Hacking the Nuke

As we all know currently you can hack many things, so why not the nuke? Of course this wouldn’t be as simple as screw driver then risk everything for the glory of Nanotrasen and your life. I believe it would be a good idea to not only have to go through several steps to remove the panel, but also you should have to do a lot more gambling then a normal bomb. in a normal bomb there’s a lot less wires then say a door. A nuke is much more complex then a door. So I suggest a metric shit ton of wires with many different effects. some may just blow up the station instantly, some may blast you with rads, some may release some Ion radiation that convinces the AI that kaboom is good. There are many wires many possibilities but only one will save the station. why make it so hard? well simply put if your trying to disarm the nuke, you probably where already on the loosing team.

Because generally speaking, given random players who are potentially not even antagonists the ability to completely end the round is a bad idea.

If we wanted this. The nuke would spawn with a pin code instead of being secured against brute forcing.

My understanding of this suggestion (which may be wrong) is that they are saying you should be able to hack the nuke in the sense that you can disarm it like a syndie bomb.

My opinion of this is Absolutely Not. This adds another layer of Things that Can go Wrong for nukies, and this would result in the primary strategy being to leave one or more team members behind to accompany the nuke to detonation, and I think that this bypasses the intended team spirit of the nuke op team, being essentially forced to sacrifice some of them. Additionally, RNG on the first few wires to potentially flip the entire round from an Operative Major Victory to a Crew Major Victory with little interactability or counterplay opportunity is a bad idea for the game as a whole.

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How about instead of isntantly exploding or disarmed, its instantly total locked or un anchored

Imagine trying your hardest and squeezing a win against a robust crew, only to have some greyshit disarm your nuke in 20 seconds, all your work being pointless. Just does not seem like a good idea to have the ability to ruin an antagonists round with a couple wire cuts. Maybe adjust the suggestion so you wouldnt have to actually stay there guarding it from everyone with a toolbelt. Dunno I just think it should stay the same :+1:


What I tried to make obvious is that there would be a metric shit ton of wires so realistically you cant, maybe one would unanchor it so you can attempt to space it instead of one disarming it. Maybe even needing to pulse wires in a sequence first as well to make it extra hard. So for example you final got rid of the panel which takes like 30 seconds to do in total so already you only have a minute, not including time taken to find it, then you have to pulse a series of wires in order with each one doing something bad with one of the wires in there ready to blow you the fuck up. Then after getting a ding after pulsing right you have to cut the right wire.

I other words i want this to be outrageously hard and unfeasible but technically possible.

Lowering the chance of successful disarm doesn’t change much because its pure luck. You have to somehow stumble upon the nuke or maybe with a miracle hide from the nukies and then if you have all the needed tools, go haywire praying to honkmother you win by not doing much.

Just implementing it is also somewhat a waste of time due to it being so unlikely anyway. Nukie team can just leave someone behind or wait for a moment.

I also doubt syndicate would design a bomb that could be defused like that

So let’s review this for a moment:

Say we have a set of 20 wires:
A 2 wire combo:
First wire is a 1/20
Second wire is a 1/19
So an automatic 1/380 chance to find it, assuming there’s no pings or pongs signalling a valid wire.

So, now:
5 wire combo:

1/1,860,480 to guess all the correct wires.


I mean the point is that you’ve kinda already lost but there’s some very very small chance that you can save the station. I mainly suggested this cause after a round even everyone is doing dumb shit a admin spawned a nuke and tools and said defuse it, but the only way I could is if they gave me the disk and code which kinda took the fun out of it.

Its not a syndicate nuke, they stole it from a nanotrasen ship, so NT employee able to hack it isnt too far fetched, theres a reason why they needed our nuke disk afterall

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just because your government made a nuke, you’re telling me that if an enemy government stole it & tried to use it in front of you, you’d suddenly be able to defuse it because “hey it’s my government who made it !” ?

Yes, evenmore when its a important key person, like head of staff or captain. We are rsearch station anyway, our job is to solve problems. (Well nuke is very rare problem, but considering station nuke is already steal able, a portable nuke isnt too far fetched)