Guestratem Mentor application

Your CKEY: Guestratem

Your Discord: InBread#2683

How long have you been playing ss13?: 7 months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Unsure if anyone will

Game Experience (More Detailed):

Service is essentially where I really started in the game and it is where I have a lot of time played in both previous servers(hippie & tg event hall). Basically competent in most roles but I have never played clown or mime.
Science/ R&D:
Science is where I have the least experience in game with my main focuses being on nanites, the experimentor and toxins. I am completely inexperienced when it comes to xenobiology.
Engineering is where most of my experience is centered. With general engineering I am experienced in most aspects mainly surrounding power and construction. I am good with setting the SM to different specifications and can manipulate it effectively (see a stable method of creating a load of anomalies without delamination, and creating 2500mev without emitters). A lot of my experience is also in atmos and I have extensive understanding of how the atmos system works as well as being able to make fusion happen consistently and being able to teach the process to other players. I have also spent time as CE and taught some newer players basic aspects of engineering.
I haven’t played a lot of security as I dont enjoy it too much. My main experience with it has been keeping myself and other officers out of public ire and trying to stop shitcurity situations. Other then that the role I usually play is more of Police community support officer meaning I am more reluctant to arrest and will alert people to arrest status and ask if they submit to searches and the like. This has lead to my death a few times however.
The main bulk of what I have done in supply is mining and usual cargo technician work I haven’t spent much titme as cargo but I have enough to be somewhat comfortable in the role.

A lot of my experience with medical has been as a doctor where I did all of the usual parts. Chem treatment, surgery and cryo. I h
have some experience as chemist from doing syndicate bioweapon but that’s it. I have little experience in viro and none in genetics

Looks promising. Some questions before my vote if you don’t mind:
1: What do you feel is an appropriate response to someone asking for clarification on space law given your weak background in security?

2: If you are unfamiliar with a machine, how do you figure out what components go into creating it?

To number 1 I would go and find a corresponding piece of information to give them the information requested

For number 2 you can put the board in the machine and examine or you can examine the board to see the components needed

+1 then
These are the types of questions you get as a mentor, and you have the common sense it seems to not give away or misuse any information pertinent to the round


Guy’s active, nice and shows knowledge.


Knowledgable, active, and I haven’t heared of him before (which is good).

Update to the application: In terms of R&D I have now filled in few gaps in terms of knowledge such as taking the role of xenobiology as well as now playing as a roboticist occasionally.

In terms of medical I have now learned genetics and have took the role of virologist on the MRP server as well as while not playing as chemist basically running chemistry on the MRP as well.

+2 What xlyana said. Also taught me fusion very nice person.

Isn’t a shutter, and seems to know what he’s doing. 2+

Accepted. Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker.