Guide to gimmick roles (and how to roleplay as them)

The wiki is both way too brief and outdated for gimmick roles, so I decided to just make an entire forum guide on them. The following roles are those that are impractical and 100% rely on roleplaying to be fun, so it’s good to have a rough overview on things to do with each one.

Stage Magician
This role is all about hosting events for people to attend to. Magic shows, talent shows, public executions with bonus magic show, competitions. If your cape and tophat are anything to go by they mean you’re ready for the spotlight. I have seen far too many magicians use their magic powers just to powergame, but you can be better than that. In my experience the best magic stunts happen when you dont tell people before and they’re genuinely surprised when you step out of your invisible cape. Fland even has a designated stage room, so use it!

Most importantly of all, you’re a big deal. You got money, you got a surprising amount of access and you even got cool sunglasses to rock. This role is especially good for any general gimmick you’re planning because it’s like a sandbox for it. Begging for credits or waiting at the HOPline will rarely be an issue with this job. Of course, when you can’t think of anything specific, you can still roleplay as the guy who (supposedly) is extremely famous and better than the plebs.

If you got this job, then I’ll be honest, you’re shit out of luck. You are providing a service that most people will never need in a round, and even when they do you’re still utterly useless because they can just change their haircut at the mirror. The best way to still try and make a fun round of it would be therefore to look in a different direction entirely. For example,you start with surgery tools, so try utilizing them by offering back-alley surgery which no doctor under oath would ever do. Maintenance is clearly your home, so use your position to an advantage. Repair and floor maints, set up crayon signs pointing towards your shop or simply build a surprisingly comfy and clean lounge hidden behind the hallways.

This is the one role that in my opinion should escape gimmick hell. Because there’s way more for you to do than you think! As a psych, your job is to make sure everyone on the ship is mentally stable and thinking NT approved thoughts. Which in other means it’s your job to look out for clients to bring into your office. It’s a fun way of dealing with LRPers in an in character way, so you can make the assistant lie down on your coach and therapize the greytiding brain trauma out of them. Be wary that you are in direct competition with chaplain in terms of people to vent all your IC frustrations to.