Guide to Directions


These terms are used in the naming of APCs, hallways and maints. I think the wiki is missing a complete infographic like this, because not everyone is inherently familiar with these terms.

If you are Station Engineer or Paramedic: PLEASE LEARN THESE!


Ignores this:

Says up left right down like a boss.

Once in a blue moon has to ask “what’s an aft?”


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port = four letters
left = four letters

you say left-right, not right-left
same way you say port-starboard, not starboard-port

aft sounds like ass

fore as in forehead

easy to remember!


Do space stations actually have directionality though? Technically they’re more like ports, not ships. They don’t have any propulsion systems to provide an aft or a fore. That said the nautical terminology sounds cooler and kinda fits the ‘space as an ocean above our heads’ feeling

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Yep, at least for the one space station that exists it’s almost exactly the same:

They call it forward instead of fore, but that’s pretty much the same word, and it is the direction of orbit, the earth is toward the deck, and overhead is straight up as if standing on earth.


They do have thrusters though

Cardinal directions > Anything else

I refuse to understand.

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In addition to this, if someone happens to say larboard (same as port), it’s an easy one to remember since both larboard and left start with an L

Since Rad is a spaceshipplane please use aviation directions when on board. Heres a easy example describing how to make your way from dorms to medbay:

“Starting from Dorms, departing to the north, turn left to a heading of 270 and continue for approximately 100 meters. Turn right to a heading of 090 and continue for another 50 meters. Medbay will be located on your left-hand side, at a bearing of 180 from your current heading.”


Since Rad is a spaceplane, AI, borgs and IPCs should avoid using acronyms and should instead use the NATO phonetic alphabet.

This applies to the naming guidelines as well.


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I prefer “HE’S SOMEWHERE OVER YONDER! I DON’T KNOW! I was high as a kite halfway through it.”

Here’s a more detailed version, the one I follow currently:


Just an addendum to this topic: This post is not intended as an opinion on whether these nautical terms should be used or as an encouragement to use them in the game. I personally also find it easier to just speak in cardinal directions.

But it is a fact, whether that is good or bad, that these terms are used in the game. Knowing these should prevent situations like the crew monitor showing a dead person in “Aft Primary Hallway” and the paramedic not knowing which direction to go, or the power monitor showing the “Starboard Quarter Solars APC” as off and the engineer not knowing where that is.

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OH SO THAT’S WHAT IT FUCKING MEANS. For years i’ve been thinking these are some fancy names for specific parts of hallway, not the goddamn directions. Thank you i suppose.


I prefer using this one. Having different synonyms for communicating locations might be confusing so I suggest adjusting to this one.

Guess the map. lol



15 sneeds and feeds to post

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Spot on! :stuck_out_tongue:
You get a gold star. <3

I posted on the Mentor thread about this a while back. Starboard comes from Steer Board, aka the side the rudder was usually on (right as most people are right handed). Port comes from the side of the ship that usual docked at a Port as it wouldn’t damage the rudder. So think Starboard as “right hand” and Port kinda works itself out from there.

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