Guilleco ban appeal (big text moment again)






1 week:



Validhunting and lrp behavior on mrp:

I know i broke a rule but think 7 days is excessive so i want it at least reduced if not unbanned:

**Okay let me be honest with you if you want to reach the begining of this you can skip this prior to event information (its actually necessary to explain something that happens later but you can skip if you dont want to read wall of thext)

-PROLOGUE: (YOU CAN SKIP IF YOU WANT (don’t)) round starts, i walk to tool storage pie someone who took gloves before me, take them take belt tools, make a loop or 2 arround the station before i see open bridge door, i walk up to see if i see captain or hop to pie him, i see hop, i throw pie, he drops a tablet, i take, i run? i get flashed. hop begins to strip me in the small room before entering bridge or his office, some borg grabs me and takes me to sec, VERY IMPORTANT: some random botanist walks his way behind hop and starts to say i stole his insuls, wich i didint i pied the curator who after i took his gloves bought a new pair along with a blet in the vendor, so i wasnt going to let him get in the cell to get them, botanist keeps lying and after 2 minutes or more messing arround with hop and brig phys with invis walls they strip me and hop literally leaves without taking his tablet back (so i guess i had that untill i noticed it 40 minutes later into the round) brig phys takes me out of the cell cuffed and the botanist takes MY gloves and tries to disposals himself but fails, then after brig phys says “hey” “stop” in the most not caring way possible botanist leaves and im still cuffed, i eventually get uncuffed and decide, im going to get my gloves back one way or the other so i walk back to my cell, IMPORTANT: this is the moment where i imagine break a rule powergaming rule, i steal a flash from the cell, so if i cant take my gloves back peacefully i can just flash the botanist and get my gloves back after i cuff him. SO i do that and before arriving to botany i make a stop by garden where i grab a hatchet because i dont want people saying i use my hat as a weapon, its just my style ok? so i do that, and when i get to botany the guy refuses to give my gloves back so i begin deconstructing a window when a genetist gives me AN ADVANCED HULK INJECTOR i instantly turn into a i shamefully walk my way to genetics as the group of 3 botanist laugh at me and yeah, turn back human i guess, then after taking my stuff i dropped infront of botany

READ HERE: I walk twoards dorms thinking i could get a lawyer to give me sunglasses so i dont get flashed because i remembered hearing a flash sound near cargo maint at some point and seeing a miner with a flash after that, as i walk up, near courtroom i see the miner (actually i just remembered when i went to get the hachet the miner tried to chase me to flash me but i juked him and ran(i already had a flash at that point but wasnt going to validhunt him just because i knew he was a rev head)) and i also see the hos! i thought to myself “nice now hos can arrest him and ill be a good for showing him its revs” i have to get serious with you here: at that moment i thought, i cant let him flash me i dont have shades if i let him flash me it would be self antagging wich would lead to me becoming a rev and then killing the hos who saw the miner flash someone before he started coming at me with a flash, so i just thought, well, its flash or be flashed and i flashed him, i aoe’d flash and then when he counldn’t see flashed him and used my restrains i had saved up for that botanist on him, hos saw all of this as i was pointing at him several times during this event. After that hos took the lead and took the cuffed miner to security where i followed to probably get mindshielded, also a clown followed us, he was a rev allright, so i cuffed him too, anyways when we got to security and i see cap there, just vibin in that big securty room wich name i forgot, after some hos cap talk and hos trying to find mindshields detective walks up with mindshield box in hand already unlocked and takes it to hos room, i rest my way under the detective and cap to the hos room where i mindshield myself thinking they were going to take a while talking so i could just leave fast after dealing with the rev head and the clown too. So yeah, hos tries to use mindshield on miner and oh no! its a rev head, yeah hes very dead after hos me and some other guy shoot and beat him to death, then captain and detective begin to freak out and i dont know why i think cap thought i was a rev head and det did to even thought det and hos had sec huds and saw i was mindshielded but ok also clown got off his cuffs so i start to table him but det interrupts me and tries to arrest me, i mean the guy can see who is and isint mindshielded in a rev confirmed situation but ok cuff the mindshielded mime then, i resist obviously hos keeps defending me after all of this but det continues, clown gets mindshielded “HONKSEXUAL looks like he’s just remembered his real allegiance!” great, now we can all be friends, right? oh no this keeps going. At this point CAPTAIN STARTS FLASHBANGING THE ENTIRE ROOM FOR NO REASON? YES HE DOES. so after this, detective and captain both try to cuff me but hos takes me to the armory and i make a wall behind us then he, well he literally offered me the armory when im mindshielded mime in a rev round ok i guess, i was deaf so i dont know what he was saying but i take about 2 laser guns and some armor and then after i leave detective walks in, brig phys flashes me, but dosent cuff me so i walk away and make a wall, then get sec huds from open locker, then i see detective crying in comms "[Security] Arnold McBug stammers, “C-C-CAP H-HEL-LP-P IN-N B-BR-RIG-G. B-BEEP-P-PS-S-SK-KY-Y-Y GOT-T M-ME C-CAP-P T-T-T-TO AR-RM-M-MOURY-Y H-H-H-HOS-S-S W-WON-N HOS-S IS MUT-TY-YIN-NG-G” and i see him being stripped by hos and stunlokced by beepsky i wasnt there dont know what heppend, brig phys walks into small room of lockers i shove the brig phys into cap and then grab captain to throw him to airlock so i can get out of this mess and brig phys shoves me to the floor (i got logs btw (for now)) brig phys starts to get physical on me and attacks me with a deputy baton i shove her.

ok IMPORTANT PART AGAIN: (captain)Leia Best says, “Hos.” Camille Maclagan says, “The mime IS free” Leia Best says, “Stop defending the mime. Last warning. You arent in charge.” Camille Maclagan says, “Captain. It is revs.” Leia Best says, “Mime is greifing. This whole time.And you know it.” [i literally have no idea what the hell this guy is talking about] Camille Maclagan says, “But I swear to god. I will end you to save us all.” Leia Best says, “Try it.” Arnold McBug stammers, (detective still being permastunned)“F-F-FUCKIN-NG-G HEL-LP. “YOU AS-SSH-HAT-T-TS-S.” Camille Maclagan says, “AMIME BROUGHT US THE HREAD REV.” Leia Best says, “Threaten me again and youre an assistant. Leia Best says, Last chance.”” (:flushed:) Camille Maclagan shoves Leia Best!
x2 Camille Maclagan shoves Leia Best, knocking her down! (hos shoved cap to walk to the id console to demote the detective for insubordination (cap was blocking him)). Leia Best fires the energy gun point blank at Camille Maclagan! Camille Maclagan is hit by a disabler beam in the chest! (me: You throw Mimo’s ID Card (Mime).x2You point at Mimo’s ID Card (Mime).x2 You point at the security department console.x2) trying to become deputy at this point) Leia Best has electrocuted Camille Maclagan with the stun baton! x2. After seeign this i stand by hos side and defend him shooting at the captain with disabling rounds and i get hit more than i hit him so i hide behind a photocopier and cap keeps shooting at hos so i take the other gun and shoot him again and he goes down he says Leia Best says, “Hos demoted.” as i keep shooting and hos stuns him with a baton and then cuffs him, hos then strips cap. Leia Best says, “Hes griefing. HELP.ROGUE.FUCKING HELP.ROGUE HOS.” Topith-Jeer hisses, “Itsss revsss.” Leia Best says, “AI.HELP.” at this points hos takes captain to his room and i walk in too, ai says some stuff in comms about cap being stripped and i point at the “You point at the Head of Security’s Desk requests console.” trying to get hos to notice i want to explain what i can how i can as a mime. Leia Best says, “THESE TWO ARE TO BE KILLED ON SIGHT.FOR MUTINY.SHOOT THROUGH GKLASS.” at this point cap is buckled to hos chair stripped naked as a crowd starts forming infront of hos office i get my hands on hos id for a when he left it in while he was demoting det and write in the message: Head of Security’s Desk Announcement:
“Mime here, i brought a rev head to sec and we killed him thanks to me, then captain keeps blaming me when im mindshielded of being a rev and also along with the detective claims hos is rev galaxy brain.”
(AI)[Common] L.A.R.G.E. states, “Captain ordering HoS and mime to be KoS’d.” [Common] Camille Maclagan says, “; There is literally comms logs of det claiming I am rev.” the rest of the security that is on the station begins shooting with their disablers into hos room and get him to crit while i hide behind cap so he blocks the shoots for me, Leia Best says, “USE LTHALS.KILL THEM” (cap gone mental at this point) Camille Maclagan says, "STOP."x2 Leia Best says, “UNBOLT.” [Common] L.A.R.G.E. states, “Cant let you tkill them.” at this moment, i have idea, i take hos id (now a captain id he took) and i close the blast doors to all windows and cut the ai cammera, then hos gets up i give his id back Camille Maclagan says, “Mime.Kill him.Fuckign helpt he revs.Im done.” ce and the rest of the crowd keeps trying to break in but i just keep closing the wire pannel so they cant hack in. Ai opens the door from the outside and i see people walking in but i make an invis wall in time for a last 30 seconds of peace, before walking away while everyone deals with hos and cap, and then i hide in that morgue thing in sec to hide. Thats it folks i had nothing more to deal with that so from now on ill just post all the pms here:

– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : Explain what is happening
PM to- Admins : a lot actually
PM to- Admins : give me a minute so i dont die
PM to- Admins : ok from the begining here we go
– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : yeah
PM to- Admins : so basically someone stole my insuls so i took a flash and decided to get them back because they stole them from me while i was cuffed for a crime that didint have nothing to sec (took the hop ipad not even an id app on it) then i found a guy flashing people and others following him, i saw hos near so i flashed him and cuffed him, then we took him to sec, where captain was, after a few minutes messing arround hos had enough braincells to implant him implant failed and we killed the rev head and deconverted the clown, after all of this for some reason the captain keept trying to get me out of security or arrest me for some reason i dont know, even though i did all the job, hos didint comply with captain and detective wich i personally have to say are both severly stupid in a confirmed revs situation

PM to- Admins : i can go into more detail if you want me to
– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : You are not entitled to being in brig even during revs. Flashing and cuffing revhead is validhunting.
– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : Did you shoot and disable the captain after he tried kicking you out? (IMPORTANT REPLY MOMENT) captain never tried to kick me out actually he tried cuffing me same as the det did and called me a grieffer for some reason.
PM to- Admins : well, hos was there, he wasnt doing it even after the rev flashed someone infront of him so i did it, i should’t have had a flash i know that but it wasnt even for that ocassion some botanist stole my gloves while i was cuffed and lied about it so i was having none of it
PM to- Admins : hos was making me a deputy after i showed him it was actual revs, it wasnt confirmed before but i know security had the idea because detecive had the implants on him and they were out of their place
– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : Captain is higher in command than hos (Guilleco here: in my personal oppinion if captain is an incompetent person that makes worse decisions than the hos in a confrmed revs round, i its better to follow whoever is next to lead a fight against a revolution)
PM to- Admins : it was a 2 sided fight and i choose to side with the hos who stood by me the entire time while the detective and brig phys wanted to arrest me for no reason maybe treaspass?
PM to- Admins : well the captain wasnt dealing with the situation seriously enough, he keept saying ooc things like i and hos were grieffing and such when we were both just trying to 1 unmindshield the clown and 2 dealing with the rev head i brought
PM to- Admins : also hos brought me to the armory so i took the guns because he gave them to me, then the detective tried to arrest the hos? but failed and got stunlocked by beepsky, then cap tried to go on me and the hos said that i brought a rev head to security , then the brig phys chased me, untill i walled him off, then hos tried to give me access and then captain attacked him with a baton so i shoot disabling rounds at him then hos stripped captain or something i just remember us 3 being in his locked in his room and trying to stay away from the rest of the crew that were siding with cap
PM to- Admins : the only mistake of mine that i see here, is that i actaully flashed the rev head instead of i dont know literally self antagging and letting myself be reved to kill the hos who was there as the rev head was trying to flash me, i couldnt say anything to the hos because im a friggin mime so i cant yell HE IS A REV i was pointing at him like a madman though
PM to- Admins : hos caught the message and brought him to sec and then everything else i told you happend
– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : I see him come to brig control then you and hos start shoving him, then he shoots rogue hos with disabler
PM to- Admins : hos wasnt rouge captain was, if you check voice logs or whatever its the name for the all speak of captain you can see as he says “Leia Best says, “Threaten me again and youre an assistant.”” on a confirmed rev round, and hos just shoved her and went to the console to what i think remove detective access after he tried to arrest the hos, then i see captain walk up to hos with a baton out so i just shove him away and i see him come back to do it again after a bit so i just started blasting
– Administrator private message –

Admin PM from- Archanial : I blame hos for this entire situation but flashing headrev is literally validhunting, sorry

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And thats about it folks, hope someone understands my situation here, ill be replying tomorrow if not today so be patient please :wink:

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tl;dr please ?

like, this is huge wall of text…


Ban should stay. I read the whole thing, you can trust me. It means nothing and it’s just them saying sorry. Openly admits to knowing they were breaking the rules and did it anyway because, “No one else was going to.”


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ummm ok stay with me on this one: i get arrested for throwing pie at hop and taking a tablet with nothin in it, some botanist lies his way in and says i stole his gloves i never did, i get uncuffed get a flash and cuffs in case he gets aggresive when i ask my gloves back walk to botany (he hides them) become a monkey (turn human after) go to dorms see rev head miner flashing people hos was there too but didint do nothing at the moment i flash rev head before he flashes me so i dont self antag and let myself be reved and cuff him, hos takes rev head confirms its revs captain is stupid so claims im a rev head even though i was mindshielded, detective claims hos rev head, cap tries to arrest hos for some reason i defend hos, cap on stam crit hos takes cap to office strips, i hide with him 10+ people walk up to hos office i run i get banned 7 days


velvet erp permaban should stay because :flushed:


Why are people getting banned for ‘Validhunting’ during conversion antags. Revs literally have a one-click conversion and can get like 50% of the station up in arms against the heads. Conscripting mindshielded crew is basically the only way you’re going to win this if the headrevs dont fuck up and reveal themselves early.


at worst this is a powergaming rule break bacause i stole a flash and made cuffs for someone who was not even a rev, and then happend to walk up to a miner flashing people infront of the hos and thought if i let him flash me i would be self antagging so i used my “powergaming” flash on him

im gonna have dinner so probs not gonn reply in couple hours, also read the entier thing maybe? there are jokes in it too

The only time I think I truly broke the rules here is when I said “kill captain, help the revs, I don’t care” and that was because I was about to fucking die irl if I didn’t get up and walk away right then and there as is evidenced by my ticket with archanial. Guilleco wasn’t trespassing, I let him in because he had the clown. Cap said mindshield everyone there so I did, then cap and det started going off about a shitter? Kinda seemed like metaenemies

I truly don’t think he should be banned for this one


Ban appeals need more formatting restrictions because this is unreadable.

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Tldr guy got banned because he told sec to check a guy who was flashing lotsa people for being a rev

This is partially unrelated… but can you like… just fucking play security since you’re so inclined to go after antags? You’d be a great defender of the station that everyone wants to be able to overcome instead of being the mime that makes everyone extraordinarily salty. You don’t even have a mime gimmick, and you don’t entertain crew - it’s always about robusting someone while avoiding powergaming accusations.

Please consider it. It’ll make our lives way easier and also improve player happiness/approval of you by a substantial margin. Put all of that robustness to proper use instead of being the mime half the players hate to even see in the round, and most of the other half (seems) only like because they enjoy the controversy you cause.

That said, I’m on the fence of the ban. You have an arguably valid reason for taking the flash, having had someone instigate a gloves conflict with you. You would have been fine if you had simply reported them to the HoS (somehow, I’m a terrible mime), and you would have been fine if you had been caught without sunglasses and converted, because unless you make it blatantly obvious, the odds of revealing yourself as being willingly converted are laughably low. There’s so many ways to do this and play it off as not knowing they were antag, especially since powergaming/validhunting are against the rules.. Ahem You also would have been fine if you had simply ignored it and walked away.

I don’t have a particularly strong opinion that this was validhunting, but I do have to at least lean in that direction. You see someone flashing people at random, you shouldn’t immediately switch into “STOP THE REVS” mode.


i mean, the run away part was not easy as this miner rev head was chasing me arround dorms with a clown, i thought hos would’ve done something about the miner with flash on hand chasing me and me pointing at him but he just stood there menacingly, untill i took out my flash and subdued the miner, then everything else happend.
personally i dont like playing security all the time because overall i like playing on a chill vibe and carefree not be security validhunting and loosing my chance of rolling antag wich is something i really enjoy playing

tfw i was meant to delete my bee account but i end up responding to this.

Ruko right.

Guilleco, just play secuirty. You’d unironically make a great officer.

Now, onto the ban.

Seems like being in the wrong place at the wrong time and making the most of it; Captain should definitely be investigated for shitcap, Guilleco is only really guilty of a little powergaming. Reduce it.

Let me retire in peace.

may the force be with you :pray:

May the force BEE with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then do that instead of escalating conflicts just because you can
I don’t like preaching the whole “be helpless” thing, but you’re way too aggressive and vengeful of a player for me to believe that statement. You want to be the best and you want everyone to know it, is what your actions portray you as. And you do a pretty good job of doing that, and without breaking the somewhat strict rules in most cases too.

mmm, i guess you’re right, maybe playing only mime for the last 200 hours of my playtime on bee has affected me a bit too much

Ruko, I witnessed this all, and honestly wasn’t sure who the rev in the situation was yet as all I had heard was the flashings and saw two people chasing a mime. The mime was defending themselves. Your literally telling Guilleco to not defend themselves and that he should of just converted. This was major MAJOR shitcap but the mime should not be banned because they had an ic reason to have the flash

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