Hawks-The-Eyes , Self Antag

In-game report:

   CKEY: Colorando

   Offender’s CKEY: Not really sure on his ckey

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Hawks-The-Eyes , and another unknown member of robotics

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03/30/2020

   Round Number: 14025

   Rules Broken: Self Antaging

   Incident Description: Okay it started out with me catching him in the hallway murdering Luka Stanfield for a saw , no clue what the whole backround it probably started over a single fight as I followed him to robotics he said "im going to pacify him" also no clue what that meant but as hos he put him into a hard crit and looked like he was gonna borg or cut off his hands so I arrest him. He gets away after a mob of monkeys nearly kills me so now hes wanted for escaping , resisting arrest , and attempted murder. Fast forward to when we try to detain him in robotics and now both he and another robotics man have created durands. Okay no big deal we try to get them with lasers and ion guns because we have two murderous roboticists with durands shooting laser and shotguns at multiple crew. He kills me (the hos) and another security officer I believe not sure I was running for my life. He then proceeded to attempt to stop my cloning and medical care by destroying a sleep I was in after getting defibbed and killed me again. Just over antaging at the highest would have received a light sentence for attempted murder but basically said " if security wasn't shit I wouldn't have to take things into my own hands" It ended with both of the mech pilots being murdered by security because ya know you just valid'd yourself by starting a war

   Additional Information:


(just some common snap snippets to guide some inside to his mindset for that round)
’ 1. [Common] Hawks-The-Eyes hisses, “Yeah HOSSS isss a treath to the ssstation.”

  1. Hawks-The-Eyes hisses, “Yeah HOSSS isss a treath to the ssstation.”

  2. [Common] Hawks-The-Eyes hisses, “And hasss to be eliminated.”

  3. Hawks-The-Eyes hisses, “And hasss to be eliminated.”

I dont even bother reading what this shitter is writing.
This caricature of a Mentor, when he was Luka Straitforth or what ever, started to throw plants at my co worker.
So, since the Idiot of a HOS Decided to do exclusivly nothing against that, i was going after this shitter since nobody else was doing it. Then, when he was in crit, i wanted to pacify this shitter. But the cool kid of a HOS on his Swagway-secway decided that i wanted to force-borg him and then he wanted to kill me or what ever. Sadly all of his family members decided to show up and gangrape Security (a horde of monkey appeard) and i used the Situation to flee. A while later the Luka shitter came back and deleted our door… like 3 times? And there was when the big war started because, i at least, was going after him and try to finaly pacify him or brig him what ever happens first.
Then, all of a sudden, security felt like doing his job and where activly hunting the mechs, one of them was me. I killed in the following the HOS because he did not wanted to just go. I tried to harm nobody else besides people who attack me and i think i succeed? In the end, the shitter Luka never got caught, sadly, but on the way to the end the AI also broke his laws like 3-4 times, stating a law that it shouldnt and the “Medibot” borg did broke Law 1 and killed me. So yeah. What ever.

Okay lets lets start at one , When someone throws plants at you or just randomly attacks you the smart thing to do call security or tie him up. What you did surgical saw him to near-death in the hallway and drag him off to robotics and try to “pacify him” whatever the fuck that means just reads NONONONO on my security radar. You started a war between security and me by taking a war mech to engineering where we got reports that you were “firing into a crowd” so that just reads bad on top of you attempting murder already. Lets face the facts here you actively used lethals on more than one crew member that round instead of taking the highroad and coming down to interrogation which would have happened and then Luka would have been arrested most likely. Do not sit here and act like getting into a durand and taking things into your own hands is acceptable at any time , You actively went to kill people and then stop their medical cares because you wanted to be security

I already made a player report on them, my throwing plants was to stop aggressive dude from welding me, Hawks just took circular saw and straight went after me

Edit: I was not the first one to use force against a person, second robo chainflashed me and pushed my against wall multiple times for unscrewing airlock panel

Okay lets start at what ever.
You did not even opened your fucking mouth the whole trip to security, assuming you are the HOS so dont play the innocent here. you wanted the escalation. Also i never shot innocent, the only people that got shot was Luka… he sadly didnt died… a Security officer who got like at least 1 minute to fuck off but he decided to nah… and one other security officer who later grabbed your ION Rifle after you got yeet’d. I did never attacked innocents, for example the medics in medbay that where stupid enough to heal you (actually i wish medics would actually do that to me when i am dead, i wonder, Metacomming much? Well, just a wild theory)

Wasn’t bothering to talk to you on my way to security because you were just shitting on me telling me Im the worst hos so why even bother replying to cancer like that and again self antang against security because “im right , stand my ground law” is not a valid way to go.

Quoting this so it’s in paragraph form so people (me) can actually read what it says

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Quoting this so it’s in paragraph form so people (me) can actually read what it says

Yeah, these two totally need a ban.
Here’s another player report of what happened directly prior that shows more shitty behavior

not what happened according to here:


literally admitting to attacing peopel with the intent to kill as non antag, holy shit

That’s literally a war crime. Enjoy the ban

What do i care what this liar is saying.
Also… Excuse me but do you need your 5 minutes of attention or why do you comment on this?

If anyone wants to tell anything to that report, go to Hawks-The-Eyes and Kur-Reet player report as it involves the second one that was a total shitter that round.

Edit: It is against same people, just widened, so admins close this and handle it in my report.

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see Hawks-The-Eyes and Kur-Reet player report

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Just wanna say, sorry Admins for attacking two of your better friends. Just keep doing nothing on other people, you are good admins.

yes i metafriend with everyone except you. keep thinking the same way, you are the only one here who’s right.

I mean, this idiot comes to Robotics, starts a fight because he aint got his fancy accessories (which, of course is totaly NOT Overescalating and i bet you wont even give him a note, after all he is a Mentor and i bet he did barely helped any person while i helped many people to learn Robotics if they asked). Then, the HOS decided to not do his job at all and wonders if people start to do self justice, yeah thats of course is totaly not fine, then he lied about a surgery called Pacification (Read the wiki if you are not too stupid to google that https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Surgery , Colorando, as HOS you SHOULD know this but hey its BEEStation “MRP” after all) and when asked to get away they do the opposite and just throw themself into the fight. Welp.

Edit:: not to mention that everyone in “MRP” can be a massive shitter, from Chemist that throw Potassium at people who sweat water, up to Botanics killed half of the station with Killer Tomatoes up to random idiots with EMP nades and they get away with a waaaaaaaaaay lower sentence just because oopsie doopsie we are, allegedly, new and we did a little fucky wacky upsie.

Keep crying my dood you over escalated way hard because “security can’t do jobs” like get over yourself and just move on next time

Yeah next time i just F1 you for not doing your job.
IC Issue incoming.

oh sorry I came asking only for eyes protection, as I was engineer, and sorry I opened airlock panel to be chainflashed and very harmed against wall. Your robo pal over reacted to the situation, and you decided to crit me, even if I didn’t touch you, then change AI laws to fucking kill me and entire sec, you really think this is conspiracy, because admins protect mentors? In reality it’s quite opposite.