[GrimlockCyber] Duke Poison Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: GrimlockCyber

Offender’s In-Game Name: Duke Poison

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 5/5/2023 (could be 5/4 depending time zone)

Round Number: 4391

Rules Broken: 1, Antagonist Conduct

Incident Description:

Traitor Atmos tech walks around with their hardsuit and axe on their back a little suspicious from the brief chat we hadbut eh, all good, they do a small sabotage to grav gen APC via breaking the apc, acceptable… Then they just conga’d into bridge to axe to death our ssd CMO and take their ID (i believe they had captain ID access since he was acting but our cap arrived shortly after) when i arrive to the scene i… baton’d them, cuff them and they say ‘‘Dumb and stupid’’ and immediatly go SSD.

Additional Information:

They had Sleeping Carp and Karate learned so… it’s not like i removed all their ‘‘fun toys’’ they could 100% came back from the arrest once released considering we never saw him use it but i guess he just wanted to be axe-man…

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I dont like to be THAT person but what kind of name is Duke Poison. XD

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43391 Most likely.

Report Processed