HighWayStar Banned by Admin RukoFamicom

CKEY: HighWayStar

Admin's CKEY: RukoFamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Racist

Ban Length: 3 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 7/18/2020

Round ID: 18728

Ban Reason: Has not read the rules, began throwing around racism in ahelp.

Appeal Reason: I have now read the rules. I am not Racist. 

Additional Information: I am BIPOC ( east asian and black, blasian for short ) in real life. I can make these jokes.

Not here you can’t, with all due respect, feel free to be as you want in real life, but not on beestation.

Ok Racist. No respect for POC?

I’m not saying you are racist for considering these jokes okay for you to say, I’m just saying you will have to follow the same rules as everyone else, there is no way of knowing what racial identity you have online.

I’m not even white fam. And wow, really? That’s the defense you’re going with? Okay good luck with the appeal.


The word is banned for a reason, find another one.

what word? Señor Admin.

Cool, now you just have to follow them.

If I thought you genuinely were, the ban wouldn’t have been short. We do full removals against genuine displays of racism.
The ban is what it is because of the direction you took in the ticket, and the ban appeal isn’t any better so far.

(US, derogatory, ethnic slur) An impoverished white person from the southeastern United States, originally associated with Georgia and parts of Florida; (by extension) any white person

admin if you delete this post again you are deleting a productive on-topic post

Can’t be racist to whites.

Starting now, the usage of slurs and other similarly intolerant behavior is prohibited in this server.

The usage of slurs will be automatically removed by BeeBot. Attempting to bypass this restriction will be met with a kick on your first offense and then a perma-ban on the second offense .

ok you have been banned once for racism thus this appeal and then used slurs a second time here

White people systematically don’t suffer from racism but they can still suffer from prejudice, anyway to the point.

On Bee we don’t allow any use of slurs said by anyone, no matter who they are behind their computer screen. Those words have a long history of hate behind them and people abuse them so we just don’t allow them like many servers don’t.

@Ruko are you going to enforce the rules in a non-bias way and permaban this guy?

If he continues after his forum silence, yes most likely. You’re quoting our discord announcement at me, not a forum policy or how we handle it in the game.

Appeal is denied after forum conduct matching the game.

Well it didn’t take long for him to start doing it in discord too, so yes actually he was.