HelloMate Staff Report

In-game misconduct: Metagrudging

CKEY: DatFrostys

Your Discord: Frost#4100

Offender’s CKEY: HelloMate

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 28/04/2022 (CET)

Round Number: 37744

Incident Description: Greetings everyone. I am making this report to contest a negative note I’ve received following an incident with the user “Samantha Shupe” (unknown CKEY)

Samantha, this round, rushed the mining shuttle, forcing us other miners to also rush as to not “loose time” and be late. They then waited in front of the door to quickly, may I say, “speedrun” the process of taking equipement to then rush the Hierophant.

I do not know about the third miner (Ella), but seeing this, and after arguing about it, came a flurry of push until I tabled them multiple time. I left the scene to go to mine. They then ghosted apparently after being tabled “27 times”.

HelloMate after that, interrogated us about what happened, to which I explained and added the fact that Sam has been doing this in multiple rounds over and over again mixing in what can most likely be considered LRP speak

Hellomate proceeded to say this was overescalation but suddenly changed their mind only to say it is metagrudging.

As I said already in the ticket, this is not really related to past event since the argument started in the shuttle. I just added the detail of it happening before so they may investigate it. (I do not have admin powers so I can’t know if Sam was being an Ass in RP or not)

No one seems to be at fault here and I just think it’s a misunderstanding for even Sam and I had some great teamwork in prior rounds.


this belongs to the category ban appeal where you can also appeal notes if you believe the admin acted wrong and didnt violate any admin conduct


Understood, thank you for the tip

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So are you reporting staff misconduct or are you trying to appeal a note?

I am trying to appeal a note, I’ve done another post on ban-appeal