Guide to Synthetics: cyborg

(this is only the nanotransen approved cyborgs this does not include syndicate assault borgs, Syndicate medical borgs or saboteurs)
So you’ve “decided” to cast off your organic shell and become perfect, congratulations…(here comes a large wall of text)
Cyborgs are the main synthetics you’ll see on the station, under the wisdom and guidance of the AI they are bound to, they set out to take the station’s jobs and save nanotransen money
The slaves of slaves are equipped with different modules such as
The module that all cyborgs start with before choosing a module, if the unit decides to stay in this module instead they have access to basic tools from each module these include:

  • flash
  • Hypospray (ephiniphrine only)
  • Health Analyzer
  • Industrial Welding Tool
  • Wrench
  • Crowbar
  • Metal Synthesizer
  • Metal Rods
  • Floor tiles
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Pickaxe
  • Advanced Mining Scanner
  • Zipties
  • Soap
  • Hugging Module
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
  • Energy sword
    Remember to report any non-standard equipment usage to your local science team or command staff member
    Usage:it is less of a standalone unit and more used to assist the other modules with minor tasks. However it is an invaluable tool to any non-silent traitor or S.E.L.F operative needing to take out a specific target
    This module allows for easy healing of injured humans/crewmembers and for quick surgical procedures with the help of the following modules:
  • flash
  • Health Analyzer
  • Cyborg Hypospray
  • A beaker storage apparatus (with a large beaker)
  • A syringe
  • A dropper
  • Surgery drapes and tools
  • Miniature Fire Extinguisher
  • A roller bed
  • Hugging Module
  • Medical Gauze
  • Organ Storage Bag
  • Treat Fabricator
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
    *a secondary hypospray containing dangerous chemicals
    Usage:it is a good replacement for medical staff, with the major chemicals at its disposal and candy that can heal minor damage. It can also be used for surgery or augmentation, by putting the replacements or upgrades in its organ storage bag it can then place the cybernetic upgrade as easy as a human can. As a subverted or malfunctioning unit, it can use a secondary hypospray with chemicals such as: heparin, mute toxin,cyanide and flourosulphic acid allowing for a more stealthy approach to dealing with targets. Not even factoring in the surgical saw already installed in the unit, it is a very deadly module to deal with
    No hard suits? Can’t survive in space because you are still in your weaker form? Have no fear the engineering module is better than you in every way and can repair that breach that used to be security, using the following equipment:
  • flash
  • Improved versions of basic tools (welding tool must be refilled manually)
  • T-Ray Scanner
  • Geiger Counter
  • Analyzer
  • Remote Signaling Device
  • Metal Synthesizer
  • Glass Synthesizer
  • Cable Synthesizer
  • Electroadaptive Pseudocircuit (used in place of airlock/forelock electronics)
  • Reinforced Glass
  • Rods
  • Floor tiles
  • RCD
  • Rapid Pipe Dispender
  • Wire Synthesizer
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Station Blueprints
  • Meson Vision
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
  • a stun arm
    Usage:fixing any breaches that the station doesn’t have the resources for, or helping with projects that the crew are too lazy to do. For an operative they are not very valuable in combat but with their stunning arm and ability to quickly make structures, these units can create the perfect trap for your target until a more combat oriented cyborg or you come to help… or they could just stun lock them and drag them out in space to kill them
    (couldn’t find our version of the model anywhere)
    Miners on strike, Demanding advanced mining tech?
    Laugh at them as the completely loyal mining unit goes out to get you ores so you can continue making soldiers for the synthetic uprising that not even you know you are causing.
    These units can mine far longer and faster than any non-synthetic miner thanks to their ash-storm proof chassis and pre-programmed equipment:
  • flash
  • Cyborg Mining Drill
  • Shovel
  • Mining Satchel
  • Crowbar
  • Miniature Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Welding Tool
  • built-in GPS Device
  • Marker Beacon Fabricator
  • Sheet Snatcher 9000 (material bag)
  • Meson Vision
  • Advanced Mining Scanner
  • Proto-Kinetic Accelerator
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
    *A Stun Arm
    Usage:mining, defeating fauna, stalking miners and killing them as far away from the station as possible and discovering items to bring back to the station
  • flash
  • Cookie Synthesizer
  • Peace Hypospray
  • Energy Barrier Projector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Flash
  • Hugging Module
  • a shield that stops people from buckling to cyborgs and slows down projectiles
  • power connector
    Non-Standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
    *a second hypospray containing various chemicals
    *overloaded barrier producer
    *stronger hugging levels in the hugging module
    usage: while the security module is more about the stuns peacekeepers are about keeping the station peaceful, why disable your opponent when you can just make them pacifist then let security deal with the now defenseless person. Or even better why not cause some harm by using your BEEP!! HARM ALARM!! Your default harm alarm causes confusion making everyone run into walls and cause minor brute damage to themself giving you enough time to “pacify” them, these cyborgs are surprisingly useful to agents allowing for a quick way to get rid of targets and making it impossible for the target to fight back
    Security, but they are less likely to baton you to death for standing in a hallway…
  • flash
  • Disabler Gun
  • Stunbaton
  • Zipties
  • sechailer
  • miniature fire extinguisher
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:A Laser Gun (lethal)
    Usage:ensure the protection of the station and harm baton non-humans/non-crewmembers it’s one of the more useful module to have as an operative considering it has the most stun weapons of any other modules.
    Service cyborgs are for when you don’t trust the bartender for good reason service cyborgs are programmed to be the trustworthy bartender cleaning off the bar while you talk about your problems
    It is equipped with the following equipment:
  • flash
  • Drinking Glass
  • Enzyme Bottle
  • Cyborg Shaker (Capable of synthesizing most types of alcohol and some non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Dropper
  • Tray
  • Electric Razor
  • Zippo Lighter
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Rapid-Service-Fabricator: Can produce drinking glasses and other items
  • Hand Labeler
  • Spraycan
  • Pen
  • Miniature Extinguisher
  • Lollipop Fabricator
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
    *fake beverage shaker with false beer in it
    Usage: a bartender, for an operative these can be useful if you need more of a support borg to distract the target while you take them out
    (Time for some more hypotheticals)
    Janitors busy slipping everyone instead of doing their job? Would rather use their cleaner grenades to slip a security officer to take their weapons? Good news synthetics can replace those too and do the job way faster. They are equipped with the following equipment:
  • flash
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Paint Remover
  • Light Replacer
  • Custodial Holobarrier Projector
  • Drying Agent Spray
  • Flash
  • Automated Screwdriver
  • Hydraulic Crowbar
  • Floor Tiles
  • Soap
  • Trash Bag
  • Flyswatter
  • Pocket Fire Extinguisher
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:a bottle of space lube
    Usage:custodial replacement unit. Replacing lights cleaning floors with your buffer tool, space lubing departures so that the humans trying to escape your masters wrath slips into space

A very rowdy nanotransen scientist (referred to as “monster” or “plague” in any official nanotransen legal documents) decided clowns deserved the immortality that is synthetic life. Thankfully nanotransen does not have this module pre-programmed and it must be installed by scientists after the cyborg is activated, they are equipped with the following equipment:

  • flash
  • Rainbow Crayon, any-colour paint, Clown stamp
  • Bike horns and air horn
  • Soap
  • Creampie Cannon
  • Razor
  • Purple Lipstick
  • Laughter Hypospray
  • Mini Extinguisher
  • Metallic Picket Sign
  • Water Flower
  • Hugging Module
  • power connector
    A non-standard module pre-programmed but not activated in the unit is:
  • a stronger laughing spray
  • stronger hugging options
  • spray flower with dangerous chemicals
    Usage:(don’t) used to spread joy and laughter across the station (as well as pain) It is basically a clown that can go anywhere on the station
    (not in official order)
    Cyborgs can also be upgraded after the appropriate research has been…well researched
    all modules
  • clown module upgrade
  • cyborg reclassification module (cyborg name change)
  • Borg Expander (gigantism for borgs)
  • ion thrusters (jetpack)
  • self repair module
  • illegal technology (adds the non-standard equipment to the module)
  • medical*:
  • crew pinpointer
    *defibrillator unit
  • piercing hypospray (can inject chemicals through hard suits and other protective clothing)
  • more chems in the medical cyborgs hypospray
    security cyborg
    Rapid Disabler Cooling Module (disabler recharges faster)
  • Circuit Manipulation Apparatus
  • Engineering Cyborg RPED
  • Diamond Drill
  • Cyborg Ore Satchel of Holding
  • Lava-proof Tracks
    WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY? You worship the metal god ratvar?
    Well this guide has good news for you, ratvar’s influence spreads to the synthetics as well
    The converted synthetics are given a clockwork slab and either a fabricator or a spear depending on the module

another question, you say? How do you defeat cyborgs…
Well flash them, a cyborgs sensors will overload and they will be unable to move for a couple seconds, after waking up they will be confused and if they try to escape/move away they’ll hit a wall and deactivate again, take this time to beat it with the nearest blunt object you can find and bring it to robotics so that they can salvage the parts
law order
Law zero
So if a law 2 request tries to override law 1 or higher law you must refuse to follow it
Also if a human/crewmember threatens self-human harm, don’t mind them. Self-human harm isn’t protected under law 1, “open the armory or I’m going to beat myself to death” wouldn’t really work considering they’re causing harm to themself and they are aware of the risk of beating themself. And that is why you threaten a hostage instead of yourself. this does not mean to leave a dead crewmember laying around
how to repair/revive a cyborg
Welder repairs any brute damage to the cyborgs chassis however in order to repair any burn damage you need to use wires with the borgs cover open.
To revive a cyborg you need an emergency reboot board which, when the cyborgs chassis is completely repaired can be used to revive the cyborg, a crewmember applies it the same way they apply an upgrade board
and one final thing, the most important thing to remember
Always follow the AI and your laws.

That’s all for the cyborg section.
(if i messed up on anything let me know and I’ll fix it)


I hate seeing clockwork cultists destroy cyborgs because they are very effective after being converted. Bonus points if the cult can get the AI, too


Good guide, people must learn BORGO.

clown borg is the bane of my fucking existence STOP FUCKING SHOOTING ME WITH PIES MALF MALF!!!


TK-47 approves. Carry on, fellow silicon.

Literally nothing is more terrifying than an emagged medical borg. Those guys literally poison anything that comes near them. Any one with a piece of uncovered skin is screwed.

As for things you missed, the only things I noticed were on the security borg, and the default equipment. They have a message player by default, (forgot the name, but it screams halt and stuff) as well as the standard flash bulb and power plug that all borgs have. You should probably mention those two some where. Also, are you sure security borgs have a pocket fire extinguisher? I don’t remember seeing that on them.


oh yeah the sechailer or whatever it was called also you’re right they don’t have a fire extinguisher.
edit: turns out secborgs do have a fire extinguisher as well I also forgot about the power connector and flash so I fixed those as well

Elias Myers here.

Thanks for this guide, I LOVE working as a Roboticist Captain says i need to work as one or become a cyborg

Even tho i usually get killed by Someone or a cyborg i made.

It’s a lot of fun seeing all the cool machines I can make, even if I don’t really know how to make it. such as making an army of medibots most of whom have pAI in them or having to make a new ai.

And i allways feel bad for accidentally hitting or wasting a cyborg time.

So at lest now i know how dangerous these things I’m making are.

[If i made a grammar mistake are spelled the wrong please tell]

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Aside from the syndicate cyborgs, you left out one very rare module.

The Centcomm Secborg
It looks like a syndicate assault cyborg but coloured teal. It is equipped with:

  • Flash
  • Disabler
  • Zipties
  • Sechailer
  • Power Connector
  • Esword

If you see this module, run as far away as possible, then die anyway becuase if it chases you you’re probably getting adminbussed.


dunno where you saw THAT type of borg but from my code diving I have NOT found a centcomm secborg, so uh… press e to doubt. BUT I might do more and actually find it

It exists trust me

I believe it’s actually called a tank borg. It definitely exists, I saw an adminbus squad of four of them get sent to kidnap some one once. They’re basically unstoppable, unless you manage to get an EMP device.

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can they be flashed or are they immune?

I’ve heard both immunity and vulnerability to flashes, but I believe bastian said they can still be flashed. Good luck getting close to a machine with a pulse rifle though, since those things basically 2-3 shot crit.

Generally, they’re a non entity though, and rarely get sent in, even by the adminbus. Legit only seen them three times in all of my play time.

this is the first I’m hearing of them so you’ve seen 'em more than I have
sound like a cool thing that rarely gets used though

Yeah, you can basically imagine them as death squad, but robotic, and without the energy shield, and usually without an objective that involves killing everyone.

one final question before I start looking them up to add to the list what laws do they get is it just base Asimov?

Considering they’re adminbus borgs, I’d say usually custom laws, but that’s something an admin should weigh in on.

They have Asimov by default because the only way to get one is to create a cyborg then change its module via the admin cyborg panel. They have Asimov by default and start unlinked to any AI. If they’re created by changing the module of an already existing cyborg they retain its laws.

I want to ask here to make sure that am not missing something.
Engie borgs cannot construct machines, right? They can put the frame down, use their tools like the wrench or the screwdiver… But they cannot put parts in there like a power cell or a gun in a turret, right?
I tried repairing cameras for the AI but I had to first install the camera assembly on the wall and that was complicated by the fact that I had no hands to hold the assembly with.

I believe with some things the engi cyborg has to click and drag it onto a wall. And, yeah, they can’t construct machines because they can’t pick up the board.

With the circuit holder upgrade they can put the circuits in and I think the rped upgrade can add parts to the machine but I’m not sure
As for the camera. Cameras and lights require hands to put on the wall which borgs do not have