h42/Joelogbybolg Admin Report

CKEY: Varo

Your Discord: Varo#1467

Offender’s CKEY: h42/joelogbybolb

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-11-26

Round Number: 4675

Rules Broken (if relevant): Admin Conduct

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Taking Action within a round - IC Punishments (Admin Intervention)

Incident Description: I put both of their names because I’m not sure who did what and both took actions on everything. Let em split this in 3 sections:The background/ Admin intervention

  • Background
    I bought the Theatre in the station. I did a contract with the hop and Captain to buy a part of the station with a contract and we declared independency in one tiny part of the station: The theatre and the room with wood floor above it in MetaStation

Admin intervention
After this I tell Joelogbybolg to bus it a little around and he ends up sending an inspector and an intern to discuss what we have done.

Round continues, I ask for some bananium to make statues and I got so much I also wanted a honk mech. I get punished several times over it but who cares. After a while, the inspector and the intern leave. And we try to go with them to CC to speak things out. We get informed that we would get executed, which, mind you, I didn’t take too seriously beacuse I wanted to ROLEPLAY in the ROLEPLAY server and I thought speaking directly to CC would be funny. We weld ourselves in the room to speak with CC.

We arrive and a full ERT was waiting for us with guns, which was created by Joelogbybolg to arrest us originally, but instead we get murdered and they throw us out in space. After that h42 sends 2 missiles to round remove us. Joelogbybolg justified everything saying it was IC reason because we did a capital prime (we didn’t, no such thing exists in Space Law) and that the ERT was not an ERT, they were bodyguards. Bodyguards with full ERT weapons and ordered to behave like ERT, who also were later dispatched into the station because of a blob. So they WERE an ERT after all


Additional Information:

All of this, let’s remember, because I bought a single room of the station. I was going to get brought to CentCom and arrested over buying a single room of the station. Let’s just forget rules and bureocracy and what not. THAT SOUNDS INCREDIBLY LAME. RRing with admin intervention 2 dudes that were goofing around with a full ERT for absolutely NOTHING. Hello?! And they were going to arrest me nonetheless so, why the execution at CC. “But you tried getting to CentCom.” So? In my opinion thats where you punish accordingly or idk, fucking come up with a DECENT response that isn’t punishing for the player like a super trial or whatever you can come up with. Round removing people who aren’t self antagging, who aren’t damaging the station who aren’t doing NOTHING it’s something I can’tunderstand. Even MORE when we were playing such a big role in the round. A lot of people were involucrated in this stuff, and we were all having fun. And I don’t buy the “you went to centcom” thing. If you send a team of interns to the station as response and then an ERT to arrest 2 people you fucked up already. That is the perfect opportunity to send a Nanotrasen Ultra Lawyer, to make a spectacle for all crew. But no, the response was death and if it wasnt death it was going to be jail, so the ERT was coming for my ass either way. The HoP got arrested and taken to CentCom, and even though I couldnt find his body (that head isnt his head)

he was dead, so it looks like our fate wasnt going to be much different

Even if no action is taken place, I just wanted to state how annoyed I am by these admins way of approaching stuff and a bus and I think it’s incredibly lame. They broke admin conduct by having an ERT already for no reason and then came up that what we did was capital crime and marked my ahelp as IC reason after RRing me. This kind of actions just discourages me from trying to do big harmless things in the future or checking adminwho before trying anything in case I get a fucking ERT sent to my ass because I was too silly.

The “bodyguards” who weren’t an ERT were summoned by the admin to execute me with the following objective, so that whole “they were bodyguards” thing Joelogbybolg claimed was false.


Here’s the issue : you declared independency from the rest of the station. You essentially committed treason ICly, and thus was dealt with.


Ckey is joelogbybolb

JoelogbybolbIf was during that whole process and I used LOOC to talk to him and he told me to mail CC the contract. So if an admin watched me for 2 and a half hours to do something which I had IC reasons to do, I would say it’s fine. Also I did have reasons. I literally BOUGHT it. I didn’t CLAIM or use force to declare independence. I BOUGHT independence. I dressed as a businessman from HONK. CO and bought the theatre with bananas and pies, and in the contract there were clausules for everything like power and atmospherics because we still were part of the station. I do not think I broke any rules or commited treason. And even if you want to accept all of what you say . I am the clown. If cargonia did it , ok, but im the clown, using bananas and pies to buy a single tiny part of the station. I’m goofing. That’s my job, goofing. You don’t take the clown seriously if hes doing this kind of stuff. The response for that was wayy to exagerated


Yes, and you were aware this was starting conflict with NT.

You didn’t, that’s why you didn’t receive any punishment outside of the game. Executing you is still IC.

The issue here is that you refused to leave the CentCom shuttle after you were warned repeatedly by the interns that this would mean execution. I’m sorry if this was done too bluntly, but it was to be expected. I would’ve loved to try you, and I was planning on sending a lawyer ERT for this, but you got onto centcom without authorization and you received appropriate IC response.

My discussion in dchat later however wasn’t very professional and was totally on me, I was pretty tired since this was my first “large-scale” bus and the round had dragged on for three hours.

Genuine questions:
1.- If the execution was made because those were the orders written by you in the ERT “Bodyguards” objectives, how is it IC? It was IC because you told them so.
2.- The clown and mime arrive to CC. So? They have access nowhere. Please tell me how is better round removing us and then giving us than storming out of the door as a general with the 2 bodyguards and arresting us and having a “Well well, looks who we have here” type of conversation and roleplaying.
3.- Why was the damn ERT necessary?! Because an intern and some pen pushing random from CC said “you will be executed” you had to spawn the ERT with deathsquad weapons and make them kill the UNARMED clown and mime? What were we going to do? Throw laughter bananas???

I think it’s important to remember admins are humans too and therefore subject to imperfection. Not all buses will be fun, and that’s just the price we have to pay to have buses at all.

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It was IC because it was reasonable IC consequences for someone going up to CentCom after not heeding the CentCom interns’ warnings.

Felt more appropriate to me at the time. I didn’t plan on this, and reacted to the events at the moment.

I spawned in an ERT blue of two people, which I thought was appropriate. The red-class weapons was totally an oversight, I’m not sure how they got into the equipment room.

Yes they are humans but I think that if we players are subject to criticism and punishment for our errors I think admins are too. I don’t expect we do a riot over this

Ignoring everything else that happened with CC and the sale.

Going to CC as crew has always been punishable by RR. you are NOT meant to be there under any circumstance until round end… you didnt get cuffed and dragged there… you went willingly.

You kick in your bosses door and refuse to leave when asked, RR with no note/ban is getting off easy…
This WAS reasonable if your actions were this belligerent.


I may be speaking barnacles but like, according to what I remember from admin policy if you ask to be bussed they are allowed to do abuse you…

Hence its really your fault?

There is not a single mention of this in any moderated page.

Some random ass interns without any authority whatsoever telling me what to do ain’t kicking my boss door. Your argument seems to be based on what would happen in real life or the logical conclussion according to (you).

It does really look like you fished for a reaction from CC by taking hostile actions against them.

It does seem like you got upset on a personal level and that you are the one that broke character here.

Completely irrelevant at this stage, there is no “clown independence” section.

Are you suggesting you’d rather have been banned over this than bussed?

This goes both ways. I seriously encourage you to not seek out CC or admin intervention if you are gonna take this to the forum every time something irritates you or doesn’t go your way.

Believe me when I say that I don’t interact with players who I fear are gonna drag me to the forum.

You aren’t simply criticizing though, you resorted to making a staff report, obligating headmins to look at everything here, pull logs, and question staff if they deem it necessary. This is not a feedback thread, don’t pretend this has no impact whatsoever.

If any player reading this has ever wondered why we are so reluctant to send ERTs, or why deathsquads never happen, this type of reactions is exactly why.
Everytime you bus something a bit more “disruptive”, you have to wonder whether you are gonna have to spend time breaking things down on the forum right after, due to one person being upset.
Happens to every admin at one point.


What hostile action exactly as an unarmed clown?

How can I be banned if I haven’t break any rule?

I don’t think admins should give me a massage in my shoulders with the bus and give me good night kisses, but I do think this response was not appropiate at all. I’m not someone who takes anything to the forums and I’m ok with being on the receiving end of stuff.

I think a deathsquad ERT in Code Green over the negotiation of buying a single tiny room on a station is overescalating

Also try to find a rule that they broke please, would make it easier for headmins to process.
Because if this is just a complaint, the feedback thread might be more appropriate.

But it’s up to you


You claimed parts of the station without consent from Nanotrasen.

That’s not the topic.

There was a deathsquad sent?

ERT’s aren’t deathsquads

I don’t think they broke a game rule but admin conduct, admin intervention.

I don’t want these guys to face any serious punishment or anything at all, but I made this report because I do think they broke admin conduct and overescalated the bus and if you headmins agree to tell them.

You are right I got it messed up, probably because I was just reading about death squads a moment ago

I am sorry, I meant ERT and I messed up somehow. I will correct it