Hawks-The-Eyes , Self Antag

Well, as a Mentor you should know what a “Autolathe” is and that you can get a Welding mask from there, so you had plenty other options, but lets give you the benefit of doubt that you are still a new player who couldnt know that.
Also i never told the AI to kill all of security, just dont help them. Thats a difference you blatant liar.

Keep in mind I shouldn’t equip everything possible to be immune to antags, that’s what rules say. Also even if you didn’t tell AI to kill sec, you told it to stop one person at any cost, on greenshift, as non antag. Just enjoy your ban.

Are you retarded?
You admit to break the rules because you wanted welding shield eyes because then you would be immune against antags that may flash you. If thats your argumentation against “just get a welding mask”. Good job, you played yourself.

How is wanting shielded eyes as engie breaking rules? I wanted them to not wear bulky welding mask on me, I didn’t come to robo with eyes shielded to be prepared to be flashed, I came without any offensive/defensive equipment.

Edit: Many engies want shielded eyes to be able to wear engie googles, hard helmet and not bother changing them every time they fix a window.

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