H42 in game note appeal


Admin’s CKEY: h42
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2024-02-12

Round ID: 47656

Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:
As a dragon, I emoted something to the xeno queen along the lines of “uses the secret xenomorph-dragon language to ask if shes single”. I was being silly RPing as a dragon and while I can see why it was bwoink worth, I have 2 issues with the note:
A) The wording: I think it’s worded like I was trying to meta the game to cheat the language barrier as a regular crewmember.
B) I do not think it was a imagen worth note. I didn’t do anything super bad I did a silly thing as a dragon that gained nothing of value and was just trying to make a roleplay scenario work by trying to flirt with the xeno. I think the mark used is too much and I was pretty cooperative in ticket, I said “okok o7” and changed inmediatly so idk why the triple exclamation mark note :(.


Hello, and sorry for the late response! I’d rather explain my reasoning for notes than have people in confusion.

For context, logs say it wasn’t flirting, it was asking if they liked bananas:
EMOTE: Varo10/(Space Dragon) performs the secret dragon to xenomorph language to ask if they like bananas (Genetics Lab (159, 110, 2))

I’ll go through each item.

A) I agree the wording is vague, I do it that way because I don’t want people to think that anything beyond what was in the note was wrong. In this case, the only thing you did wrong was use “Me” to directly speak to xenos. It does not matter that you were a dragon, it does not matter that you asked about bananas.

It does not matter why you cheated the language barrier in a case like this, since there’s no possible in-character reason that you could use emotes to speak full sentences in a language you do not know. Nudge a banana over to the queen or hold a curator hostage in the future.

B) The (!!!) is completely arbitrary, I’ll change it for you. Beyond that, I’m glad you are trying to create interesting roleplaying scenarios, but please try to remain in-character at all times and not break the immersion of other players going forward, even as a dragon. And you were cooperative when bwoinked, I’m sorry for not mentioning that!

To clarify what was said, I’ll change the note from:
You must roleplay. Used the Me verb to communicate with xenomorphs. Don't do this, please.

You must roleplay. Used the Me verb to communicate with xenomorphs. The goal of our server is to immerse players in a fictional universe, enabling them to roleplay with each other, please don't break this immersion by speaking a language you don't know. Understanding in ticket. Note modified as a result of this appeal: https://forums.beestation13.com/t/h42-in-game-note-appeal/25276

Thanks again, and have a good rest of your day!

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