Heresy, or how i learned to hide my stuff or die to sec

So you are a heretic? well ill try to explain some stuff about doing better than most.

Step 1: the mad dash for points

Now as the round starts every single heretic is going to be racing for those sweet sweet rifts and free points. You should too, but keep in mind that you can put your book away once you have clicked the rift with it as long as you stay still and once the rifts in the easily accessible areas are taken more might be found in say security or the solars. An easy way to scout is to disposal yourself and try to spot rifts that way. sprinkle a few runes around in maintenance for future use.


now sec will be on high alert checking everyone and their mother for living hearts and codexes, but you can simply put them away somewhere safe. Do remember to get a sacrifice target before this so you have something to do.

Step 3: Get the target

pretty much just go in and get your target, remember that your mansus grasp is like a “weak” cult stun with varying effects based on what path you took. so stun cuff remove headset and drag them off to one of your many runes you should have sprinkled around in maint and stuff them inside some closet while you get your living heart.

Step 4: oh no my target is someone in a difficult place to get to.

Not to worry as a heretic you have more options than just hacking in. Rust can bruteforce in by rusting away walls, ash can simply shift in and flesh well… you might have your minions to do your work for you or you can sidepath to ash. oh and your heretic blades can be broken to teleport, but it might teleport you into some places like AI sat or brig so beware.

this has been my crappy guide about stuff i learned being a heretic.


i’ve been told that if you make a new heart you can get a new target, which might help when your sacrifice target ends up being the hos/captain/warden

Hmmm this sounds familiar :thinking:

This is true.

If you are making one blade make many at once so you can run or still have blade after tp