Guide to facing revenants

Going to open this by saying revenants are, mechanically speaking, one of the weakest antagonists in the game. The notion that they’re overpowered or difficult to deal with is rooted entirely in ignorance of their weaknesses - this guide aims to fix that.

Remember to use this guide responsibly - It’s not especially good for the round when antagonists gets dunked on immediately, and this guide is going to teach you as a player how to do this to revenants. Remember to stay in-character and weigh the benefits of the round as a whole before utilizing your gamer knowledge of any antagonist.

Basic Weaknesses and Info

  • The null rod and its variants do extreme damage to revenants and will leave them as a pile of residue before they can hope to respond if caught while stunned. The chaplain is the greatest foe of any revenant and should be called in to exorcise evil spirits.
  • Holy Water and Salt both impede revenants - they cannot enter any tile that has been affected by either substance. Both can be easily spread over large areas using smoke machines, spray bottles and chemical grenades
  • Revenants can only feed on victims that are either in crit, stamcrit or sleeping. If the chemist isn’t busy making grenades see if they’re willing to make stimulant drugs and they might save a life.
  • Using any ability except telepathy and phase shift costs the revenant some of its life force, reducing its current HP. This HP will regenerate up to a fairly low maximum, though this maximum can be increased through the consumption of high quality (living) souls.
  • Additionally, using any ability except telepathy and phase shift causes the revenant to be stunned in place for at least a few seconds, and unable to phase shift for eight seconds.
  • If a revenant uses multiple abilities back to back, the vulnerable periods are stacked leaving them vulnerable for much longer than they otherwise would be.
  • All three of the above points mean a reckless revenant will be extremely vulnerable to aggressive crew members.
  • When you kill a revenant, pick up the residue and throw it. Revenants will revive after a short timer if their residue is not scattered. If you think a revenant has been killed prematurely and you want to be a bro, pick the residue up and play dumb with it IC until it vanishes and then be shocked.

Individual Abilities and how to deal with them


  • Rusts tiles, opens various containers and causes very minor damage to glass. Also removes holy water and salt within most of vision range of the revenant.
  • Generally harmless to players and nothing needs to be done with regards to this ability.


  • Costs 40 HP to cast.
  • Causes nearby lights the revenant has line-of-sight with to shock all mobs within three tiles after a two second delay.
  • Cannot be used in areas without wall-mounted lights - if you are being harassed by a revenant with shocks, consider removing some wall lights to give the attack blind spots. This is especially important in areas with excessive amounts of lights such as medbay. PDAs and Flashlights all provide safe light.
  • Because of the initial delay, the revenant is vulnerable both before and after using this ability, especially if they manage to position themselves poorly in relation to lights.


  • Costs 50 HP to cast.
  • Infects nearby humanoids with a disease which prevents stamina regeneration and very gradually drains stamina. Upon reaching stamcrit the victims are locked in stamcrit for an extended period, after which the disease is automatically cured.
  • This disease may be very easily cured with holy water, which can be provided in copious amounts by a chaplain (use holy book on a water tank to convert the entire thing) or ordered in limited quantities via cargo.
  • In the absence of holy water, this disease may be cured by… resting. Literally just lay down, you don’t even need a bed. All you have to do is not move until you get some sparkles and a notification that says you feel better. This takes 30 seconds and it is recommended to do it away from wall-mounted lights for hopefully obvious reasons.


  • Costs 60 HP to cast.
  • Causes a relatively small EMP and has a high chance to emag machines which are possible to emag, and is guaranteed to emag bots.
  • Station bots are a massive liability if there is a revenant about, especially medibots which will inject lethal amounts of chloral hydrate when emagged leaving high quality food sleeping on the ground for a revenant to slurp the soul out of.
  • While the individual bursts are not very strong, Silicons will suffer chip damage that will require wiring repair to fix every time they’re caught in a pulse.
  • For IPCs there really is no counterplay - you’re just going to die like you always will against EMPs. It’s not only going to cause massive physical damage, but also going to cause massive organ damage.

To extend on this… If there is a revenant with malfunction about, try your best to always be near another non-IPC. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up being a free high-quality meal for it when it inevitably notices and EMPs you. At least if there’s a non-IPC near you, they can drag you away after the EMP and deprive the revenant of its meal and potentially deal damage to it.

Also… Fun fact! Revenants can even emag the shuttle with Malfunction.

Same goes for Etereals, they’ll suffer massive organ damage and a drain on their energy.

A bit of a correction, but you can’t walk though holy water (or the Chapel), but you can walk into salt, it will however stun and reveal you, making an easy target for getting hit.

And most chaplains use a fire extinguisher to spread the holy water.

No you can’t, it stuns you on the adjacent tile before you have entered it - salt also blocks movement it just has a bonus effect on top of this.

Also I explicitly left that out because I have been meaning to remove the stun from salt and shift it to holy water which should be the stronger option against revenants

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Worth mentioning revs can easily clear a massive amount of salt with a spammable ability. (Was it @Wrill that made that pr? Could you explain the mechanic if you have the time?)


Advice for facing the rev as a solo explorer on the explo shuttle please

My mistake. Was it ruko?

enter hyperspace to restrict rev to inside shuttle

smash lights

kill if it emps

rest to cure blight

you should have tools, repairing emp damage is not hard

Supercruise doesn’t stop them teleporting. I tried and the rev just laughed.

Could you explain the smash lights bit?

broken lights don’t shock

they have no ability to teleport back from the station afaik, they either give up haunting you or you get the chance to kill them

I disagree that going into supercruise is to your advantage vs a rev. Going into supercruise puts you into a cage match with the rev that the rev can leave if you start winning, but makes you difficult to recover if you lose.


the rev cannot shock you

you know how to cure blight

it is revealed if it is emped

defile does fuckall to hurt you

I know how to cure blight. Hmm yes I will just lay down and rest in the middle of the fight, or pull holy water out of my ass.
The fight went:
1 I try to rp as I see the rev
2 as i type the rev shocks then spams blight till I’m in stamcrit
3 greifer ghost teleports away after sucking me to death
4 spend the round dead in a supercruising shuttle.

You clearly underestimate the power level of a rev in 1v1.
Your next words are “well you shouldn’t have tried to RP, skill issue” Lol


If you do this in an area with no lights (because you removed them) the revenant is more or less powerless unless you yourself are directly weak to EMP.

Only if they are left a place to do so from, and clearing the salt makes them vulnerable. I didn’t make the PR that allowed them to clear it but given how spammable smoke machines are it’s a necessity for revs to be playable lol

A salt or holy water grenade is guaranteed death for a revenant if it happens on or near where they are, even if invisible because they will be trapped on all sides and forced to be corporeal.

And if you’re scared of being dragged away by the revenant to stop your resting(though you can hit them) you can just rest and even sleep inside a locker or crate which explo ships has

You have the upperhand if you prepare yourself, at that point you’re best on trying to RP with the rev to get you to leave you alone in exchange for returning to the station and giving them a body or something

Otherwise that ghost really hated you if it was something it actually happened in a round lol

I am not sure why people would struggle against revenants, they are as weak as it gets. No offensive tools, they probably are less dangerous than an assistant with a welder (unless you are an IPC). Honestly a pointless antag