Guide to fire safety

There are many things that can kill the average spessman in ss13. Most of those can be prevented by having security stop them. But some threats can only be solved by two people: Engineering, and you personally (yes you!). Those are the ones that will be discussed today. This guide is about how to handle plasma fires (and how to prevent them).

“Only YOU can prevent station fires” :bear: Stopping disasters before they even start

The most common accidental cause of fires is messing up toxins, closely followed by atmos setups and the SM. Being careful doesn’t just mean not acting stupid here. It also means taking the extra step and actively making precautions to prevent a fire at all costs. Remember to double check if the airlocks truly are closed, or build a second wall around your setup just for safety’s sake.
It’s also, and maybe even more important, to prevent intentional fires aswell. Do not let anyone into toxins or the SM room without a good reason, I have seen so many plasmafloods that could have been prevented by just asking the guy why he wanted access to that room. Monitor them closely while inside, and do not be afraid to kick them out if they seem suspicious. Half the time they’re griefers anyways, so this is generally just a good idea.

“Dear god help me it hurts” :fire_extinguisher: Dealing with yourself being on fire

So you are on fire. You followed all the warning from the previous section, and still nothing worked. But do not worry spessman! Because that isn’t quite the end of your NT owned life yet. The best tip to dealing with fires is to extinguish, and not drop and roll.
Yes you heard that right, those anti slime guns actually have another purpose besides dealing with the creations from xenobio. Fire extinguishers are all around the station and you can easily find one before you drop into crit. Ontop of that, dropping and rolling doesn’t always work in curbing the fire and can even make everything worse by wasting precious time. If you are a miner or lavaland spawn, carry around an extinguisher, because dropping during a lava fire won’t work at all!
It is also important to take distance from anyone else while burning, becausing touching them means you’ll spread the fire! (Unless you WANT that to happen, of course)

“We didn’t start the fire” :fire: Dealing with hot rooms

Do not open doors to hot rooms. I will repat this again: Do. NOT. Open. Doors. To hot rooms. This is probably the worst thing you could do and will make a fire that was previously contained in a small room spread everywhere and make it way harder to control. Always, ALWAYS, use holobarriers if you absolutely need to enter them.
Sometimes there are no atmos techs present to cool down the air. In that case, you can try doing basic firefighting by deconstructing the floor and spacing the room. Most of the time this is the only effective way to deal with it, since siphoning and using space heaters does next to nothing. Then use an air tank (which you can find in emergency storage) to replace the atmosphere with cool and fresh O2.

With these tips in mind, next time you might be able to save your limbs before turning to a crisp!

If you have a hot room that you want to fix and you have Atmos access, use the extinguisher backpack to cover EVERY tile of the area with resin. The launch setting uses 100u of your 200u of water and covers a large area with resin. The foamer setting covers a single tile and can be used five times in quick succession. Those five uses recharge after a few seconds and will recharge endlessly. If you have a large area to cover, drag a water tank around and use the launch setting.

Also, only the Atmos hardsuit and CE’s hardsuit offer complete fire protection. The regular engineering hardsuit is alright, but you’ll still die if it’s hot enough.

Also, carry an Atmos holofan around as Engineer or Atmos tech. Always.
It’s one of your best tools.


All my homies hate atmos resin.


I might just look the other way if I see an Atmos tech beat someone to death for breaking the resin…


I see a lot of fires from plasma leaks when you have a new engineer around who isnt used to SS13 plumbing yet.

My biggest complaint about fires and atmosphere situations is that regular station engineers dont have access to atmospherics panels and cant refill atmospheres in rooms themselves even though they are expected to be the stations damage control people.


Tip for anyone putting down pipes: ALWAYS put a pump between the gas and the pipe you lay down. This stops gas getting in your pipes until you are ready and lets you redo something you messed up. If you don’t. you will plasma flood, set the room on fire and ruin your current project.


Valves also work for this too if you don’t want to have to deal with the bottleneck of a pump.


btw closed airlocks and holofirelocks act as magic stasis devices that freeze whatever gas is ontop of them and retains their heat, so make sure you don’t have pocket 100,000C gasses hidden under doors/holofirelocks


Or do, because that sounds like a VERY SNEAKY WAY to kill someone as an antag.


Plastic flaps work too,. Would be better in this instance as you can make a fire and chuck people in.

Also, thread on fire safety turns into one about fire murder.


hey, if you know how to intentionally use a tool safely then it isn’t a stretch to say you’ve got a grasp on how to intentionnaly use it unsafely as well.
and there is alot of the ladder in this game.

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One tip is that if you go into a vacuum the fire is immediately removed. If the fire is the result of an explosion or similar, and there’s a hull breach, it can be worth taking a quick dip in an empty tile, accept the small amount of burn damage for instant fire removal!
After which you run like hell to find somewhere safe.


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