Guide for Supermatter

The wiki is very unclear, just saying co2 bad etc no actual guides

I can run N2 and have so far managed to run Sm on pure plasma etc for 5 mins before having to stabilise it and do it again
@Guilleco did a very nice Sm earlier and thought maybe he’d write a guide
Or anyone else for that matter, I like the power higher the better

My SM knowledge in a nutshell:




That’s the wiki not very clear as you can see

cool it with tritium and flex on the station…

C02 is actually an incredibly good gas for junior engineers. What it does is increase the power produced by the SM. This can cause it to be a very good, or bad gas, as to much of it will cause the SM to delam into a tesla, if you get just the right amount and cooling, you can make the SM produce anomalies and farm these for phazons for your Engineering Blitzkrieg.

Pumps are shit use pipes, precool gasses before injecting into the loop (especially fucking co2), add more pipes into space loop, have heat exchangers inside the sm chamber with freezer+plasma hooked into it and lastly make that hypernoblium.

wiki: if it is not N2 lynch the whole department

  1. Take your tablet you start with as an engineer. Download SM monitoring program. Open it on the details and put it in your pocket.

  2. Do the normal set up that you do for N2. That means replace those dumb pumps with pipes. No fancy stuff, though piping waste into scrubbers may be useful. CO2 set up produces quite a bit of Pluoxium. Set filters to CO2 and O2. All the O2 will decay anyway, so there’s no danger in that.

  3. Pipe CO2 into the SM feed from atmos storage, preferably in space so that no other gas can get in, like Plasma or Trit. Place a manual valve there, just in case.

  4. Set the pressure pump that leads from that feed to cooling loop to something like 500 kPa or thereabouts and turn the circulation on by setting up the vents and scrubbers.

  5. Increase pressure on the pump to max for a little bit, wait for power to rise, drop it to 1500-2000 and watch it rise some more.

  6. Start lowering pressure when EER reaches 3.5k or so. Then just find that sweet spot of pressure that maintains a steady level of power. When you see that EER no longer rises you can safely leave the engine it will remain stable unless something happens to it. Bonus points if you manage to get to steady 4990 EER.

WHEN something happens to it, what to do?

Most important thing is: wear magboots, insuls AND a hardsuit. Otherwise you’ll probably die. And mind the anomalies. They’ll fuck you up.

  1. First of all, turn one of the “Nothing” filters to Pluoxium. It is a very safe gas now.
  2. Second, check if CO2 and O2 filters are still set to CO2 and O2. If not, make sure they are. Yes, to both of those. Because CO2 from atmos will be colder than the gas from delamming SM and O2 will decay into Plux.
  3. Third, make sure the waste gases are actually being removed. If you piped it to scrubbers pipenet and it is overpressured dump them into space. You did leave a valve there, did you not?
  4. Fourth, trooubleshoot the rest of the loop to see if there’s any obvious problem.

At that point, the engine either starts cooling down or it is time to run and hide in a locker.

Now. Advanced use - anomaly farming. Very simple.

You need a gas analyzer and a remote signaller, or a stock of anomaly neutralizers.
With latter you just boink the anomaly and it’s done.
With former you have to first analyze the anomaly and then send a code to specific frequency, which you get from analyzer in chat, with the signaller.

And, for safety reasons you need A FIRE EXTINGUISHER WITH WATER. Because fuck slimes.
To get the engine to spawn anomalies you need to get it over 5k EER. But not too much. To do that just increase the pressure on the pump a bit. How much depends on how high you left the power equilibrium on.

Once it gets to spawning set one of the “Nothing” filters to Pluoxium and start neutralizing. You set the filter in case you get fucked by slimes or anomalies so the engine calms down with time without any further input.

If you aren’t lazy and don’t want Poly or random greyshirts in engineering maint to die horribly, place a few grounding rods/Tesla coils around the SM.

There you go, a “guide” from a lazy engineer wannabe.


How does one set up a plasma sm

If you do Plasma, dedicate a place to farm Pluoxium until you have a super cooled tank for emergencies. A pure Co2 setup creates enough Pluox for emergencies on its own. Plasma does not.

Make use of upgraded freezers and triple layer heat-exchange pipes in a separate cooling loop. Use a high heat capacity gas (plasma for example).

Just experiment around and test it on a private server. Maybe try oxygen or CO2 first. Pure plasma is a beast and if you get a bad anomaly inside the chamber things spiral out of control quickly.


try co2 first to get the hang of scary ass setups