Haliris Staff Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator @Haliris

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.






I have no strong opinion one way or the other.


One of the few staff members that got me to stick with bee, even if they are on the newer side.

Yeah I get bwoinked sometimes(rarely) but haliris here is a bit more pleasant staff material than what I was used to and it was a really nice surprise.

Even more, I noticed their interaction with the community as a whole is very positive and I wish they will keep going that way!

I am risking my life by posting this, someone please call the police for help because my house is about to get invaded


I think he’s the admin that gave a natural spawned cockroach named carlos to ghosts after I pointed out carlos existed to dchat. Once an assistant killed carlos on purpose, gave said assistant hallucinations once carlos’ ghost asked for some sort of revenge.

He sent a few missiles to a HoS that sent the syndicate an offer for a date (didn’t try to kill him, more like trying to spook him) then after some pleading from dchat sent a date clad in nukie armor for the HoS.

I think he also set up a clown dance party at centcom for the shuttle docking.

All in all, he does good buses imo. He also ended a ticket with me thanking for reporting a player that used a gamer word so big ups.


Funny buses, good judgement, prefers roleplaying which is the whole point of the game over anything else.

I was an acting cap traitor on Acacia last week and they sent various messages to me through different objects across the station. I killed someone and they questioned my motives and morals through a talking toolbox, it was pretty damn funny.

Aside from buses, I can tell from talking to them personally quite a bit and in the server as well, they value what really matters, that being roleplay and having the best interests for the server and community and making sure shitters stay out of the server (aka doing their job well).

Sure, they can be a bit harsh or blunt at times but I think that’s better than trying to sugarcoat things or saying nothing at all.

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also i am coming to your house rn at mach-10, be prepared

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One time as a non antag clown, I had a grand idea to make a crazy botany room, so I figured i’d ahelp and I went over my spiel, which i thought would be a funny change, Hal said “no dude that’s self antag” and I was like “oh okay, sorry good point” and then they noted me, just saying “told them kudzu as clown was self antag”, now I have a forever note, making me look like I did something wrong but in reality all I did was have a dumbass idea, which I never even got close to doing as it was me wandering the halls as clown trying to think of an idea, which is my normal clown thing.

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We write down what we tell players so we keep track and can traceback in case an incorrect ruling was issued since rules can get complex.
The note doesn’t make you look bad as it isn’t related to your behaviour.
It is simply there because I made that ruling without consulting with headmins or anyone else.

It would have been an issue if I had simply written “Do not plant kudzu as non-antag” or straight up lied about you doing it and set its severity above minor. Pretty sure it has no severity anyway to clearly advertise to other admins that the note doesn’t record a rules violations on your part.

I mean I wish that it would be that easy, but maybe some day I get blamed for growing kudzu and then bam, i got a note saying i was warned, boom, perma.


REALLY extensive response to a report I made with all info given with appropriate and scrubbed logs, along with clearing up the air on a bunch of matters.
It took a long while, but you clearly put in a lot of effort, and that’s really appreciated. Please keep handling reports that way, it’s very very epic of you.


All around one of my favorite admins, respectable and is just as respectable back. Also makes some hella spicy and long replies to reports.

Also gave me my only ban ever


Haliris Haliris Haliris…….

I want to preface my criticism with a very important statement; what you give to BeeMins you get back from BeeMins.

You have the vision, my friend, for what makes this server fun, beautiful and most importantly, full of rich stories.

You have abused me more than any other admin. Recently you took all my limbs and my eyes. That was quite the time. That round stood out to me (and I imagine some others) as one for the books. Satanist Security sure is a hoot. And I feel like you knew that the people involved would roleplay and create a real story amidst the chaos. Either that or you just fucked around and got lucky.

Haliris. I have one final golden critique to shine on you and the other admins. It’s time to get serious. I think it’s quite important.
We NEED you guys to better define roleplay standards on Bee Station. I don’t care which way you guys go with it. I just want to see some clear definitions of terms. And the most important term to define is “Bee Station”. What do you actually want this server to be? It has some of the best action mechanics of any server on the hub. And despite that we push towards roleplay. Okay sure, that’s great, I love roleplay. But how do we balance that around action?
I want to pose this as a question so I will hold my opinion for now. This is a critique of Haliris after all.

So give us your definition of Bee Station. I think you know what makes a round fun currently. You know what drives stories. But where is it going to go from here?

May the chill be with you.


Haliris has been really respectful in all the tickets I’ve had and given me genuinely useful feedback especially with RP, and in general was quite attentive to things going on ingame, is friendly in dchat, and also tries to make rounds more interesting. So far, nothing but a pleasure to interact with.

Really thorough in responses to reports.



I would love Beestation to be a SS13 server where players who enjoy roleplaying can join and experience classic SS13 game mechanics through the lense of a fictional character. The combination of SS13 mechanics with player creativity is what saves this game’s longevity. In my opinion, SS13 isn’t that deep in terms of mechanics, it is however very varied.
I’d ask every veteran player to think about this for a minute, what do you do when you hop in as science/engi/atmos/cargo without a specific gimmick or plan in mind? We always end up doing the same thing, speedrunning the same menial tasks over and over again to be done with them as soon as possible.
The only game mechanics that have some longevity in my opinion are construction, the SM and atmos. That is because they are very open to player innovations, you can approach them from different angles with different goals in mind. Even then, I don’t think they are very rewarding, players don’t have much incentives in pursuing them besides the challenge they pose. All the other mechanics, research/viro/botany/cargo all have a single formula that you need to memorize and reproduce.

What I mean by that is that the game offers a lot of jobs to experience, however once you’ve experienced all a department has to offer, you’re pretty much done with it. The only thing that keeps players logging on to play the same roles and accomplish the same tasks over and over again are interactions with others.
It is no surprise that the rounds everyone remembers fondly are either events, where an admin experimented and created new game mechanics (Lavaland station etc), or events where players went above and beyond to take their characters and craft fun stories.

This is why I criticize rounds that are either bar RP or mindless deathmatches, while they may be engaging in the moment, they aren’t fulfilling.
Bar RP requires too great an amount of creativity to keep it engaging, while mindless deathmatches are very repetitive.
The ideal round has an initial situation where characters are as close to what the players had in mind for them, then conflict happens and shapes them, leading them to a different state at round end.

The bar RP round requires conflict supported by game mechanics to keep the ball rolling and reach that final state where characters changed. The mindless deathmatch round needs to be slowed down for people to have their characters express themselves, so stakes can be properly established to give the conflicts some meaning.

Have the security officer shoot the hos, and it will be self-antag, leading to angst and admin sanctions.
Have the security officer be possessed by space satan and start a fight with the hos who’s himself protecting the HOP from being sacrificed, and you have one of the most engaging and fun sec rounds.

The latter requires player creativity to work and can only ever be achieved if players are in character. Why do I care so much about players being in character? One answer, immersion.

In order for roleplaying to take form and for the players to be engaged with the rounds, they need to be immersed. In that case, I define immersion as the suspension of disbelief for SS13. Players need to accept that in the moment, they act like spacemen on a space station, and that they aren’t themselves when interacting as such.

This is crucial for roleplaying as roleplaying is part of the many arts of pretending. You cannot pretend that you are on space station fighting a sentient toolbox trying to kill you if you are yourself, that is just not believable. Hence why playing a character is crucial, it is liberating in that way. You can write characters to be as eccentric as you wish, they can make choices that you yourself would never make in real life, characters are the main ingredient for any RP situations.

For anyone reading this and struggling, character writing is actually very easy to pick up, creativity is a skill, a weed that you have to tend to and make grow. Llol wrote a guide giving clues and tips to help people trying their hands at character writing, you should give it a look and experiment.

My “vision” is to have a roleplay server. This is why I also reject any of the “lrp/mrp/hrp” labels. Roleplaying is the act of pretending that you are a fictional character put into a fictional situation where conflict occurs. We don’t really have standards for characters, I just ask of players that they are in character, whether they have 5 lines or 5 pages of backstory doesn’t interest me, I’m only interested in what they bring to the round. Same for the tones, LRP/HRP server tend to opppose “humor” vs “realism”. I believe Bee should be beyond that and that players through their characters should set the tone for the round. Sidenote, the reason me and others ban straight meme references is because their OOC nature harms immersion, defeating the entire purpose.

You can have a hyper realistic down to earth rounds where players argue about SOP and engage in trials with nothing outlandish sticking out, next to a round like this one, and it would be fine, as long as both are driven by RP.

This will be my last point in this post about my “philosophy”. Players are the ones who own the round, we admins only make sure that there is some balance between players so no one hijacks the flow of the round unjustly (remembering golden and the constant plasmaflooding). We often get credits for succesfull busses or prayers (like in that round I cited previously where I was the admin doing the bus). But I believe players make 80% of the work, we as DMs can only add some fuel to the fire, but we can’t light it and we certainly aren’t the ones sitting around it to tell the stories.
In that satanic sec round that was mentionned, I only abused you for fun and to frighten sec. But the security officer is the one that had the idea to submit himself to the Dark Lord, and to say “yes” when i bwoinked him to ask him if he was really sure that he wanted to do this. The only thing I did then, later on, was tell him that the Dark Lord required the HOP to be sacrificed. The players in that case are the ones that made the rounds alive.

I personnally blame most boring rounds on both antag players who don’t understand that they need to be in character and forget about greentext, and command players who for the same reasons don’t act like characters, and just seek the safest choices for meta reasons. These players are big factors in rounds not having anything going on.

You hop in as admin and see the server scrambling to spawn lots of things, only for these players to immediately jump on these occasions and smother them, instead of acting like characters and letting things play out more naturally.
I’ve lost tracks of how many rounds I’ve seen ruined by an antag not doing anything, a seccie lethalling someone with no attempts to communicate, or a captain just saying “no”.

The path is long and harduous, but I believe I know what to do in order to improve things. Even just contributing to make players who are willing understand what makes the game fun is a great victory for me. As I know those few players contribute meaningfully to every round they are a part of now.


This is so well thought out and descriptive. This should be on the Rules page


Wrote a wall of text that I actually enjoy reading
He is very active and it is very delightful to see him on.

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Haliris predicted for headmin 2023

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he has the attention span. Good admin, listened to my presentation on why I should be an admin, refuses to fight me in a 1v1 on lan though, :expressionless:
+1, good admin/10

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