Head stomping ? What is that

So basically recently i saw a weird attack animation which looks like you are stomping on a head of a someone who is on the floor, i did that today so its not some special item i guess, but i dont know how i did that. Are there are any secret combat tips you can share ? Like how to use this for example

become Good Boy and robust an entire station as antag and do objectives when everyone is dead so no one can intervene

greentext ez

You target the head of a person who’s downed, and then drag your sprites on to theirs. It’s called a curb stomp, and does 40 damage. Basically only used to humiliate some one you beat, because it takes a long time.



It’s a robust and based way of finishing someone off, kinda like aiming to the mouth with a gun on help and execute them with a single shot (literally 30x the damage or some shit iirc? i forgot), only thing is they need to be on the floor long enough for you to curbstomp (~5 seconds. Stun batons stun for like, 10-ish? Shoving against a wall while on the floor stuns for 4. You get the point).

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Real chads aim at the mouth with a disabler.

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thank you for the knowledge sounds fun tbh Do you perhaps… have other combat tips that arent well known ? I read the tg combat guide and there wasnt curb stomp in it i believe.

Well, the “aim at mouth with disabler” and “curb stomp” are more just funny ways to kill some one helpless. Here are a few very useful tips I use in combat though.

  • The best defense is offense. Combat in this game is often decided by who can stun the other person first, so shove them into walls, slam them on to tables with an aggro grab, throw them at another person, and break bottles over their heads. These are all methods that can produce stuns, and give you a serious advantage in a fight.

  • Use effective defenses. Armor is nice, but the most important thing to defend against is stuns, so sunglasses should be a higher priority, since flash bulbs are common.

  • Choose your battles. There are times where you cannot win, so don’t go and have a glorious last stand. Let some one else die, and save yourself. You can revive them later.

  • Never fight fair. Use drugs, guns, banana peels, soap, explosives, poisons, and toxic gas to total the competition. All these things can augment your fighting capabilities, and when used correct, will let you robust entire squads of opponents.

  • Be adaptable. Your opponent will decide your approach to combat. Taking an energy gun against a Double energy sword traitor will end in tears, and trying to approach a changling in melee with likely lead to your demise. On the other hand, throwing a bola at the DE sword wielder, then slapping him with a stun baton will likely lead to success, and a few guys with guns and some distance will total most lings, so learn to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents.

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Nice copypasta

20 characters more like 20 chastitis amirite?

I mean, most of it’s common knowledge, but as far as I know, none of it was actually copied, aside from the “combat is stun based” thing. I just wrote that all down.

Drugs are some of the easiest abused things.
Chloral takes 10 seconds to make and stuns for like 1-2 minutes after 11 god damn ticks.
It also confuses and blurs the screen before the sleep kicks in.
This time is plenty to strip the radio and cuff, or just cuff if you’re not a traitor.
And, for the love of god, sleepy pen is actually underpriced as fuck for how powerful it is. It’s literally a hypo. For 4 tc.

chad stomping

20 characters more like 20 chastitis amirite?

I use my unearthly rituals to bring this darkness into the light

back then when i didnt know how to stomp people
edit: also this was around the time when bee had 200 players on lrp