Hacking Rework

Hacking isn’t exactly that shallowed, just because people use it almost only for all access that’s not a problem. In sseth’s video, hacking was used for an elaborate prank to bolt open evac and slip people to space. With fastmos this is no longer possible sadly. (The lube nerf too helps in destroying these kinds of fun pranks)

Changing hacking is hard because riders can’t be without their all acess.

Trust me I’ve attempted it

other servers make hacking more difficult without changing anything by making department doors have there own unique wires.

makes sense you cant just go snip some wires on a maint door and then have a skeleton key to just waltz right into the AI upload

I literally opened a pull for that exact thing.
It was voted down becuase people love easy aa.

Oh come on, this would make the game SO much better. Fucking greyshirts and their smoothbrains cant comprehend FUN and VARIETY

they cant remember more than one color usually

Can you like, re open the proposal? And put some extensive focus on the VARIETY side of the deal? Since alternate door opening methods (bombing, thermite, emp crowbar, power outage crowbar, emag, mega crowbars) would now be actually viable for once? I dont even see the issue being that hacking is ez, its just that its so universal it throws the other possibilities out the window
Edit: if you think that current hacking SHOULD stay meta dominant 100 percent of the time - you should go look for a dent in your skull

Server Preference: Sage (MRP)



busy with my job atm but by all means feel free to take the code

If you are not robust enough to hack four or five times instead of one then you have no right to point out your server prefferance as lrp. It would raise the skill ceiling and would make it worth it to risk it and get the tools necessary for safe hacking
Edit: tldr hacking too ez

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also the maint wires are universal and most departments have some kind of maint acess.
the problem i have is once you know the power wire you dont even need gloves

doesn’t sound like fun to me

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right now as it stands someone just shouts out the gamer wire over common and everyone basically has AA

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Might aswell give everyone all access then

hacking rework? cringe. dont do it.


You are cringe 202020020

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i mean if you dont want the hack put in some plates so they have to welder open the hatch.

Imo high security doors should have own randomized wires or even plates

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People would be forced to use their brain instead of just if i press this door goes whoooosh

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more wires for higher security doors in the form of more bolt/shock wires and possibly even a wire that when you snip or pulse it, a message to the security channel gets sent, less for maint (while still not removing any functions)

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