yes you did, i can see you holding my ID! Give it back.”
‘no, i dont think i will’
fists start flying

bad example:
LOOC: “Fuck you for taking my stuff dude”
toolbox starts flying

do you see the difference? Noones telling you to just lie down and take it, but any anger should stay IC. Theres limits to whats reasonable and what isnt, but noone wants you to just hug it out and pretend to be best friends. The moment you start to get miffed OOC, take a step back and take a 5 minutes break.


You know you’re right I was under the impression they were two griefing assistants with possible meta-friending and didn’t understand they were fugitives. I didn’t even think we had fugitives this was my first time seeing them.

This little report gave me the question of how did you know IC who took your stuff if you were dead while it was taken? Unless they had your ID on them, there would be no way for you to know it unless someone specifically told you this. Would ask this question in the other report but thats closed already.

It doesn’t matter. After cooling off a bit and dealing with the revelation that they were fugitives I know I’m the one in the wrong and Hilaris did nothing wrong, and is also owed a apology. Sorry.

To answer your question though I walked into the room after being revived to find them stealing my stuff, Corey was disguised and I never identified them IC but Rihanna wasn’t and later on security pointed them out to me as the person who stole my stuff redundantly. I realize my description of events sucked and you can’t be faulted for the confusion.


That does make more sense now, came off as while you were being revived they stole your stuff. :+1:

If you see someone griefing and report it, this is good.

If an admin dismisses your report, this is a feelsbad moment, but it means you’re missing the larger picture somehow, somewhere - it rarely means the admin is mistaken because they have a much more complete picture of the round than you do. Admin knowledge includes a detailed list of antagonists, their objectives and in many cases their plans due to say logs or otherwise.

You should NEVER assume you have more information about the situation than the admin because you absolutely do not, and admins with meta-information about antagonists are expected to protect as much of that information as possible. If an admin closes your ticket as not being a concern, take it as a hint that you’re missing a vital piece of information, even if you can’t understand what that information is or could be.

Imagine if you were an antag that got reported, and the admin just spilled all your antagging secrets and shenanigans to the other player to justify your actions. Anything you were working on would be potentially ruined.