Guilleco Player Report electric bogaloo

That round i had killed a scientist before you, because he was messing with me, so i was like, ill just kill him, knowing there was another IAA besides me we both killed him, afterwards i went to take the sunglasses and then found you taking them so i knew you werent going to let me just take them from you so i killed you and hided your body

my funny gimmick is rushing cake hat and being the robust mime and mess arround with sec or heads of staff, although i do other stuff sometimes, but not as often.

LRP player on MRP, what could go wrong.
Power gaming and valid hunting (by non sec) isn’t allowed on MRP. (This guy will most likely have multiple medkits and flashes on him)
Your antag round wasn’t even trying to be discreet, you kept doing your best to keep on killing validly despite it not being your objective (Toeing the line).
Also over all toxic. Yes, there’s a revolution, give me all your security equipment. What do you mean me telling you isn’t enough proof? (Cries about it on OOC after round end)

wait he’s doing all this shit on MRP? holy fuck a ton of this is really bad

“This guy will most likely have multiple medkits and flashes on him”, you dont even know what you’re talking about, i dont even take a flash, anymore, medkit and or tools is not considered as power gaming, i don’t valid hunt, if an antagonist tries to kill me i will defend myself, and if i see an antagonist killing someone or dragging a corpse i will either not interfere or just try to take the corpse away from him.

In my antag rounds, i do what i must to be prepared for anything, this means that if i need all access, i will take it, and after i have my objectives done, people keep searching for me and still try to kill me i will kill them.

And that round, i knew it was revs because they tried to convert me but failed, so i took his flash and flashed him my way to sec while i was being stopped by another rev, and then detective showed up and tried to kill me, after like 7 min in brig i got mindshielded, and became a deputy and asked for sec equipement wich helped me kill the rev head i knew, and deconverted like 4 more.

My experiences with you and observing you are the opposite of this.

“If you’re able to assassinate security with a low collateral damage method, then you’re allowed to do so preemptively before they’ve shown that they’re a direct threat to you. For example e-swording them in maint would be okay, but maxcapping the brig would not. Abductors already have different rules regarding murder (i.e. avoid it) which applies to them above this rule”

You instantly went loud for literally no reason other than to be able to kill as many people as possible and caused the entirety of security, the AI and even some heads to chase you and you ended up killing most of them (and a lot of witnesses) without having an objective that would let you murderbone. You could argue “I had to!” but you “had to” not because you “had to” but because you forced yourself into that sitaution, not by accident.

Tools are not considered powergaming, no.
Having multiple medkits for literally no reason isn’t specified but my guess is yes.

Why are you even on MRP? Behavior like this is encouraged on LRP and you’ll find less people likely to complain about you there and you’ll definitely be considered as one of the “cool kids” rather than avoided as a shitter.

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If im an antagonist, ill do everything i know is in my power to achive my objectives, for example this round i had to steal captain jetpack and rd armor, the first thing i did after geting sunglasses and tools, was steal hop’s id and take all access, you can imagine once i do this i am already a wanted man, after taking all access i go to captain office and find him in his room, i just shove him out of the way and take the jetpack and run.
At this point security is on my tail, so i decide to get my other objective done and take rd armor, after i do so i have nothing else to do but wait for the shuttle, so i just stay hidden in maint, but as you expect, secuirty has a job to do and they start looking for me and eventually find me wich leads into gunfights and me killing several security officers in retaliation, this also includes assistants or other people who try to validhunt me and instead get killed by me.
Either going lound or not depends on the player and how they want to play their rounds, i like playing on the risk of being caught and chased because that gives me something to do after i have completed my objectives and its something i can only do when im an antagonist. And when i get Hijack or Die a Glorious death objective, i like to make myself known and see how people react when i begin to kill and chase my future victims

i only have one medkit when i need it to be used, sometimes i dont even take one because i have my bottle of nothing wich has a pasive heal overtime, the only time i take more than one medkit is when im cmo and have to go saving people left and right.

I know i look and appear to be a LRP player, and well, i cant argue against that, i have 1000+ hours on Golden, i started playing on MRP because i disliked plaing lowpop on lrp where everyone rushed for captain spare and one antagonist killed the entire station because they had half their objectives done, i see MRP like the LRP server before they got split, before it was more serious about greytiding and self antag, but since they got split LRP is just a mess where everyone does whatever they want without much repercusion.

Not seeking to bump this one back up, but this report has been effectively handled. Admins have been watching Guilleco for powergaming since this report was made. In the actual reported round he was an antag though, so there’s nothing directly actionable about this report.

Marking resolved since the player was here to answer for himself at the time of report and he’s been addressed about the general habits.