Guilleco Player Report electric bogaloo

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: Fittedriter

   Your Discord: None.

   Offender’s CKEY: Guilleco

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Mimo

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 14.06.2020 or in general every time you queue clown with him.

   Round Number: Several, but 17198 is an instance of it but he was antag so this one in particular isn't a problem.

   Rules Broken: Powergaming.

   Incident Description: Mimo, most rounds I queue Clown with Mimo it goes goes like this: Get pied, shoved into a wall, spraycanned to the face. If you shove back he'll try to table you, steal all your stuff and disposal you. If you touch the Cakehat, he'll chase you and use a spraycan in your face or stunlock you and strangle you, so that he can take the cakehat,. If you retaliate by shoving him back, he'll either crit you or he'll run away and come back with a flash and zipties to get the cakehat that way. Same goes for well known round-start powergaming items. Like advanced sunglasses, shotguns, flashes and the like.

TL;DR: If you touch the cakehat he’ll assault you over it, every single round. If you touch round-spawn flash, he’ll assault you for it. Every single round. If you manage to out-robust him (by that i mean shoving him and running away or managing to table him and de-escalate) he’ll come back to flash and ziptie you.

Additional Information: This is a report over the general powergaming nature of Mimo and I’ve a-helped it a couple times but sometimes Admins are asleep or, the last case the ticket gets closed. For the round mentioned, that’s basically legit due to him being a blood-brother but sadly the thread got closed and even though he was technically allowed, I wanted to use that thread to raise concerns of the general powergaming nature of him.


i’m not necessarily vouching for a “BAN HE”. I just wanted to raise my issues with it, over the cakehat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just fry the hat. Or eat it as a moth.




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he was an antag doe
also got unbeaned so idk why you reporting him

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Because this isn’t about that round in general.

It’s just extremely tiresome getting assaulted over “muh cakehat” and getting flash-ziptied LRP style 5 minutes into the round if you end up doing something he doesn’t like.

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i dont know man, i have mostly positive memories of mimo and william stone

He can be hilarious as fuck. And I USUALLY don’t have a problem with him, only when I play a Clown. And this wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for how he systematically seeks out those items and goes from 0-100 instantly when you touch specific items.

Like, whoops I touched the cakehat, guess I’ll get assaulted and disposaled now.

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>clown: touches the cakehat
>mime: disposals the clown
>clown: does it again
>mime: does it again

as far as i know, being an antag doesn’t give permission to kill people over a goddamn hat

and the disarm retaliation part looks like validbaiting…


iirc: you can escalate the fight at your will if you are an antag.

you cant for example, just start killing people and murderbone people at will but if you start a shoving match you can escalate it as an antag.

yes It does if he wants hat and clown has hat he can kill clown for hat

My opinion on issues regarding the cakehat stands at remove the hat’s viability as a weapon. A birthday candle (or even a few of them) shouldn’t match a welder in damage output.

As for the actual reported issue - NGL, while I see your annoyance with him, fighting over the cakehat sounds like an IC mime/clown issue, even if it is happening every round. Extending beyond this specific situation though, there have been general complaints about @Guilleco powergaming as mime - mostly acting as mime security.

Curious what they have to say for themselves about it, having pinged them. Without specific rounds to pull logs from, all this topic really allows for is an open discussion with them so let’s have at it.

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well, i know i get overprotective about the gamer hat in question, but i know my limits, Fittedriter said that i use flashes, shotguns and alike, wich is not true, i did use to have roundstart flash by taking the mounted flash from the head of personnel office every round, but after being banned for pwoergaming by 3 days on MRP i stopped taking flash and the vest from the bartender backroom, although i still take the sunglasses as i’ve asked and been told its not considered powergaming. if i see the clown take the cake hat, i directly go and use either shoves or my spray can on him to take said hat, anything happening afterwards is the clown retaliating for me doing something like that, and i will only escalate depending on what he does, for example if he just shoves me for a while without intent to kill, i would just get up, spray him and then throw him in disposals and or use my wall to make him get stuck somewhere where he cant move untill it dissapears (sometimes i do this before said clown reaches the hat but i still consider it as IC), and if clown decides to escalate to the point i am near crit i would get more aggresive and crit him cuff him if possible heal and then just leave him sitting in a chair cuffed

i would also like to add, that if i am an antagonist and clown gets on my nerves and dosent decide to stop even when i give him several chances, i would just kill him and hide his body in the theatre backroom crate without his suit sensors

Bruh please don’t nerf cake hat further, it’s a fun niche weapon. Although a bit abused by certain gamers cough rush it every round cough which brings it into the spotlight.

Guilleco seems more an LRP player imo, with the cakehat/flash etc rushing and general playstyle I’ve seen. Nothing against the guy personally.

If you’re gonna report some one, name an actual round so logs can be pulled. Also not one where he was an antag like here and he dunked you to get an item he wanted, that’s a bruh moment chief.

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I forgot the round report, but Guilleco killed me for taking beer glasses as IAA, and had apparently killed some other people earlier into the round. I ahelped it but it never got resolved.

If that is the round I think it is, he was EAA.

he should play lrp tbh no clue why he plays mrp if he just rushes cake hat and doesnt do any funny gimmicks

@Guilleco Powergaming isn’t defined by specific items so much as it’s defined by intent. if you’re rushing the sunglasses every round and doing it for the flash protection, it’s powergaming by definition. Same for the cake hat if you’re doing it specifically as a weapon.

Some items are more of a red flag than others, but anything you’re collecting for protection “just in case” before there’s a threat to you directly or the station as a whole is powergaming. And no, before anyone else says it, blue alert alone is not a threat worth powergaming over because why would we have a rule that doesn’t apply to 95% of rounds

Also, powergaming isn’t against the rules as an antagonist, and you’re effectively on lavaland escalation when it comes to conflicts, so there are no issues with how you handle yourself as antag

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The situation between clown and mime is still a grey area at worst because clown and mime are expected to fuck with each other, but maybe let the hat go now and then? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

I can’t really see myself intervening in a clown/mime fight over the cake hat so long as escalation is observed properly.

I mean, i dont really even use the hat that much if im not an antagonist, i just take it so when someone sees me he would react to me having the hat and know what i can do with it, its not like i can kill someone with it, unless i get a really specific event, like being about to get killed but then taking the upperhand, most of the time i get the hat it gets stolen by sec when i get jailed, and it happens most of the rounds.