Guilleco ban appeal (big text moment again)

He was being chased by a rev head- he didn’t escalate

You didn’t read it, did you?

You’re wrong, this isn’t validhunting in the slightest. Two people chasing a poor mute for no reason so that they can either kill or diddle him is reason enough to flash them, the poor thing can’t even call for help.
With an officer already present it’s a good idea to help cuff them as these people actively tried harming your eyes.
Everything else that happened after is shitcap and crew helping against revs is the way revs are played, like a civil war.

I checked the logs and your story seems to check out.
Unfortunately being chased by 2 people is not logged but I will give you benefit of the doubt and unban you.
Still, if you really want to hunt down antags, take down revolution heads play security. It’s really not fun when you try to convert mime to revolution but he pulls out a flash and cuffs you.

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