Hey guys would you like to sign my petition

sign the petition, damn it

will you sign the petition or will it be your next of kin

Can i use my alts to gib more epicity?

that’s called multikeying and that’s against the rules

i wish to keep my honor

Aww man now i cant use babyyeeter, babyfeeder or babykiller

But anyways tators should be the only epic game mode on sage (Anyone that disagrees will get vibe checked)

look just sign the stupid petition, i’ve got stuff to do

sign the petition or i’ll follow your IP address and kidnap your dog

I dare you to try bitch

i get to do really shitty postal 2 petition memes because it’s my petition and not anyone elses

Postal 2 is really gud, i really mean that even if you liberal

Wizard is fun, so is cult, revs and gangs. get lost hippie.

are you gonna sign the petition or not

i did it, i solved racism.

I disagree with removing all of them, but I will agree with blood bro and devils. Blood bro is just crazy, and devil can’t use violence to make people sell souls, among other issues.

Lets be honest though, the real reason you want only traitors is so that you can always get traitor loot every round, instead of killing a ling and getting nothing.

I’ll sign if you support my squid buffs

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I super this but I would also see some conversation antags also be included loke revs or bloodcult (not only becouse they strike fear in oga) but becouse I think they would work in a mrp environment (not that we ever get enough pop to ever see any of these game modes)

Might have to agree with removing gangs as well, (a shame, I like conversion antags) since you are correct in that it basically ends up with half the crew armed to the teeth fighting against the entire three people in security, and the peasantry.

I’m not going to agree on removing changling, wizard, or blob though. Lings are powerful, but they are a nice change of pace, and while they are more powerful than traitors, they’re not that hard to gib (seriously, welderbomb them). Wizard, while powerful, are still mortal (not even sure if this is enabled on MRP, tbh). Blob is brain dead easy if you have half a brain, (MRP players tend to know about the good anti blob tactics) and frankly, the station rarely gets bombed so badly that we can’t kill the blob.

Also, I see traitors way more often than legit any other antag. If lings are really a huge issue, then lower the number of lings that spawn.

the trick of dragging a welding fuel tank on top of someone and welderbombing them to gib them actually doesnt work anymore

Oh frick. Well, that argument went out the window. Still not going to agree with removing lings, but that does hurt my point a bit.

and i would say that yes, the amount of lings does matter, since it suffers from the same issue of blood brothers, where way too many fucking antagonists are in the round at once, since it’s something like 2-3 lings and maybe plus 2-3 traitors as well for a station with 30 or so people, which is way too fucking much considering how lings are about as powerful as wizards in direct combat

Yeah, 3 lings and 3 tators seems like a lot, so numbers could probably be lowered a bit. Better than full on removal. Considering I’ve seen a total of four lings on MRP in the past, it does seem a bit much.