Guide to Player Feedback Threads (READ ME)

Ever wondered about how the community feels about you? Want to satisfy your ego? Need to see who your metafriends are? You’ve come to the right place.

Similarly to how Staff Feedback Threads work, this is a place to see what other people think of you. This can be a good way to prove the community’s trust in you if you’re planning on applying for staff.

Player Feedback Threads are more “relaxed” than the Staff Feedback Threads, however, we still have six golden rules:

  1. Follow the guidelines on our FAQ
  2. Do not create threads about other people. They will make theirs if they wish to receive community input.
  3. No insults.
  4. Don’t talk about any active reports against the OP. Holding old bans against the OP is also discouraged.
  5. The only format that you must follow is to include your CKEY in your player feedback thread title.
  6. Stay on topic.

What are you waiting for? Create a thread yourself!

Remember to post your thread in the correct sub-category!