H42, Staff report: Ruling Disagreement


Your Discord:Communismbelike

Offender’s CKEY:H42

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2024/3/25

Round Number:48142

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):Ticket conduct?/ruling

Incident Description: I was a loud heretic, after getting beaten up in med bay due to murdering the only officer, I am chased by jim pinkerton well byond the borders of medbay (all the way to engineering), at which point I make a ahelp due to the fact that I have very much tried to disengage, and H42 takes the ticket.

Alittle while later, I escape, get my stuff back + plus steal stuff from caps office (security is still dead but is being revived and the only head DNR’d), in which I teleport to the ai sat to stop them from spam calling the shuttle, the yells out about it, at which point, Jim Pinkerton almost instantly teleports onto the AI sat with a hand tele and a stun baton (both likely from exploration), at which point, in conjunction with officer pingsky, arrests me on the spot and H42 rules it as IC, as they allowed jim who isn’t deputized, drag me to brig.

Later, I am informed it was rule IC due to escalation policy, which I believe doesn’t apply to the first and second encounter, as during the first encounter, Jim pursued me after I attempted to disengage which instantly makes them the aggressor.

And for the second encounter, I in no way posed a threat to them or a coworker, and they had to actively teleport to me in order to fight me, making them the aggressor.

Additional Information:
also, I do believe, no matter what escalation policy says, you can not drag antags back to brig as a none security, as Jim was never security (never formally deputized), escalation policy shouldn’t be used as a excuse

(sorry bro, its more about getting jim actually punished for this stuff)


To add something as a participant of this incident. The heretic repeatedly comes back to try and take the security officer’s body when they initially kill them, maybe around 3 times.

Escalation policy states that

Pursuit: If you pursue someone that is attempting to escape a conflict, even if they are the aggressor, you become the aggressor and may no longer escalate. Use reasonable self-defense, but once your attacker is repelled it is no longer self-defense. The captain and identifiable members of security are never classified as aggressors by this clause - it is their literal job to protect the station even if the perpetrator flees the scene.
Guerilla: If you retreat only to attack again immediately (within five minutes), you are the aggressor of a fight even if you attempt to retreat again and are pursued as described above. Don’t try to be a little shit and expect a fair fight.

It’s up to the relevant staff to reassess whether Jim Pinkerton was a bystander or a defender in the initial conflict, and the other circumstances of the situation, for their judgment.

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I was referring to the first time I disengaged, after being swarmed, not the second or third time.

Eh, screw it, its not worth the entire process of getting reviewed by mins and shit just to get a different Ruling on something from a month ago, please close this

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