Grod Quick Gameplay Reference

As Grod near completion, I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick reference for their gameplay quirks.

1. Numbers (Almost)

Grod take:

  • Reduced Cold
  • Increased Brute
  • Increased Burn
  • Increased Heat
  • Reduced Toxin
  • Increased Stamina

2. Inherent Traits

Grod are immune to water slipping.

Grod resist Low Pressure Environmental Damage.

Grod cannot be defibrillated.

Grod cannot be cloned.

Grod are immune to toe stubbing.

3. Food

Good: Veggies, Grain, Fruit
Bad: Dairy
Toxic: Toxic, Meat, Raw

4. Abilities

Ability 1: Stances

Grod have two stances, Mobile and Interact. In Mobile stance, Grod have access to 2 arms, and move slightly faster. In Interact stance, Grod have access to 4 arms, move slightly slower, and take increased Stamina and Brute Damage. In addition, Grod cannot block in Interact stance.

Ability 2: The Crown & Crownspider

Grod brains are stored on their head as their “Crown”. Grod brains can be planted into Hydroponics Trays to grow a perfect clone of their original body.

Grod can eject their Crown as a Crownspider in dire circumstances, this deals massive Brain damage every use. Crownspiders are frail and weak mobs with 2 abilities. Click-Dragging the Crownspider onto a Hydroponics Tray will cause it to burrow into it, planting itself as a Grod Pod to clone the user. Click-Dragging onto a brainless body will implant it into the body, allowing full control of it.

Does this require some kind or surgical preperation before implantation, like organ manipulation? Or can you just climb into what ever brainless meatsuit you can find? Are there any consequences to inhabiting a non-Grod body, or is it essentially a less finnicky way to brain-swap?

Just hop on in.

Currently: Less finnicky brainswap

Future: It will convert the host body into a grod. Im waiting until KapuCarbons to do that.

During the testmerge I noticed they are immune to all slips not just water.

This is because of what the game determines a “water slip”. They will still be slipped by lube and such.

I have done it during test merge and i was a mourge corpse. Then i got saved via prayer and then i died because i was chased by cultist who wanted to kill me. I learnt it hard way that it is quick death if i leave the body in bad time.

Can you put a grod brain spider into an MMI?

The brain? Yes. The spider? No. Theres probably some black magic you can do to remove the brain from the spider but good fucking luck.